Saturday, April 21, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

My rockabilly style is quite different from the 'norm' in this modern era and as a result, I often get asked why I dress they way I do, why I have tattoos, why I wear red lipstick everyday, and why I live choose to live a rockabilly lifestyle.

I am sure you gals have been asked why you wear vintage as well! Isn't it interesting how our look gets strangers 'to come out of the wood work (along and friends and family who may question our style)?'

So, without further ado, here are my FAQ!

1. Why do you wear vintage clothes?
I wear vintage because I love the aesthetic of the 40s and 50s. The patterns and fabrics flatter me better than the lines of modern clothing. For example, modern trousers are cut much lower than their vintage counterparts and as a result, the torso and hips on my 5'3 frame look less defined. Moreover, I adore the feminine styling 40s/50s clothes. I feel modern clothing endorses comfort while neglecting style and femininity.

2. Do you wear vintage everyday or just for special occasions?
No, I wear vintage everyday. Without over-sharing,  I wear vintage lingerie, nightwear, and of course, for my day and night wear. The only time I do not wear vintage is when I work out at the gym.

3. Do you wear vintage reproduction clothing?
When I first began to wear vintage, I 'got my feet wet' with vintage reproduction clothing like Stop Staring, Bettie Page Clothing, and Heartbreaker Fashion. To this day, I wear Heartbreaker pencil skirts, Freddies of Pinewood jeans, and Trashy Diva dresses. I prefer vintage, but I like reproduction too.

4. Do you ever wear modern clothes?
Like I stated before, I wear modern gym clothes. I also wear Ann Taylor, Talbots, and J. Crew suiting for work when I have to go on Capitol Hill or meet with government officials/clients. (I am a technical writer for a government contractor).

5. Why do you have tattoos?
Like the clothing on our backs, piercings in our ears, or the makeup on our face, tattoos are just another form of adornment. To me, tattoos are a way to express myself while beautifying myself.

6. Why do you wear red lipstick? It's so bold!
I love red lipstick! In my opinion, it is the ultimate shade of femininity! I fell in love with red lipstick in high school and it has been my 'signature color' ever since. I have tried to wear nudes, pinks, and neutrals but I feel 'out of sorts' when I do. Nothing makes me feel 'like me' like a good shade of bright, classic red!

7. So, you are a 'rockabilly,' you must hate modern music. 
Now, I do love Carl Perkins, Johnny Burnette (before "You're 16"), Santos, Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys, Chuy and the Bobcats, Lil' Luis and Los Wild Teens but I also love the Cure, Sisters of Mercy, VNV Nation, Imperative Reaction, Razed in Black, and Combichrist. I also love Depeche Mode, The Smiths, and Morrissey. VNV Nation is my FAVORITE group. Hands down!! I have seen them four times in concert and each time it just gets better and better! I love rockabilly but I also adore EBM and new wave. (But I hate doo wop!)

8. You are in your late 30s! You have to 'grow up' sometime and dress like a 'normal adult!'
Why is age even relevant? Moreover and more importantly, is there an arbitrary, 'cut-off' age for dressing vintage? In addition, what is deemed 'normal?' I see it this way: life is too short and life is a celebration so I am going to live it my way and how it see fit! I am happy and I feel complete. This is how and who I am.


  1. Has someone actually asked you #8?? That's so obnoxious!

  2. Yes! The person who asked me that question was my mamaleh.

  3. Something tells me this FAQ (particularly the latter questions) is more relevant to people you meet in real life rather than on the blog-o-sphere! You should print out copies and just hand them out wordlessly when asked this stuff! I feel sorry for my friends who dress lolita, they get the last question ALL the time!

  4. Isn't it interesting how people feel free to ask all kinds of questions because you look different? I'd never walk up to someone in a restaurant and ask, "Why are you wearing that?"

  5. Well, getting that question from a MOM is slighty less shocking than a stranger ;)

  6. People can be so bold the only more shocking I have had than being asked about my style is when people would touch my big pregnant belly (and were talking stangers).

  7. I can't wait to meet you so we can dish about this stuff!

  8. too cool! I love VNV and Big Sandy but rarely meet ppl who know who both are I have only seen VNV 2 times in concert though :)


    I wear vintage too, I don't have enough pieces to where it everyday however but I'm working on it. The thing I've noticed the most is that when you dress this way people come up and talk to me. They ask me how I did my makeup and hair and I love it! I don't love people staring at me though, it kinda freaks me out!!

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  11. Love this! I've never understood people's need to comment aalll the tiiime. Even if it's a compliment... and I get that they are just curious... Ugh.

    P.S. We have the exact same taste in music. Yes, please.


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