Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New MCM Wares for My Ever-Updating, Rockabilly Abode! (Oh, and Vintage Eyewear Too!)

This past Saturday, my sister and I went to Southeast DC to visit the District Flea Market.


The day was sunny but the air was crisp with a windy autumn bite.  I wore my Freddies of Pinewood classic indigo jeans, a 50s camp shirt, and a red 49er jacket.  I thought about wearing a housedress with tights but jeans seemed like a better, more logical (and warmer) choice.

As we grabbed a hot coffee, we browsed several booths containing vintage records, hi-fis, books,  prints, art, clothes (mostly 60s-80s but I did spot a cute 50s patio set with gold ric rac but it had holes), jewelry, wall scones, lighting, mirrors, melmac, shabby chic furniture, vintage eyewear, and mid-century furniture.  In addition to the shopping vendors, the District Flea also boasts food vendors. 

Now, I admit that I went to this market with a few doubts.  I was not expecting to walk away with anything.  I was hoping to see the vintage eyewear booth and maybe stumble upon some bakelite, but my hopes were reserved.  However, my doubts were soon proven wrong when I found two Lane two-tiered end tables in gorgeous condition.  I was floored.  The tables only had minor stratches (nothing Scott's Liquid Gold couldn't fix!) and the seller wanted $250 for the pair.  I recently spotted similar tables on eBay for $500 or so.  I took notice of the tables and decided to think about it.  After a few sips of coffee and some brief hemming and hawing, I went back and told the gentleman, "You have a deal."

While I was coming down from my "end table high," my sister and I found the vintage eyewear booth.  I was in total acetate, cateye, and aluminum heaven.  I tried on a few pairs of various colors and styles and then found the pair I wanted: a 50s silver aluminum modified cateye frame for $55.  The hinges needed to be cleaned but overall, they were perfect.

I already own four pairs of vintage frames that have been fit with my prescription: a solid black cateye, a clear acetate and soft gold cateye, a pale blue and clear acetate cateye, and lastly a black, brushed silver, and clear acetate cateye.  In addition, I have three pairs of vintage sunglasses also fitted with my near-sighted/astigmatism prescription.  I am addicted to vintage frames. Yes, it's true.  I am not ashamed.

Here are my new frames:

After returning home from the flea market, I placed the two Lane tables in their spots in my living room.  I treated each table with the Liquid Gold and then let them cure.  Then, I accompanied Big Daddy to his barber appointment, we had lunch, and we went to my local optician to have my frames fit with my prescription.  I love them!  There is nothing like a great pair of vintage cateye glasses!  I used to despise the fact I needed to wear glasses (modern frames are typically boring to me)  but once I discovered vintage frames, I am happy to wear glasses again!  It is just another way to accessorize and accent my daily vintage style!

So, overall, this weekend was a huge success!  I got some pretty new frames to wear and my home is continuing to be updated in proper, mid-century style!

What are your newest vintage treasures?


  1. I've been meaning to check out District Flea! I've heard it's pretty fun.

    1. The event is fun! I love the crowd too! Despite the fact I was the only one in vintage, I felt very much at home! The mid-century furniture and clothing guy was very nice and his selection was fab! The vintage eyewear booth was total vintage heaven! I wanted so many pairs! The District Flea ends on Nov. 30!

  2. Beautiful tables! What a score! Those frames are gorgeous as well! I would love more vintage frames but have the hardest time finding ones that are not too small for my face and giant head! ;-)

    1. I am very happy with my new tables! I wanted the whole set but the car could only hold so much! I needed a Uhaul! Lol! I loved the vintage eyewear booth! I literally wanted everything. Maybe the Allyn Scura booth at Viva will have something for you! Their selection is wonderful!

  3. What great finds! We need a new (to us)couch. I'd love something mid century but I haven't had much luck out here.
    I recently ran across a pair of vintage glasses but they were too small. They were a decent price too but my hubby wanted to go home and relax. I did buy three 1950s sewing patterns at $1 a piece.

    1. Ikea, interestingly enough, has some great vintage-looking, MCM furniture. I love their catalog! There are even a few lamps and chandeliers of theirs I want.

      As for the eyewear, I recently posted a link on how to measure for vintage eyewear. Maybe it can help you find your eyewear treasure!

      Nevertheless, great score with the patterns! I wish I could sew better! My MIL gave me some vintage patterns a few years ago but I need to learn more before I even attempt anything!

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