Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Besame Lipstick Review: Classic Color Collection In Cherry Red

After updating my makeup kit last week, I realized that I was lacking a deep, cherry-toned red lipstick. Sure, I have several red lipsticks ranging from bright pink-toned shades, vibrant tomato-infused hues to neutral tones. But I needed a rich, sultry cherry shade to make my collection complete! Besides, a darker red is just perfect for fall!

In the last couple of years, I have come to the conclusion that most, mainstream makeup brands (e.g. MAC, Revlon, Make Up For Ever, Chanel, Nars, etc) fall a bit short (some more than others) when it comes to retro red lipstick colors. Moreover, their textures tend to be too dry or too emollient, they fade quickly when worn, tend to bleed, and/or the pigmentation is not quite "right."

Now, please do not get me wrong, I ADORE MAC's "Russian Red" and Make Up For Ever's Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in Satin #42 but I prefer a semi-matte finish paired with bright, intense pigment. With that said, I have discovered 'vintage red lipstick heaven' with Julie Hewett and Besame Cosmetics' lipsticks. Not only are their colors AMAZING, their comfortable semi-matte texture is unbeatable when it comes to comfort and longevity! Even their vintage-inspired gold lipstick packaging is to die for!

I have been contemplating buying Besame's Classic Color Lipstick in Cherry Red ($22.00 USD) for a while and last week, I finally did! My package arrived yesterday and I have been wearing my new lippie ever since! Cherry Red is the forth Besame Classic Color Lipstick I now own. I have Besame Red, Red Velvet, and Carmine.


Cherry Red is a deep, rich red with a deep cherry base. The color is really like a fresh plucked cherry.  Now, the first photo shows the lipstick in bullet form. I think my flash brightened the color because the actual color in person looks very similar to MAC's Dubonnet (a deep wine red). However, once the lipstick is applied, the color seems to come alive and looks lit from within! Here is a swatch on the back of my right hand:
Here is me wearing Cherry Red. The color pairs PERFECTLY with MACs lip pencil in Cherry:
I cannot say enough how much I love Besame lipstick! It is my favorite, hands-down! It lasts a long time on my lips (accept for drinking and eating) and the color fades evenly.

So, if you are in the hunt for the perfect 40s/50s red lipstick, give Besame Classic Color Lipsticks a try!


  1. This looks like a great color! Shame we cant buy off the Beseme website here, they only ship to US, boo :(

  2. Besame is lovely isn't it?

    Another brand you might like is Rockalily - it's UK based but very similar (I think they post to the US but it could be expensive). I find it very comfortable to wear indeed.

  3. I love Besame lipsticks, although I havent tried the new lipsicks.especialment the gold packaging. they do have long lasting power.

  4. I have to say - one of the best lippys I own. It is tad on the expensive side - but I only wear it for going out - which is rare - and I never need to reapply - so it shall last an AGE!

  5. I love Besame and swatched their entire lipstick and gloss selection. They had a huge sale a while ago and I bought nearly the whole collection. It's just makeup art.