Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving in Boca! Part (Final) III (Lots of Pics)

This is the last post regarding my Thanksgiving trip to Boca! I promise! In the last couple days of our visit, the man and I simply enjoyed the warm temperatures and relaxing atmosphere. On our last full day, the family and I went to the pool at my in-laws' condo. The above photo shows some pretty blue flowers that lined the pool fence.

This is me and my fat thighs lounging pool side. I guess all that good eating is evident for sure now! The pool water was actually heated. The condo apparently keeps the water heated in the fall and winter months. Even though it was sunny and 83 degrees, the 88 degree water (there was a thermometer in the pool) felt so refreshing. There was bit of a breeze coming off the nearby ocean so the heated water was really a plus.
Here is the man taking a dip.
Me enjoying the sun after a swim. Again, thank goodness for high SPF sunblock!
This gecko was on one of the legs of my sun lounger. Geckos are everywhere in South Florida! I think they are cute. I asked him if he could save me money on my car insurance but he didn't say anything back. (I know, bad joke!)
The next day, it was time to leave. This is one last look outside my mother-in-law's patio.
Here I am trying to take it all in one last time before going back to cold and rainy D.C.
The man and I then got our luggage, packed up the car, and drove to the airport.
Here we are, Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Bye, bye, South Florida! I know me and the man will be back again soon!


  1. Great holiday posts, It looks lovely there. A complete contrast to what we are having in the UK at the moment! We have been hot with snow, well below freezing temperatures and arctic!

  2. Clare,

    I just spoke with one of my aunties who lives in Croydon. She told me Gatwick was actually closed yesterday due to the snow! It was lovely to be in Florida and even though I love winter, I am a bit sad to be back here with rain and cold. However, if it was snowing, I would love it!

    I hope you will be warm and safe during the rough weather. My auntie says more is coming!

  3. I LOVE South Florida! We go every summer (it's so hot but I don't mind) for vacation to Fort Lauderdale and also St. Pete. I just adore tropical weather. I live in NYC so I wish I could get away during the freezing winters! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

  4. Ha! Just realised I said 'Hot with snow' in my earlier post - when I meant 'hit' - lol!

  5. Your sunglasses are simply divine! Are they a 1950 piece, or retro?

  6. Oh Florida looks fabulous! Love those sunglasses too! Yep we have a lot of snow, even down in the south of the UK which is rarer.

  7. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I gave you a blog award on my page :)

  8. Islandgirl,

    That is cool that you live in NYC! I have family in Astoria. I love tropical weather too and I adore snowy, cold winters! I loved visiting family in Boca for the holiday now I am ready for my ski trip!

  9. Second Hand Roze,

    Thanks! My sunglasses are vintage. I bought them earlier this year on Esty for 48 USD! I had them fitted with my prescription. I love them!

  10. Fiona,

    Florida is lovely! I could live there for sure! I heard the UK was getting a lot of snow! Lucky! We here in the DC area just have cold and wind! I am ready for a big snow!

  11. Betty2tone,

    Thanks for the award!!