Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Misty and the Lion Cut

This is my cat lounging a sunbeam on my carpet.  She was talking (meowing) when my husband took this picture.  Nevertheless, like all persian cats, Misty has a thick, cotton-like coat of long, dense fur that requires daily brushing. Due to the heaviness and texture of persians' fur, it is prone to getting severely matted. I am able to groom my cat daily but she gets fussy when I try to brush her belly, chest, and back legs. And it is these areas that get matted the most!

Realizing that my cat was becoming a tangled mess, I decided to call our vet to make an appointment for a "lion cut."  The lion cut is when the vet and/or groomer shaves the cat down to the skin but they leave the lower part of the legs, the lower section of the tail, and entire face intact.  The length of the trimmed hair is like that of a buzz cut.

After employing a few CIA-like tactics to get Misty in her carrier yesterday morning, I drove a very annoyed cat to the vet. I dropped Misty off around 9 am and then went to work.  Later yesterday afternoon, the vet's office called me to let me know Misty was ready to go home and this is my baby, apres-lion cut!
 Isn't she just too cute?! Her little body feels like soft peach fuzz!

Here is an up-close view of her tail:
(Sorry for the water on the floor! I tracked snow in my kitchen) Look at that tail! It is too cute! I can't stand it!!!

I have had family and friends ask me if Misty gets cold, especially in winter, after her haircut. Yes, she can get cold but we leave blankets for her all over the couches and she cuddles in them right away. She also hangs out on top of my husband's computer monitor in his home office. It is very warm. Misty also cuddles under the blankets with us when we go to bed.
(Yes, that is Misty and the man sleeping! I just couldn't resist!)

I feel bad that Misty had her lion cut in winter but she couldn't continue with all those matts in her fur! Despite her close-cropped 'do, I know she is happy to have all those matts gone!


  1. That little fur cut is damn cute!! I love it especially the pom pom tail. hahah

  2. Melzaelf,

    Isn't the lion cut the cutest? The pom pom tail is amazing! My husband gushes over it big time! My brother-in-law told me to knit her a sweater but putting it on her would be a feat of the universe!

  3. I used to have a persian, luckily she was un-fussy about being combed and we never had to resort to a lion-cut. I think she would have been royally upset as she hated the v.e.t.s.

  4. Perdita,

    My cat hates the vet too! She just sees her carrier and throws a huge wobbly and goes mental! It a feat of ages getting her inside! lol! When Misty is in the car, she meows and refuses to look at me. After her appointment and I bring her back home, she is in a major strop for the rest of the day!

  5. aww I always wanted a Wiskas cat..like the commercial .your furball is so adorable..pobresita.