Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Viva Las Vegas 15- Photos and Synopsis (Part II)

Here is my Viva 15 synopsis Part II! Today we talk about the Saturday car show, Saturday night, JD McPherson, Sunday, dining at Aureole, Sunday night dancing, and my journey home.

Day 4: Saturday, the 7th: Big Daddy and I wake up and order room service breakfast. I order my usual egg beater omelet and fruit plate but I also "take the plunge" and get a blueberry muffin and croissant. Both pastries were too big to finish but they were good!

It is the day of the car show! The day is sunny and the temperature is in the 70s! After having a quick pizza lunch at Sbarro in the Orleans, Big Daddy and I make our way over to the show at the Orleans Arena. I am wearing my gorgeous 50s cotton sarong dress I bought from DearJohn Vintage on Etsy!
The car show seems more packed this year! The cars are fabulous! I want them all!

I also wear my bakelite bangles!
 Now, to the show!!
While at the show, I bumped into Cassandra, ie the gal who sold me my sarong dress! It was so lovely to meet her! Not only is she super nice, her style is to die for!

Big Daddy and I check out the cars and like I said before, I wanted EVERY car! I love my '05 Volvo but if I could have a real 50s auto, I would be so happy!

After a few hours in the sun, Big Daddy and I decide to go back to the Rio for rest and a shower!

That evening, we have dinner at the Rio. Even though we have a lovely meal, Big Daddy is not feeling well. The dry, desert air combined with the stale, casino cigarette smoke were wreaking havoc on Big Daddy's allergies. So, he stayed in and I grabbed a cab to the Orleans.

Whilst in line for a cab,  I saw a huge line of women waiting. I mean, there were ABSOLUTELY NO MEN. Then, I figured it out, these gals were leaving the casino after seeing "The Chippendales" show! Talk about hilarious!

After a few minute cab ride, I arrive at the Orleans and meet up with Kim and the girls in the main ballroom to see JD McPherson!

You have to check out Kim's fantastic photos from the show on her blog!


Here is me and Jennie Lee!

Jennie Lee and I met for the first time! She was the seller behind the fabulous sequin dress I am wearing! She is so so nice and her look is stunning!

Here is me and Cassandra!
Kim and Jessica were just in front of us at the very edge of the front of the stage! Seeing JD McPherson in person was just wow!

After the show, Cassandra, Jennie, and myself lined up to buy JD's album and he signed them! He had a great energy and he was hella cute! (Sorry, Big Daddy!)

My gold and rhinestone stilettos began to give out on me and I threw in the towel. I also wanted to make sure Big Daddy was okay! When I returned to the Rio around 1:30 am, Big Daddy was fast asleep. I washed my face, changed into my Pjs and went to bed!

Day 5: Sunday, the 8th: Big Daddy and I wake up and I call my parents to wish them Happy Easter and Happy Passover. Even though Passover began on Friday at sundown, I ate leavened foods! I am sorry, I couldn't help it!

For breakfast, Big Daddy and I have mimosas along with our usual fare (pastries too!)

Sunday is the pool party day at Viva. Before heading to the Orleans, Big Daddy and I have a Thai lunch at the Aria. Everything from the Thai iced tea to the drunken noodles was delicious! We finish our lunch and make our way to the Orleans.

When we arrive, the line for the pool party was huuuuuuge!! We realize we would be waiting forever so Big Daddy and I go back to the Rio.  Later on, we change and get ready for our big dinner at Aureole in the Mandalay Bay.

Here is the famous tower of wine that makes Aureole famous. The wine list is so big, it is on an iPad!

Big Daddy and I arrived early for our reservation so we have drink at the bar:
After our drinks, Big Daddy and I are seated and we have a fabulous meal! Then we return to the Rio to change out of our evening attire and into more casual fare. I wear my leopard top paired with my Freddies capris and my black Remix wedges.

Big Daddy and I head over to the Orleans and met Kim for a bit and then he and I do some late night dancing!

I wanted to stay out all night but since we had to go home the next day, we return to the Rio so we can pack and go to bed.

The next day is Monday the 9th. Big Daddy and I finalize our packing and get ready to check out.
I am too lazy to do anything special with my hair so I quickly blow dry my bangs and I put the rest of my damp hair into braids:
 Here is an overall view of my homeward-bound (blurry) outfit. A 50s black and white dress with a black patent, Target girls' belt:
Here is how it should look like:

We do a quick once-over to make sure we leave nothing behind and head to the airport.

After flying all day, we arrive back at Dulles airport at 12:00 am. I am tired and feeling like I am coming down with something! I want to go home even though Viva was over too fast!

So, there you have it! I had such fun and it was so wonderful meeting you all! I cannot wait for VLV 16!


  1. The braids look cute! Isn't it funny how simple dos sometimes go so well? I've recently found quiff at the front, bun at the back is so quick yet people comment on it more than if i spent ages!

    Mimosas for breakfast too... mmm sounds FAB!

    1. Thanks for the compliment! It is amazing how people comment on hair that is simple and fast! lol!

      The mimosas were divine! I was too spoiled by room service for a few days!

  2. It was so great meeting you! You looked stunning in sequins! JD was a blast. I can't wait for next year :)

    1. It was just too wonderful meeting you too! Thank you so much for having such a great frock for sale! I love it!

      JD was awesome! Such an amazing performance!

      I hope to see you next year too!!

  3. Meeting you was such a thrill! You are so darn adorable and your make up is always stunning.

    Wasn't it amazing to see JD live and so close? I acted like a dorky screaming teenager, I just couldn't help myself.

    1. Having the opportunity to meet you at last was incredible!! It was also such a joy meeting Jessica! You gals always looked flawless!

      Seeing JD up-close was fantastic! I felt like a teenager too! His energy and Jimmy's too was awesome!

  4. What fun pics. You looked fantastic and I adore both your sarong and sequin dresses. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments!


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