Friday, October 4, 2013

The Hair Chronicles! -A new look in a unknown world

It is has been exactly a month to the day since my last blog post.  In the time I been away from blogging, I have continued to work, got another cold, then allergies, and family visits. In addition, I have also got a new hair cut.  The story behind it is peppered with a variety of ups and downs.

As some of you may know, I began to grow out my Bettie bangs into an angled style. I started this process in August. Despite my initial hesitation to let go of my once-heralded look, I got the cut and felt great. I was ready for a change! However, this elation was soon eclipsed by the news that my stylist of one year, a stylist who was finally becoming accustomed to my hair, told me she was moving out of state in late September. I was sad. I am happy she is finding her bliss in her new home and new life, but damn it! My hair has needs! So, the quest to find a new stylist began.

In late September, I discovered a new salon in my area.  The website looked great and the vibe was hip, edgy.  I made my appointment for a stylist who seemed to have a good grasp of vintage styles.  On the day of my appointment, I was nervous (silly, I know) and excited. I arrived on time and after over 15 minute wait, I was sent back to get a root touch up and a couple of foils on my emerging blond highlight in my growing bangs.

After color, the stylist cut a section of hair behind my bangs. The overall look appeared to form a deep, wide triangle in my hairline. Because I wanted to grow out my bangs to do a "suicide roll" and/or a side-swept look, I needed a more dramatic bang line. The stylist also cut a couple of inches of my ends to help my wet sets shape better during home styling. Needless to say, I felt great. I found "vintage hair heaven" but alas, something was amiss in hair world and I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

Upon the completion of my mystical hair experience, I made my way over to the reception desk to check out. Then I heard, "That will be $155.00 today, please." What? What now? $155.00 for a basic highlight foil in my bangs, a cut, and root-touch up? My old salon was $105!! How much is full color gonna cost?! Good lord. I walked out there feeling both magical and in shock. My  hair was "Breck Girl" glowing but my wallet was crying and shaking in a corner, like it was just mugged in Central Park circa 1977.

A couple of days later, I washed my hair and when I was combing it out after my shower, I noticed several places where my roots were not touched up at all. I have natural light auburn roots (level 7) and my color is blue black (level 1). The contrast was really evident. Not only was I overcharged, my roots were patchy and uneven. I was pissed.

In spite of the fact I want perfection (especially for that price), I am reasonable. I do not expect me and a new stylist to be "on the same page" the very first visit, but I at least expect my color to be done correctly. Needless to say, I will not be going back there.

But, this story may have a happy ending! One of my friends who blogs, is an amazing seamstress, talented knitter, loves vintage, adores makeup, and is an awesome fun gal, is actually a board certified stylist in the next state.  She is very knowledgeable with vintage hair and how to create the looks I seek.

Even though my hair is okay for now and I am without a stylist at the moment, I am able to do a couple of new looks, apres-Bettie bangs:

The first look is with my bangs rolled back and the second is as they are styled forward in a side-swept look. As the months progress, I cannot wait to see what new styles I can create!

So, do you have any hair "she-mergencies?"