Monday, September 19, 2011

A Little Bit of "Mad Men" in My House

(The above artwork is by New York-based artist, Dyna Moe)

Here is her website:

When "Mad Men" first debuted on AMC in 2007, I didn't watch it. There was a part of me that felt the depiction of the early 60s was "too modern." Moreover, the notion of following the tales of a married, cocksure ad man with a scotch and girl addiction was depressing. However, after my TiVo recorded a few episodes in my "TiVo Suggestions" file, I found myself not only watching them, I was entranced! The interior design, the clothing, and the complex nature of the characters made me love this show! In a sense, I became a "Mad Men" junkie!

Speaking of interior design, I was recently watching a "Season 2" episode of "Mad Men" and I saw this:
This is a screen-shot of Pete and Trudy Campbell's Manhattan apartment. I ADORE the art on the wall! The three canvases look like a bas-relief or woodcuts.

Inspired by these pieces (along with the artwork by Ms. Moe), I decided to create my own depiction using three separate 12x24" canvases coated with acrylic paint.

Before I began my paint/color scheme, I made two stencils with sketch paper and scotch tape. Stencils are a good way to ensure uniformity and accuracy:

Then, I painted the canvases with pale pink and a faux fishnet design using a darker, mid-tone pink. When the paint was dry, I traced the outline of the stencil(s) onto each canvas with lead pencil. I outlined the shapes with a Sharpie Paint Pen in Black and filled them out with black gloss acrylic paint. To finish, I accented the three shapes with white acrylic.

Here is the final look:

And here's the overall creation in my foyer hallway:


  1. As soon as I saw the photo I thought about Pete and Trudy's house.
    You did a great job on these pics & they look great on your wall.

  2. They look fabulous! You are so inventive and clever!

  3. They look fantastic, even better in pink background. que lista eres. they remind me of Egyptian dogs.

  4. That artwork has always been one of my favorite things in the Campbell apartment (besides Trudy's wardrobe ;) And you did an amazing job recreating it! I agree, even better with the pink background!

  5. I think I like your version better! Mad Men is one of my favorite shows. I'll admit that it was the wardrobe and interior design that first got me hooked...not the storyline! But of course, the storyline shortly followed. :)

  6. Agreed! Your version is much better! I love the pink and black!

  7. This looks incredible! Love the pink! Mad Men has hypnotized me, and when I saw that piece of art in the show it struck my eye too!

  8. Nicely done DIY. The (former) office of Mr. Cooper is one of my favorite interiors on the Mad Men series. He's wealthy, of course, so the set designers get a bigger budget for the decor--and the art in his office is nothing short of amazing.

  9. Just saw this now.... amazing! I love this! You inspire me to do more! :D

  10. I realise im very late to this, as i was to mad men haing only jist watched it! But my partner who is so hard to buy pressies for loved these pictures in the show and was always commenting on them. I wondered if youd possibly consider sharing yr stencil design on here for others to print off? I really want to make them but am struggling to get them looking right free hand! Yours look amazing!