Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving in Boca! Part II (Lots of Pics)

Yesterday, I posted a little bit about my recent Thanksgiving trip to Boca Raton, Florida along with several photos! Well, today I am posting a continuance of my previous post. I also noticed that I lost a follower. I hope I wasn't too boring!

Anyway, after the family and I celebrated Thanksgiving Day with a great meal, we visited the beach the next day! When we first arrived with our cooler and chairs, the sky looked very cloudy and it seemed like our day out was going to be a wash-out. Nevertheless, the sun came out and we had an awesome, relaxing day.

The temperature was around 81-82 degrees. The ocean was chilly but the man and I braved the cool water anyway.
Here is a view showing a couple of condos. The building on the far left is actually a house. It was huuuge! The man's cousin who lived a few blocks away told us that the house is the residence of a local doctor. Oh, what a dream it would be to live on the beach!
Here is our little spot on the beach. It looks cloudy but like I said, it cleared up. Left to right: the father-in-law, mother-in-law, and the man.

Here I am, 'trying' to look chic in my Esther Williams one piece sheath bathing suit. The condos in the background are apparently one million a pop. If you look carefully, you can see that a lot of condos' shutters are pulled down. Many of the residents live there only part-time.
Finally! The sun came out and the clouds went away! Look at that water! Love it!
It felt so nice to get my toes in the warm sand!
Basking in the afternoon sun. Thank goodness for SFP 30!
After our beach visit, me and the family went over to Deerfield Beach's boardwalk and dined at the Patio Bar. I had a crab cake sandwich with fries and a big 'ol margarita! The food was delish and the drink was a perfect way to end an afternoon playing in the sun and sand.
At the end of our meal at the Patio Bar, the family and I went back to the cousin's house and relaxed. I ventured out into the garden again to enjoy the flowers and take pictures. Here is my favorite flower again, the hibiscus! The red hisbiscus is my absolute favorite color/variety!
Another view of the red hibiscus!

Yawner the cat joined me in the garden.
Here I am, checking out the pink hibiscus bush. I am still in my bathing suit from the beach. I was waiting for my turn to shower off.

We spent the rest of the day at the cousin's house. We relaxed, played board games, and had Thanksgiving leftovers on the patio for dinner.

The next few days were spent hanging with family and enjoying the weather.

More pictures to come in Part III!


  1. I bet you were the only hot vintage mama in that playa..beautiful tatt and cool bathing suit.
    mmmm margaritas..was that a pina one?

  2. Gracias, señora linda! I do like my bañador amarillo! It even has opalescent shimmer on it!

    The maragita was actually lime. It was very good! I could of had another but I needed to walk back to my husband's cousin's house! lol

  3. Are the Esther Williams bathing suits supportive?