Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today's Makeup and New Shoes (cheap!)

Hey all! I hope everyone is well on this Wednesday! It has been so hot here in the DC area! This afternoon while I was at work, we had a major thunderstorm go through. The lightning was glorious! Ask anyone and they will tell you that I *love* thunderstorms! There is just something so powerful and beautiful when Nature puts on a good 'light show!'

The pic above shows me this morning before I left for work.  As I was taking the picture on my Blackberry, the cat was yelling at me (very loudly), demanding my full attention. She gets extra needy whenever her 'daddy' is away on business. Let me tell you, getting her to go bed last night was practically impossible! Brat!

Nevertheless, I would like to share with you today's makeup!

MAC Paint Pot in Rollickin' (a pearly, seafoam, green-blue cream shadow base) was applied to the lower lids.

MAC Aquadisiac eyeshadow (a shimmery teal) was applied on top of Rollickin' Paint Pot.

MAC Surreal Shadow (a shimmery green-based light blue) was blended onto the crease.

MAC Crystal Avalanche (a bright white pearl) was applied to the browbone.

MAC Liquidlast Liner in Point Black was applied in a cat-wing shape using a MAC 208 brush.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eyepencil in Electric was applied to the lower lash line and then was set with MAC eyeshadow in Aquadisiac (using MAC 212 brush).

Maybelline Volum'Express One by One Mascara in Black (Waterproof) was applied to top and bottom lashes.

MAC Eyepencil in Fascinating (a stark white) was applied to my waterline. 

On my face, I am wearing Guerlain's Parure Gold Foundation in Beige Claire 01, MAC blush in Pink Swoon, and Murad's Acne Treatment Concealer in Light (to cover a few breakouts). I set my face makeup with Coty Airspun Loose Powder in Translucent and finished the look with Make Up For Ever's Rouge Artist Intense lipstick in #45 and MAC Lipliner in Cherry.

Today, I am also wearing a new pair of Miss Me? black velvet-esque fabric (almost a faux suede-like material) platform shoes. I bought these on (a division of Amazon) for $40.00USD! They also come in purple!
That 'thing' on the far right is my cat's plush catnip mouse toy. She wanted me to play fetch.
These shoes are very comfortable but they do run a 1/2 size+ too large. I am normally a 7 but I ordered the 6.5 (based on the online reviews stating the shoes run big) and they are still a little too roomy for me. I put a pair of Foot Petal inserts in the ball of each shoe and I can feel my heel sliding forward a tiny bit. I can make the shoe tighter by buckling the last hole in the ankle strap. I can also buy some heel inserts or the Foot Petal Killer Kushionz:
 Moreover, one curious and potentially comical (and dangerous for the clumsy like myself) feature of this shoe is that it has velvet soles.
 When I tried them on in my bedroom, I walked for a second and I felt like I was traversing on a "Slip n' Slide!" I pictured myself 'sliding' to my death on my carpeted stairs! Imagine the husband, coming home and finding me at the end of the staircase having been eaten by the cat. At least I died in style..... (JK!)

Interestingly enough, when I walk on concrete surfaces or asphalt, these shoes have great traction. They are a bit tricky on carpet and wood flooring. I suspect the velvet soles will get rougher and therefore easier to control after a few wears.

Overall, I know I will be wearing these shoes a lot! They have a great 40s style that will pair well with many things like dresses, skirts, and even wide leg, high-waist trousers.

I hope everyone is having a good 'hump day!'


  1. I love thunderstorms too! My bed is right next to the bedroom window and I love to sit in bed with a cup of tea and watch the storm roll in! My little girl is terrified of storms so she snuggles up with me, making it extra comfy and nice!
    I'm loving your makeup! That teal color is so pretty with your eyes. Those shoes are SO awesome but I agree with the velvet soles, I'd be slipping all over the place! Great steal, though!!

  2. Brittany,

    When I was a kid, I loved storms but I hated them at night. I guess they were scarier in the dark. My two girl cats hate storms (they go under a bed) but my boy cat just sleeps right through them.

    As for the shoes, I am perplexed why they put velvet on the bottom of the soles. Sure, it looks pretty but it proved to be quite slick when walking on carpet. I now wonder how they are going to hold up when it rains. We'll see.

    Thanks for the compliment about my makeup look! I usually do a nude 40s eye during the work day but today I was inspired to do something different. I just bought the MAC Aquadisiac shadow a week or so ago and I have been looking for an excuse to wear it!

  3. super cute shoes!

    I wish I wasn't so boring with my make-up. You inspire me to get more experimental. Lately I have even stopped using eyeliner, but still wear my false eyelashes every day ;-)

  4. Your makeup is always so stellar!

    How funny about those soles. I've had shoes that have almost a felt feeling on the bottom that has very fortunately worn off over time before they've gotten the chance to dump me on my rear. I may have to look for some of those petals, I ordered a pair of Miss L Fire shoes 1/2 size too big because they didn't have my size and I LOVE them, but definitely are a bit roomy across the vamp.

  5. guh, those shoes are cute. i might need a pair myself.

  6. You gorgeous lady, I love turquoise eyeshadow so much. love your ojasos azules/verdes.
    Most of all I am in love with your velvet zapatillos. I adorar the velvet soles.
    I use shoe insert cushion trick for big shoes.
    funny, now you have to be real careful with estos zapatos.
    I also enjoy thunderstorms and rain, lots of energies in thunderstorms amor.

  7. Super cute shoes! Velvet soles are definitely one I haven't come across before.

  8. Okay, that teal! It looks so incredible on you and your lipstick is lovely too! Sigh, your make up is always so perfect!!

    Velvet soles are certainly a surprise on those shoes- reminds me of the suede soles on ballroom dancing shoes.

    We had a big thunderstorm roll through last night. Lots of wind and almost constant thunder, it was very exciting (especially since we need the rain). I love thunderstorms but, after an unfortunate camping trip a few years ago, I've found I'm a bit frightened of the very loud, cracking thunder!

  9. Maybe the velvet soles are for dancing? They look amazing though, and great value! I always love seeing your makeup looks - I think I have a lot of similar colours, so I may try to recreate this! Thanks for the detailed summary.

  10. Wow your make up is amazing! Love the colour

    I too am a klutz so velvet sole shoes sound scary to me, I can barely wear heels anyway without killing myself, in fact I've been known to fall over on a flat floor in flat shoes and no I wasn't drunk ;o)

  11. I love thunder storms too. There is something just so comforting about them, while being cooped up indoors where it's nice and dry. It truly is something beautiful to watch!

    Teal looks fantastic on you and I <3 those shoes! I wonder if there's anything you can put on the bottom of them so that they are slip resistant. I'm the biggest clutz ever and would have already fallen on my face walking in those slippery things!