Monday, September 12, 2011

The Power of Spray Paint, An Eager Glue Gun, and Plastic Rhinestones!

Edited on Tuesday, September 13th: new photos.

While browsing the aisles in my local Target a couple of months ago, I found this black metal starburst mirror for $24.99 USD:
Not only was I was pleasantly surprised that Target would have an item like this in their stores, the price was great! I immediately put the mirror in my cart amongst my Dryel, Duncan Hines Brownie mix, and Purina cat food and I made my way to the register. As soon as I returned home, I armed myself with a hammer and a nail and mounted my new purchase proudly on my foyer wall.

This past weekend, I noticed a void on my west-facing den wall. I had an empty space between two atomic paintings I made this past winter and I realized either a sculpture or a starburst mirror and/or clock would fit perfectly. 

I thought about buying a mid-century starburst clock on Etsy but I decided against it due to the high shipping costs and on because most sellers want a pretty penny!

I then pondered the idea of buying another starburst mirror from Target but I did not want an exact duplicate. Then it 'hit me:' I could create a 'new' mirror with spray paint and some flat-back rhinestones.

I went to Target and bought the same mirror. Then went to my local Michaels Craft store and purchased a can of Krylon metallic gold spray paint for $7.49 USD and a set of assorted colored/shaped flat-back plastic rhinestones for $4.99 USD.

Later that evening, I laid down a few layers of newspaper on my back porch. Then, I covered the mirror surface with painter's tape. I sprayed a two coats (I allowed each coat to dry completely) of the gold paint on both sides of the mirror. Using my hot glue gun, I adhered blue square, round silver, and triangle silver gemstones to the mirror. I let the glue cool, removed the paint tape, and hung the mirror on the wall:

It is amazing what a little spray paint and glue can do! I like the way the mirror turned out! I can so see myself doing this again in another room. It is fun and so easy to do! The possibilities are endless!


  1. That's a great idea. We have a repro starburst clock that needs a revamp, I might try this with it!

  2. Lovely! I spray painted a similar mirror we found that had got a bit battered. It takes pride of place in out sitting room.

  3. That looks fabulous, what a great idea, you are so creative!

  4. OoHhH I love what you did with the mirror.
    Both of them look good but your re-vamp really looks amazing!

  5. Perdita: Thanks for the comment! The gold spray paint is really amazing stuff! Just cover the clock face with painter's tape and spray in light, even coats. The key to an even, shiny finish is allowing each coat to dry totally. I once was too impatient whilst painting a plain wood shelf for my kitchen. I did not wait long enough between my first and second coats and the paint bubbled and rippled. It was ugly! I had to wipe the entire shelf down with paint stripper and start over again!

    Miss Magpie: Thanks! Spray paint is so fun and amazing when it comes to the many ways it can literally transform things! I also love the fact there are so many colors, finishes, and effects like metallic, crackle, and glitter!

    Fiona: Thanks for the compliment! I loved the original mirror but I did not want a duplicate. I chose gold because I have a huge round mirror over my mantle. I almost went with red spray paint but I have too much red in that room due to my curtains, cushions, and ceramics.

    Melzaelf: Thanks! I am tempted to go back and get another and do it a bright silver for my bedroom but I think I want another style. Home Goods stores often have nice starburst mirrors in their stores. I would love a real vintage one but again, the shipping tends to be high and mid-century mirrors/clocks are so expensive because they really have held their value.

  6. Amor,
    te quedo genial, hasta se mira antiguo.

  7. I love it. Just today, I bought this morror and will be on my way to Michael's for a can of metallic gold spray paint! Thanks for posting this! :)