Thursday, March 29, 2012

Love me Some Lottabody!-A Review

For a while now, I have been reading rave reviews for Lottabody Setting Lotion from various vintage bloggers. Many of you gals use it to do pincurls, foam curler sets, and hot rollers.

I was out buying bobby pins and travel bottles at my local Sally Beauty Supply store and spotted the Lottabody. I knew I had to buy me a bottle! It was only $4.99 USD for 8 ounces!

According to the directions, Lottabody needs to be diluted. Depending on whether your hair is natural or color and/or chemically treated, you will need to dilute the solution in water, preferably in a spray bottle. Since my hair is color-treated, I mixed one part Lottabody to 4 parts water.

Today I washed my hair and applied my usual hair products. I quickly blow-dried my hair and then sectioned my hair using clips and I applied a tiny amount of Lottabody spray to the last two inches of my hair and curled using my Hot Tools Ceramic  3/4 inch barrel curling iron.

And this was the end result:
Not only are my curls defined, my ends feel so soft and healthy! Before using Lottabody, I tried Motions Foaming Wrapping Lotion. Even though it also defined my curls well, it made my ends break off! It basically made my hair brittle! Not Good!

So, if are looking for a product that defines and shapes curls with softness, you need to try Lottabody Setting Lotion!


  1. I do keep hearing about this and still have not used it, must do so, thanks for the review!

  2. Amor your a brunette now!! Que bonito te queda este color de pelo.
    I also use Lottabody and love the pleasant smell and how soft it leaves my hair.
    I stopped using Amami setting lotion because the smell was too strong for me.

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  4. Lotta body works wonders... but try not to curl your hair when it is even the slightest bit damp. The heat from a curling iron can easily exceed the boiling point of water. The water content inside the hair shaft can actually boil if you apply a hot curling iron to it, and cause serious breakage and damage in that spot.
    If you want lasting results using Lotta body, you can also try applying it to your damp hair, then blowdrying completely dry, THEN using your curling iron.
    Lotta body is moreso meant as a setting lotion, as in wet sets that are let to dry on their own or with a hood dryer. =)

    1. You are so correct! After doing my hair this way for a couple of days, I began to notice little bits of hair breakage! I immediately stopped and used Living Proof Restore mask and now my hair seems happier! Despite the fact my hair was smooth as silk, the ends were being boiled! What a dummy I was! I has no idea! But after reading your wise and insightful comment, it all makes sense! I will stick to wet sets with foam rollers from now on and when I curl with an iron, I will use Aquage Beyond Shine spray to protect my ends.


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