Friday, May 6, 2011

15 Year Wedding Anniversary Celebration Dinner at L'Auberge Chez Francois!

Yesterday the man and I celebrated 15 years of marriage! I cannot believe time has gone by so fast! I feel fortunate to say "it feels like yesterday!" I love that man so much and I am very lucky to have him in my life!

Ok, ok! Enough with the "schmaltz fest!" (lol!) I would like to share some photos from last night's amazing dinner with the man!

Every year on our anniversary (since 2004), the man and I always go to L'Auberge Chez Francois in Great Falls, Virginia. L'Auberge is a wonderful, quaint, intimate, and delicious French restaurant located in the countryside of Fairfax County. Their cuisine is top-notch, their wines are out of this world, and the service is impeccable!

We had reservations for 8:00 pm. I made sure to eat very light all day so I could truly enjoy the feast about to commence!

This is the man, as we got out of the car:

Here is me, with the restaurant in the background:
I am wearing a navy blue, crepe 1940s dress adored with two rhinestone pins and a self-belt. I wore vintage navy blue gloves and carried a modern beaded cocktail purse covered in silvery-white beading. I am also wearing an amazing pair of Betsey Johnson beaded platforms. Even the heels are beaded! I bought these in late 2006 from Zappos.

Here is me, in the ladies bathroom (goofy, I know!) trying to capture the detail on my shoes:
Now, to the important part! The meal! After being seated, the man and I started with the house appertif; a lovely blend of Chambord and Champagne. The was even a whole raspberry in the glass! (I wanted to take pictures but the flash on my camera is bright and I did not want to ruin the dining experience of our fellow guests).

As we browsed the menu, the staff brought us herbed ricotta and garlic toast points. The ricotta was amazing and it paired well with the sharpness of the garlic.

For my dinner, I started with the tuna tartar with sour cream sauce and salmon roe, then a gorgeous house salad prepared with endive and fresh roquefort cheese,  and then for my main course I had shelled maine lobster accompanied with fresh lump crab covered in a butter sauce that was served with fresh grilled asparagus and citrus.

The man and I both had the marvelous chocolate souffle paired with chocolate cream sauce. I wanted to die! Talk about dessert heaven! Despite my initial hesitation to take pictures, I managed to sneak a quick photo of my souffle, just after it arrived:
After our dessert and coffee were finished, I felt full but not stuffed. I managed to pace myself (even though I wanted to eat everything in its entirety) and in the end, I was satisfied and happy! I cannot wait to go back!

As we left the restaurant and made our way home, the man and I encountered some late night traffic (road construction). So typical of the DC area!
The man and I finally got home around 11:00 pm and he gave me these lovely flowers! I love the colors! So pink!!
Thank you so much, honey!
And here is the cat, wondering where we went!
I am very happy with the way our anniversary turned out! Despite the fact we had to work all day, our 15th was truly a special day! Again, I am so happy with amazing man of mine! Here is to the next 15 years and beyond!


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary. You look stunning and oh those shoes, I am at a loss for words, just fantastic!

  2. Congrats on 15 years! My 2 year wedding anniversary is Monday. :) Love your shoes!

  3. Thank you, Danger Will Robinson! Those Betsey Johnson shoes were such a find! A lovely vintage girl from California named Cher sent me the Zappos link and I knew had to have them! Betsey Johnson makes the best shoes. They are expensive but worth it!

  4. Thank you, Stephanie Lynn! Congratulations on your two year anniversary! I hope you enjoy your special day!

    I love my shoes too! They came in black satin and blue denim fabric with the beading. I ordered the black pair because I could wear then with more outfits. I adore the details! I am always looking for an excuse to wear them! lol

  5. Congratulations! Dinner sounded delicious.

  6. Thank you, Nicole! Dinner was so good!

  7. Congrats on 15 years!!!

    I am always inspired by you gals that have such wonderful marriages!


  8. Congratulations! 15 years is fab, it was 18 years for us a week ago and I feel like you, so happy still and it feels like yesterday :o)

  9. Thank you MaryD! I am indeed a lucky gal!

  10. Oh wow, congratulations on your 18th anniversary, Fiona!!! I hope you and your guy got to do something super special! How inspiring that you both are still so much in love!

  11. Congratulations on your anniversary! You look like you celebrated in style anyway and the food sounds delicious - and gorgeous shoes!

  12. The pic of the cat really made me smile. It's like the cat is upset it was not invited to your dinner also!

    Congrats to you and your man on your 15 years!

  13. Wow! Congrats! Heres to another 15! xo

  14. Happy anniversary! Looks like you had a wonderful evening - and looking fabulous whilst you were at it!!

  15. Happy Anniversary, and many many more to you! You guys look so cute together. (And OMG your cat is a cutie.)

  16. Thank you, Clare! The food was to die for! Their vegetarian wild mushroom filled crepes served with parsnips and potato puree is gorgeous!

  17. Melzaelf,

    The cat is always a part of our home-cooked meals. She gets her own plate when we order sushi. If we go out, she misses us. That cat is really more like a small person in a fur coat rather than a cat!

  18. Thank you so much, Atomic Mama!

  19. Thank you, Barbara! The evening was amazing! I just wish I could wear those shoes more often! I need more excuses to dress up!