Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Makeup Must-Haves!

Now that summer is here, I though I would share with you all some great products that will help ensure your makeup's staying power and also help protect your skin from the sun!

In the heat of summer, our makeup can fall victim to heat, perspiration, humidity, and the sun. Oil production increases, foundation slides off, blush fades away, and days spent outside can cause sunburn that can lead to sun damage, premature aging, and even skin cancer.

So, what is a summertime gal to do? She can update her beauty kit with products that will safeguard her look and skin!

One of the most important items a gal should have in her summertime kit is a moisturizer, foundation primer, or foundation that contains SPF. If I am going to be outside for long stretches of time, I rely on RoC Complete Lift Daily Moisturizer in Spf 30 (retails for about $20-25+ USD). I also wear it when I go skiing in Colorado. It provides complete sunblock protection and it goes well under mineral foundation and powder foundation. For some reason, this moisturizer does not pair well with liquid foundation. I am not sure why but it tends to "ball up."

When shopping for a foundation that has sun protection, anything with a SPF of 15+ is ideal. The same goes for a daily moisturizer or foundation primer.  If you are unsure about what SPF to purchase, please visit the Skin Cancer Foundation site:

If you want a foundation and moisturizer with SPF together, then I cannot recommend Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer (1.7 ounce for $42.00 USD) in SPF 20 enough! There are three different formulas in this range: the original, oil-free, and Illuminating (has a pearly highlight effect). I prefer the Oil-Free because my skin is very oily! The shade that I use is the lightest, Porcelain.

This foundation provides sheer to light coverage. It is perfect on lazy weekend days or when you want a no-fuss look. On the days I am doing yardwork or hanging out by my in-laws' pool, I simply wash my face, put on a pea-size amount of foundation, set with loose powder, apply red lipstick, put on a hair scarf and sunglasses, and I am done.

In the last year, I have started using foundation primer occasionally for special events like nights out and Viva Las Vegas.  I first used MAC's Prep and Prime SPF 50 Primer but it contains a lot of silicone which broke me out badly. I was very disappointed because it really made my foundation look better and last so much longer.  However, before I went to my first Viva back in April, Erin from Every Branch Blog recommended Korres 99% Oil-Free (basically means little to no silicones) Natural Foundation Primer for $28.00 USD (available at Sephora stores and Sephora online). This primer is very light and it helps provide a smooth base that makes foundation look more even and last longer. When I was at Viva, this primer did wonders in helping my makeup survive nighttime dancing and cocktails, the pool party, and the car show.

Another important item for summertime makeup is blot powder. I use MAC's Blot Powder in Light ($23.00 USD). This powder is not heavy and it does not coat the face in heaviness. It is very light and very finely milled. It simply blots oil and mattifies skin.

Speaking of blotting oil, I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have discovered oil-absorbing sheets! I use the Target "Up and Up" brand and I cannot remember how much they cost but I suspect they are around 3 bucks. The sheets by Clean and Clear (50 count) are $4.49 USD.

These sheets are also available at MAC but the Target and Clean and Clear brands are identical to MAC's and they are cheaper! Throughout the day (e.g. every couple of hours), I will use one sheet to blot excess oil and then I will re-apply my MAC Blot Powder. This method will help prevent powder build up and a cakey look that can sometimes result from layering powder on top of oil over and over.

When I was in high school and college, I worked at an amusement park. I spent most of my days working outside in the Virginia heat and humidity. I would often pull out my Cover Girl Clean and Natural compact to blot my face and by the end of the day, I looked like a coated, pale pancake from hell! When I started using blot sheets about 8-10 years ago, I soon discovered that not only did my makeup look better at the end of the day, I had less breakouts as well.

In conclusion, summertime makeup essentials should include a good SPF, an oil-free/light coverage foundation or tinted moisturizer, an oil-free foundation primer, an oil-blotting powder, and an oil-absorbing sheets. With these must-haves in your kit, you are sure to look picture-perfect all summer long!


  1. Great tips! I use ROC sunscreen products myself. They are the best, by far for my very sensitive skin. I used the aerosol factor 50 spray when we went to Florida. It is completely non greasy, clear and I didn't get any burn at all. Blot sheets are a must too in summer, and yes - agree that the cheap ones work just as well as the more premium brands :)

  2. I love my blotting sheets too, especially the ones infused with green tea! Suppose to be really nice for the skin :) Great post, I'm in need of adding some Summer products to my ever so lacking makeup arsenal.

  3. I agree great tips! Sadly I think in the UK we had our summer in April :o( So don't need the tips now he he!

    I've always had to use high factor stuff as I burn easily but to be honest I just stay out of the sun as much as possible. I'm lucky I don't have sensitive skin at all so I can go pretty cheap!

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  5. Fantastic tips amor!
    I use suncreen all the time and stay of the sol.
    blotting sheets are a must. I miss shopping at Target, always has great bargains.
    I use the Roc eye cream best stuff for the arrugas.

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