Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Vintage Girl's Must-Have: Freddies of Pinewood Dungaree Dolls Review

(So sorry for the blurry photo!)

First and foremost, I want to apologise for my lack of posts as of late! I have been well busy with family issues and work! This summer has been non-stop! I feel very disconnected and 'out of sorts,' but never fear, I am back, gals! Be damned earthquake, Hurricane Irene, work, and cheeky home decor, I am "back with a vengeance!" 

Nevertheless, I would like to share my review of the Freddies of Pinewood Dungaree Dolls overalls! I purchased these directly from their website on 22 July 2011 and on the afternoon of the 29th of July, they arrived in my mailbox and ever since, I have have fallen under their spell! On the weekends, I find myself reaching for these overalls along with my Freddies' "Classic Indigo" jeans. Not only are the jeans and overalls comfortable, their design epitomises proper vintage detailing and style! Moreover, the quality is top notch!

The Dungaree Doll Overalls cost 50 pounds UK or $80.50 USD. Despite the higher price, these overalls are SO worth it! The denim is a heavier weight and the colour is a true dark rinse. The waist is fitted and the pant legs are wide. In addition, the inseam is long enough (at least for my 5ft., 3 in height) to roll up (cuff) twice. Now, most overalls are too baggy and as a result, are not flattering on a feminine shape.  I had a pair of Gap overalls in the early 90s (when I was at university) and I recall looking very shapeless! However, the Dungaree Doll overalls are tapered in the waist and the bib is adjustable (the two shoulder straps both have two button tabs for a proper fit).

If you are unsure of your size, please refer to the size chart listed. The chart is VERY accurate and if you select your size based on the specific measurements listed, you will NOT be disappointed! I am a 27.5 waist, a 36 bust, and 37.5 hip and the 28 size fits me PERFECTLY! The fitting is so perfect it felts like these overalls were individually tailored for me! Many size charts tend to be an estimate (either too big or too small) of size whilst the Freddies of Pinewood chart is spot-on!

When you order a pair of Freddies, you will need to wash them before wearing.  The darker rinse needs special care. Turn the denim inside out and wash in cold water. Tumble dry low and iron as necessary. If you have any light-coloured furniture or clothing, be mindful as the denim may stain. I have not experienced this with my two Freddies items but I have stained my hands (putting them in the front pockets) with a pair of dark-rinse J. Crew capri denim jeans.

So, if you are looking for an authentic 40s/50s denim style, give Freddies of Pinewood a try! Not only does their product line feature an authentic vintage look, their quality and customer service are amazing! 


  1. I love Freddies but have yet to actually buy yet!I always hear good things though.You look darling

  2. Nice to see a great review for Freddies, although I know the guys well I still don't own a pair cos I have lots of vintage pairs left still, but I will do eventually!

  3. I am so gonna order a pair of those for myself (once I get to my target weight). I love dungarees and especially love that these are more fitted. thanks for the review and glad to see you back!

  4. I've been wanting to try a pair of Freddies, but I'm much curvier than their garments (my hips are like 3 sizes bigger than my waist) and I really can't bear to pay that kind of money for pants that will gape hugely at the waist.

  5. You look fab! I own a pair of Freddies jeans & i love them! I can't wear them at present though,being pregnant & i hate having to go back to wearing stretchy ,short crotched modern jeans.After wearing Freddies the modern ones feel awful!Once i've had the baby(& lost the weight i've put on) I definitely want a pair of the overalls.

  6. I love my Freddies but I wish they were better suited for curves, they tend to either gap and the waist or be really tight on my hips (depending on which size I go with).

  7. Thank you for all your wonderful comments, gals! Freddies do have an amazing fit! Moreover, for those of you with curvy frames, you can always get the size that is closer to your hip measurement and then get the waist and shoulder straps tailored to fit!

  8. Que curiosa te ves en tus Freddies, yo estoy mas chaparra con dungarees. a ti se te ven de maravilla.

  9. I have both the dungaree dolls and the new red jeans, I ab. love them, they are soooo becoming and feminine and the fit is perfect for my 32 waist :)
    I highly recommend gals!!!