Monday, February 28, 2011

New Running Shoes and Two Atomic Paintings!

I am sorry I have not posted anything in over a week! I have been feeling a bit lazy for some reason. I think it is the weather. It has been cool one day and then somewhat warm the next. Within a two week time frame, there has been rain, wind, sunshine, and even a bit of snow! I, for one, want a major snow event but I think it's not going to happen. March start tomorrow and before we know it, spring will be here.

Nevertheless, I have lots of new ideas for blog topics. I am going to post about vintage repro shapewear and how to do a proper 40s lip. I am also going to talk about my latest sewing adventures. Let me tell you, what a saga that has been!

So, without further ado, I have been painting again. I went to art school and studied Spanish. From makeup, painting to pottery, I love all things art. In the process of decorating my home, I have also been creating a couple of Atomic-era pieces.

Here is one acrylic painting, based on the pattern on the 50s atomic barkcloth runner on my dining room table:
Here is a view of the original print:
One of my favorite blogs is Straight Talking Mama! Fiona is a doll and I LOVE her style! A while back she posted about Retro Renovation. I saw her post and was so inspired:

In honor of this fabulous wallpaper, I created this painting using complimentary colors of blue and orange:

Along with being affected by the weather and painting, I have been running way more! During the dregs of winter, I found myself making excuses not to run/workout. I recently decided 'enough was enough' and now I am back to my 5 days a week/5 miles per run.

In addition, I have been putting off buying new running shoes. The 'cardinal rule' of running shoes is to replace them every 500 miles or every 6 months! I have been so bad! I have not replaced my shoes since August! During my Friday morning run, my left knee began to felt irritated. I realized it was time to buy a new pair. I have found running bliss in Saucony's Pro Guide 2, which is now the 3:
I was so happy to find these shoes on on sale for $76.00USD! I am especially pleased to find these in pink! My previous pair only came in gray/white, green/white, and blue/white. I had the blue/white. I am a sucker for all things pink and I cannot wait for these to arrive!


  1. I love that new art. I see one in my future too. Hum. I better get painting!

  2. Your paintings are really lovely Tara!
    I also prefer "colors" on my runners. My most recent are white and gray Nike's with bright green accents. =)

  3. Thanks, Dollie! I love your kitchen atomic fish painting! Too atomi-tastic!

  4. Thanks, Melzaelf! I also opt for colorful running shoes but lately Saucony has been quite demure. Therefore, I was really pleased with the new color options for the Pro Guide 3!

  5. oooh I love your art! As I have a resident artist (my husband) I feel I should start commissioning pieces by him for our walls!

    I should start running or at least do something more than sitting on the sofa, I am sooo unfit I feel actually ashamed, I used to be superfit as I used to dance 4-5 hours a night 4 nights a week but that's long gone and sadly so has my figure, I feel inspired art & fitness wise!

  6. OMGoodness. The painting are wonderful. WOW...that is all I can say...WOW.

  7. your so darn talented..I cant even draw.
    my fave is the red and orange pintura.

  8. Thank you, Fiona! That is great that your husband is an artist too! Creating vintage, atomic art is a great way to decorate!

    If you love dancing, it is a great way to stay in shape! You can swim, walk, and even go for a bike ride. Dancing is a blast but I do not get to do it often!

  9. Thank you for the kind compliment, DFWgirliegirl!

  10. Muchas gracias, La Dama! When I was in college, I studied Spanish and art. I love acrylic painting but metal sculpture is my favorite medium. I have not done it in years since I no longer have access to the materials and and equipment.