Friday, October 15, 2010

Does the Madness Ever End? -Finding Peace in Yoga and the Sewing Machine

Earlier this year, June in fact, my car was broken into by thieves. They broke a window and stole my work laptop. This all took place outside my house. I was shocked, livid, and just mad. After waiting months for my window glass to be repaired, I finally got my car back only to have it towed from my place of employment!

Since my husband and I work together, we often commute together. There are days when I will drive home with him even though I drove myself to work that day.  Sometimes, we will leave the office together for a business meeting in D.C. I never worried about someone breaking into my car overnight nor was I concerned about getting towed. Frankly, the thoughts never crossed my mind. Last night, however, changed my blasse mindset for good.

After locking up the office last night around 6:40 pm, the husband, brother-in-law (we work together), and I left to go visit our family member in the hospital who just had surgery. As we got into my husband's car, my husband noticed that my car was gone. My first thought was that my car was stolen. I was stunned! Why would someone take my car?! Then the brother-in-law stated that he spotted a tow truck earlier in our lot. We all went back inside our building to call the police.

The police dispatcher told me that cars often get towed instead of stolen. Tow companies have an hour to report to the police. At the time of my call, my car was not in the 'towed car database' and so the dispatcher informed me that they would send an officer. I was still in "la-la land" shock at this point.

Next, I called my insurance company to file a claim. While I was on the phone with an insurance representative, the police called our office and informed us that the car was indeed towed. My husband called the tow company and they stated that the car was towed per the management company's (for our building) request.

There are a couple of abandoned cars in our lot. They have expired tags and past-due inspection stickers. One car even has a flat tire! Yes, my car does has an expired inspection sticker but I recently got it back from the glass people. I have not had a chance to get it updated. My registration is up to date and I do not have a flat! I drive my car! Moreover, if any cars in the lot are not up-to-date and/or abandoned, then why weren't the other two cars towed as well? There goes that hypothesis!

I called the management company this morning and told them about my situation. They told me that my car was towed because they assumed my car was owned by another tenant/office in our building who apparently is responsible for the two abandoned cars. The management company has warned them repeatedly to move the cars. They said they dispatched the truck to tow all the cars yet Mr. Tow Dude only took my car. The cars are still out here in the lot as I type this. Grrrrrrr.

Nevertheless, the management office was very apologetic and they even covered the cost of my tow. This afternoon, my father-in-law drove me to the tow lot and I picked up my car. My little red Volvo, I call her "Starfish," looked so sad tucked away in a dark corner of the muddy, gravel lot! I was wearing a 40s rayon dress, a red hair snood, and black suede platform heels so you can imagine the looks I got as I gingerly tried to walk across the expanse of mud and rock.

Now that my car is back, I am definitely going to get 'her' inspected this coming week. I am not going to take any chances.

I am happy that my car was not stolen and that the management company was understanding. This whole scene ended well and for that I am thankful. Yet, it is moments like this that I find myself getting anxious and stressed. Things like this happen and I cannot let them get to me.

Since this year has been crazy for me and my family, I have been turning to yoga and now sewing. Until this summer, I had never used a sewing machine. I had one for years but I was too afraid to use it! Now, I find so much comfort in making pot holders, lamp shade covers, pillows, placemats, table runners, coasters, and curtains. Sewing is not only fun, it's so relaxing! I am learning a lot and one day I hope I can sew well enough to make my own clothes.

As for yoga, I have been a student of Anusara yoga since 2003.  One day, a friend of mine suggested I join her for a class and I have been hooked ever since. However, due to work, life, being a running nut, and trying to just keep my head above water, I have been neglecting my yoga and I can tell it's affecting my spirit.

As of late, however, I have been forcing myself to take time out for yoga. No excuses. I just roll out the mat, get my wool yoga blanket, get my strap and block, and I do it. An hour of quiet and 'letting go.'

When I was starting to taking classes on a normal basis, I had an amazing teacher named Kelly. She always told her students to leave the anxieties at the door and to release all the negativity with each exhale. "Breathe in the positive, exhale the negative." Kelly also said, "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is the present and there is no greater gift than that of the present."

I am slowly rediscovering the "art of letting go," being positive, and realizing that most things that stress me out are trivial. I need to respect my inner dharma and just be. Smile, laugh, and just be.


  1. Lady Betty: You are a lady, indeed. I would hope I could be as nice a gentleman. Don't let them get you.

  2. Thank you, JJ. I was livid last night but I kept my cool when I talking to the management this morning. They are actually nice people and great landlords. They just made a mistake and now all is well. I just need to get my car inspection up to date!

  3. Wow, sorry to hear that. That's absolutely infuriating (I just had a house burglary and my car towed so I COMPLETELY understand). I'm glad the management people are nice though and that you're finding happiness in yoga. I've been finding it in the spin class!! xoxo

  4. Stressful situation, but you are doing the right thing not letting it get to you too much. I really should try yoga, I'm sure it would do me the world of good too!

  5. I can't believe your own place of employment had your car towed!! How ridiculous! Thank goodness it wasn't stolen, but still. Grrrrrrrr!

  6. Oh wow, what a crazy thing to happen to your car. Poor thing!

    Good for you for getting back to your yoga ("inhale the positive, exhale the negative" - I love that) and for taking up sewing this summer. I've got a sewing maching that's been just sitting there for years too. Will you share with us some of the things you've made sometime?
    - Susan

  7. Straight Talking Mama,

    Thanks for the support and comments! I realize as I get older that stressing over the small stuff is not worth it. Worry is basically our human way of trying to control a situation and if we cannot control something, then worrying is silly. It only causes undue stress! I just need to be proactive, be positive, and find bliss in something every day.

  8. Moxie Tonic,

    All is well and I simply happy the situation was not serious in the end! What made everything okay was that 1: my car wasn't stolen and 2: the landlord paid for my tow. I just paid around $800.00 for yearly personal property taxes for my county and shelling out another 125.00 to get my car back would have been too much to bear!

  9. Thank you for your kind thoughts and support, Susan! I love my yoga for sure! I did an extra long session at home yesterday afternoon and today I feel pretty good.

    As for sewing, I have posted a few bits about my creations earlier this summer. I also included pictures. My two proudest pieces are my atomic-print table runner and matching curtain.

    I would love to make some tea towels for my kitchen! Those are next on my list!