Monday, May 2, 2011

Lipstick Review: Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense #9

This is me wearing Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick #9 by Make Up For Ever. I am outside in my yard, fresh from a great workout at the gym (hence the reason I am wearing a t-shirt!) 

Typically, I wear just reds but lately I have been seeking out other shades like orange, coral, and pinks. I think my recent desire to 'change things up a bit' is due on part to the fast-approaching summer season. I have a few 50s playsuits and sundresses that will look great paired with different colors.

While I was in Las Vegas for VLV 14, I stayed at the Palazzo/Venetian. Inside this huge facility is a monstrous-sized Sephora! I often refer to Sephora as my "mothership!" Anyway, not only is this particular location big, it features an entire section featuring Make Up For Ever products. I have visited several Sephora stores that offer Make Up For Ever but never have I seen anything on this scale!

Nevertheless, I purchased the #9 Rouge Artist Intense lipstick ($19.00 USD) and a Smoky Lash Aqua (waterproof) Mascara  for $22.00 USD. (I will do a review on that next).

The #9 lipstick is a hot pink with a opalescent pearly sheen. In certain lighting, the #9 appears pink and in others, it takes on a lilac cast. In the above photo, I paired MAC's lip pencil in Magenta with this lipstick. However, Make Up For Ever's Aqua Lip Liner in 16C ($17 USD) is a perfect match for the #9.

This lipstick is very pigmented and feels comfortable on the lips. It is not drying nor is it too creamy. Moreover, the Rouge Artist Intense line of lipsticks (50 total colors in three finishes: matte, pearl, and satin) are very long-lasting. I can wear most colors 4 hours before needing to touch up.

Here is here #9 in the tube (albeit a vintage one I transferred it to):
(Sorry for the bare nails! Blech! I need to remedy that quick!)

Here is a swatch on my right hand:
And here is an up-close view of my lips:
As I stated before, in certain lighting, this lipstick takes on a lilac cast due to the opalescent pearly finish. In person, #9 looks fuchsia pink. I prefer my reds but when my outfit calls for blue-toned pink, #9 fits the bill beautifully.

So, vintage gals, do you ever wear shades other than reds? If so, which ones are in your collection?


  1. I am just venturing into other color lippies since I really like to do a bright eye lately and red lippie+bright eye can equal crazy if you're not careful. I like Kat Von D Cathedral for a neutral, or MAC Velvet Teddy. I'm also wearing a MUFE color #31, which is a "satin mauve pink" shade. Think dusty rose color. I'm going to try #9 next time I'm in Sephora!!

  2. I agree about brightly colored eye makeup paired with red lipsticks. It can look amazing or too much! I love MAC's Vegas Volt (a bright, creamy cool coral) and Besame's Carmine (a creamy orangey warm coral). Those two shades are "neutral" enough for me whenever I do a strong eye, especially green shades.

    I really love the shade range for the MUFE lipsticks. They really did a great job. Their Satin #42 is my favorite! It is very much like Besame's Red Hot red!

  3. Your lipstick tube is just lovely,i love this color reminds of some of my 80' lipsticks. I wear orange flip from revlon moon drops, revlon has strong staying power and also wear corals too,. Although lately i been geting into pinks and i always been a fuschia wearing girl .

  4. Gracias, La Dama! I agree that the fuchsia colors are very 80s! I think they pair well with so many looks, especially when wearing pinks and blacks! I almost bought Orange Flip a while back! I had my hands on it but put it back. I need more orange and coral shades so I think I am going back to the store and pick it up! MAC makes a great coral called Vegas Volt. I also love their Morange lipstick too!

  5. Thats a very pretty shade.I love coals and pinks,I dont wear red alot anymore.makes me look like I have a joker smile do you re tube your lipsticks into your vintage tubes.What a cool idea.Also love your red hair color.What color is it?and brand?I have always used loreal smoldering red and they discontinued it about 3 years ago.Now cant find a red that I like.Yours looks very similar to it.And I love it.