Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Finally Here! Besame's Classic Color Lipstick!

A month ago, I posted about the new, upcoming line of Classic Color lipsticks from Besame Cosmetics. If you did not read my post, you can view it here:

Nevertheless, now that the new Classic Colors ($22.00 USD) are available for order on Besame's website, I knew I had to get my hands on Besame Red! Besame Red is a bright, classic true vintage red that is a neutral. Meaning, it is neither warm (orange-based) nor cool (pink/blue-based).

I was so excited to come home from work yesterday and find my package on my doorstep! I quickly opened it up and I was stunned with the packaging and vintage details!

After I opened the box (seen above), I pulled out a little red velvet bag with a gold drawstring and golden metal tag adored with the Besame logo:
Here is the tube itself:
Here is the Classic Color tube compared with an Enchanting lipstick tube:
For comparison with standard lipsticks, the Classic Colors contain .12 ounces of lipstick and MAC has .10 ounces.

Here is Besame Red opened:
Here is a swatch on the back of my right hand:
The color is bright and the texture is creamy yet not wet! Besame's lipsticks are not matte but they can be made to look matte by blotting. I like the fact these lipsticks are not matte because unlike MAC's Ruby Woo or Russian Red, Besame colors will not dry out lips! Morever, the Besame formula is super long-lasting!

Here is a side-by-side comparison of Besame Red (on the right) and Make Up For Ever's Rouge Artist Intense lipstick in Moulin Rouge/#43 (on the left):

Notice that the Make Up For Ever lipstick is a bit darker in tone. It is also glossier. The Rouge Artist Intense lipsticks are very pigmented but they are also very creamy. Even though the Besame colors are super pigmented, their 'less wet' formula makes them more ideal since the color will not slide off/smear as easily. I used to think the Rouge Artist Intense lipstick (especially #42, #43, and #45) was the best but I have to say that Besame lipstick far surpasses Make Up For Ever in terms of color intensity, formula, and longevity!

Here is me today wearing Besame Red:
I really love this shade! I put it on at 10:00 am and it is now 1:00 pm and the color still looks perfect! I can see myself buying more colors (Red Hot Red, Red Velvet, Cherry Red, and Carmine) for sure! I also want to check out Besame's Masterliner Lip Pencil (dual-ended) in Red & Cerise!

So, if you gals are in the market for vintage-true lipstick cased in pretty, vintage-looking packaging, then you have to give Besame Classic Color lipstick a try!


  1. I have one Besame lipstick - and I love it! Though it's quite petite. Well, less to carry around. ;")
    Marvellous post!

  2. Frl. Irene Palfy,

    Thank you for the comments! Besame discontinued the smaller sized lipsticks and have replaced them for the Classic Color line. I spoke with a representative from Besame Cosmetics in November and he told me they made the change due to customer complaints regarding the small size of the product.

  3. Yay! Glad to see the larger tube and that they've maintained that signature angled shape of the lipstick. Besamé makes a fantastic lippy, and may I say, it looks wonderful on you.

    I'm hoping for a tube of Besamé Red under the Christmas tree!

  4. Thanks for such a great review.It looks beautiful on you:)
    Wishing you & yours a wonderful Christmas & a safe,happy & prosperous new year! xxx

  5. I love your makeup reviews, keep it up!

    Just wondering, did you send that jumper yet? And if so, do you have a customs number for it?

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