Monday, June 24, 2013

Antique Shopping in South Florida

As some of you know, I was recently visiting South Florida (Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale to be exact). While I was there spending time with my in-laws and participating in the Hukilau, I also had the opportunity to visit two of my favorite antique malls, Sugar Chest and Hillsboro Antique Mall.  Both malls are located in Pomano, Florida.

Of the two malls, I have to admit that I prefer Sugar Chest. The layout is easier to walk and browse through and the bakelite selection is fantastic. Hillsboro has a cool vintage post card section (it's huge!), furniture, a great number of vintage housewares and kitchenware, and loads of costume jewelry. The only drawbacks are the small amounts of bakelite (and what you do find is so overpriced) and the layout is a bit chaotic. If there is such a thing, I feel like there is too much to see. I call it "sensory overload."

Nevertheless, I bought some post cards from Hawaii to frame for my tiki bar, three thin red bakelite spacers, a pumpkin-colored carved bakelite bangle, and a Hobnail dish for my mother-in-law.

(The pumpkin, carved bangle is on the far left. One of the new red spacers is second to the far left and the other new red spacer is second to the far right.)

During my trip to South Florida, I also visited Sugar Chest Antique Mall in Pomano, located on Federal Highway. This mall is about 15 minutes south of my mother-in-law's house. Every time I visit, I always make a stop at Sugar Chest! I call it my "bakelite haven."

On my recent visit, I bought three carved bakelite bangles. Each one was listed as 65 USD and there was a sale going on and as a result, my bangles were 40% off! I also scored a pristine opalescent, glittery lucite bag. I was floored when I spotted it glowing from within its display case! The seller originally wanted 400 USD but I felt that was way too high. Between my mother-in-law and the lovely attendant, Joey, who always helps us when we visit, I managed to get the bag for 200 USD.

One of the many charms of shopping in antique malls is finding hilarious items! You never know what you are going to find!

Let me show you what I discovered:
This reminds me of David Bowie in his "Blue Jean" video!
The King, complete with "sneer detailing."
A very macho cowboy Ken doll!
A sequin nightgown? Dress? Robe? I am not sure. So shiny.
A velvet poker hat. Do you think I should go back and get it?
A Ken Doll from the 80s. Kind of reminds of "Jersey Shore" Ken. GTL!
And as we were leaving, I saw this book. Pose! Werk that camera, honey!

At the end of my Florida visit, I had some great new bakelite scores, a pretty lucite bag, some fabulous vintage post cards, and I got a gift for my MIL. Overall, it was a fun time! I cannot wait to go back when I return to Florida in August!


  1. Great buys! Love the purse to bits. I just found a nice carved Bakelite bangle for $2! I couldn't believe it. That store hasn't figured out the difference in materials and I'm not gonna start telling them.

    1. Wow! A 2 dollar bangle?! Take it and run, woman! I once found a buttercup yellow spacer for $8 and even though I felt weird paying that, I took it and did not say a peep!

      Some sellers are fair and some are just over the top when it comes to pricing. I saw a gorgeous green apple translucent bakelite bangle for 190 and I was like, "Uh, no way." Yes, translucent bakelite is more rare but this was not a "hunk o' chunk" piece. It was a simple tube bangle that was 1/2 inch wide. Now, if it was a wider piece, maybe.

  2. Great bakelite finds! I wish I could find some carved pieces priced that low! That lucite bag is gorgeous as well. Loving those hilarious items! You should totally go back and get the hat...Viva 2014! Hahaha... ;-)

    1. Thanks! I was pleased to find carved bangles for 65 each that were 40% off! I wanted more but I refrained. The lucite bag is gorgeous! I saw it from across the floor in the mall. It was like a heavenly glow was cast all around it, drawing me in! LOL!

      Aren't those items just hilarious! I love the mix of serious vintage hunting and stumbling upon the odd and funny stuff too! That velvet "card" hat was just a riot! It would fit in with the theme for VLV 17! LOL!!! Speaking of, April 2014 cannot come soon enough!

  3. Oh dear lord that bag is just fabulous, what a great find!
    I think I would have been tempted by the male model book it looks hilarious.

    1. That bag needs its own display case! lol! I love it! I am so happy it got it. I almost didn't!

      The male model book was a scream! I wanted to ask one of the booth attendants to let me have a look, but I chickened out! LOL! Maybe I can see if it's online somewhere!

  4. Love the new additions to your Bakelite bangle collection, particularly the pumpkin colored carved bangle.

    OMG Sugar Chest does sound like Bakelite heaven! 40% off the bangles. I think I would have bankrupted myself.

    That lucite bag is GORGEOUS. Wow! just wow!!

    The king and the cowboy Ken are both really hilarious.

    What a wonderful (and fruitful) side trip!

    1. Thank you for your comments! :) The Sugar Chest Antique Mall is amazing every time I go. I never leave their empty-handed, especially in the bakelite department!

      I am so pleased with my new bag! I love it. I wish I could have more reasons to carry it more often!

      The Ken dolls were a riot! I never was into Barbie as a kid so I had no idea there were that many "varieties" of Kens! lol!! I also loved the "sneer" the Elvis bust!

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