Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Season, New Hair Color

Now that fall is in full-swing here in the DC area, it is time for changing my hair color. For most of spring and summer, my hair was red paired a bold platinum blond chunk. Part of me misses my blond but I love going 'all red' for fall and winter.

My stylist, Corry Kendall, colored my hair in a more golden, orange-based red. Last year in November (Election Day actually), I opted for a cooler, cherry-toned red. Having experienced several types of red shades, I prefer a more gold red. I think it looks better set against my pink-toned skin.  In my opinion, the pinkier, cooler reds bring out too much pink in my complexion.

Despite thin state of my hair (due to stress), I am happy with my hair! Moreover, if I miss my blond, I can always bring it back next year! But for now, I will enjoy this 'red state of mind.'


  1. Sorry to hear you're having hair-affecting stress, but you can't tell. :) The color looks fabulous on you!

  2. Good to see you back! Missed your posts. Hair looking fabulous as always, I like that you change your hair for the seasons :)

  3. You look beautiful Tara, I love the color you have got going on. I bought my hair dye on Friday. (Black) For some reason I really like Black hair for Fall and Winter. *heh*

  4. Thank you, Tasha! I have a great stylist! My hair is starting to show signs of new growth so I just need to be patient and not stress!

  5. Thank you, Clare! I love to change my red and add the blond now and again. I used to have black hair, then pink, and once I was a total blond but I am just going to stick to reds! Changing color is so fun though!

  6. Melzaelf,

    Thank you for your kind comments! I loved it when my hair was black! My natural color is a light auburn so within weeks of getting it colored, the roots were so evident due to the stark contrast. If my hair was darker naturally, I would go back to black for sure! I love the black on you though! It looks stunning, especially with your bangs!

  7. wow! Nicole Kidman look alike.
    se te ve bien tu pelo rojo oscuro.
    me gusta mucho tu vestido.