Friday, February 17, 2012

Random Things on A Friday Night

You know your life is exciting when your Friday night consists of brushing and playing with the cat, experimenting with the goodies from your latest MAC order, doing laundry, and watching reruns of your favorite show, RuPaul's Drag Race.

Despite my low-key activities, this chill evening is exactly what I needed to end a hectic work week! I am glad Big Daddy and I decided to stay in rather than go out. Instead of fighting DC traffic and waiting for a table, I finished my chores and learned some new makeup tricks from some gorgeous queens!! Manila Luzon is my favorite girl! Love her!

In the spirit of the evening, I would like to share some random things.

1. New sweater!
(Sorry for the blur) I bought this 50s salmon pink sweater on Etsy for $35.00 USD and it arrived yesterday! It looks and feels brand new! (I am also wearing my Freddies!)

Here is a close-up:
The cotton knit has fabulous square buttons and these pointelle squares all over it!

2. Gorgeous, new 50s-era wood and metal sconces:
I bought these lovelies last week at the Cold Habor Antique Mall in Mechanicsville, Virginia (approximately 10 minutes from my parents' house). I paid $22.40 USD for the pair. Talk about a great deal! The wood accents were in pristine condition but the metal centers were quite rusted. I repainted the metal with gold metallic paint and now they look brand new! These gals are now on display in my dining room!

3. A handmade starburst mirror for the bedroom:
I made this mirror after watching this fantastic video tutorial on YouTube:

I visited my local Michaels Craft store and bought everything I needed and within hours, I finished the mirror and hung it up!

4. This is a 50s Toastmaster toaster I got from Big Daddy for the Holidays. It makes amazing toast and looks perfect in my atomic kitchen!
5. A footed Haeger ceramic bowl:
I bought this as a Holiday gift for myself. I paid $20.00 USD! I was floored to find this gorgeous piece for such a wonderful price! It has no chips, crazing, or fleabites! I love the triangle-shaped cut-outs!

6. Big Daddy hanging out on the couch with his iPad:
Upon his return home (after a long day of meetings), Big Daddy changed out of his suit and tie into his loungewear. We ordered Mexican delivery and watched the cat play with her cat nip toy as the towels finished drying.

This weekend is a "three day weekend" due to the fact it's President's Day on Monday. Since Big Daddy and I are on the GSA Schedule, we get Monday off. I am going to make some resin pendants and run on my treadmill. I am also going to experiment further with my new MAC 275 brush and Cream Color Base (Virgin Isle).

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


  1. The fact that you like Drag Race too makes me super happy! :D Manila Luzon is flawless!

    1. Laura,

      I luuuurve me some Drag Race! Jujubee, Raven, Ongina, Mariah, Shannel, Carmen, Manila, Yara Sofia, and Raja are all AMAZING!!! If I met any of them or Ru, I would DIE!

      Have you seen the lastest season (ie season 4)? So far, I am liking Phi Phi O'Hara, Latrice Royale, and Chad Michaels a lot!

  2. Sounds like a lovely Friday evening in! I absolutely love those sconces, wow great find for a great price! Have a great weekend

    1. Thanks, Fiona! I am loving my new sconces for sure! I hope you have a lovely weekend too!

  3. A LOT of the queens go to D.C. for shows. You should check them out! I've seen/met Yara Sophia and Pandora Boxx in Richmond, and they were SO sweet and adorable. The newest season has been good so far. I have been loving Sharon Needles, but I always have a hard time picking a favorite until deeper into the seasons. :D

    1. I would love to see their shows! There is even a drag queen brunch in DC, ie Perry's in Adams Morgan! I so wanna go! If I met Yara Sofia, I would not be able to speak! Echa Palante!

      I agree about the new season of queens. We are only three episodes in so there are 10 girls left. I love Sharon because she brings something different to the world of drag.

  4. Great finds! You did really well on everything, especially love the sconces! And a staying in weekend after a busy week sounds just perfect to me. Quite envious that you have your own treadmill too! :)

  5. Sounds like a perfect Friday! We always do take-out and a movie in on Fridays - it's such a nice relaxing way to finish out the week (especially in the winter!).

  6. I adorar Rupaul Drag Race show!
    what a perfect Friday, I like days in.
    cute cardigan!
    those 50's scones are gorgeous.

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