Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Learning to Let Go of My Bettie Bangs

For the last 6+ years, I have had "Bettie bangs."  There was, however, a brief period in 2010 when I tried to grow my bangs out in the hopes of achieving more styling variety.  Alas, my feeble attempts to "stay strong" and resist the charms of Bettie bangs eventually fell victim to my stylist's shears.  Before I could say, "I am trying something new," the Bettie bangs emerged victorious.

Despite my love/hate/love relationship with my bangs, I have decided to grow them out this time, for real.  There will be no wavering!  My mind is made up.   I realize that it's not that I "hate" my Bettie bangs, but I am ready for a change. 

In late July, my stylist, Jesi, cut and shaped my bangs into the beginnings of a side-swept bang.  I want to be able to wear them like this (albeit a little longer):

I also would like the option of rolling my bangs back so I can do styles like this:

As of right now, I can do a reverse roll, although it's small:

In the last 6 weeks that I had my Bettie bangs re-shaped, they are still on the short side.  The side-angle look is becoming more and more evident but I realize I will not have full effect/length until probably the end of the year or later.

In the interim, I have purchased a side-swept bang clip-in from Hairdo on the days I want a side-bang look:
The clip-in is easy to use and is washable.  I shampoo, rinse, and air-dry.  The piece is made with synthetic hair so do not curl with heat or it will melt!

Here is me with the clip-in:

I am excited about the prospect of my bangs growing out!  After 6 years of the "same old, same old," I am looking forward to a new look! 


  1. Love the faux bangs. They look great on you. They don't even look fake.

    I had bangs for a long time too. Having a slightly high forehead, my mother always told me I "needed" bangs. Rubbish. I like my forehead and love wearing my hair in a reverse curl or a side bumper bang. It really is much more versatile to have long bangs. You can always fake Bettie bangs if you have the need.

    1. Thank you for the comments! :)

      When I first took the bangs out the package, it took a few days to get them to lay correctly. Other than that, they clip on like a breeze and look really natural!

      That's funny about your mother saying you needed bangs! My mom hates mine! She is always trying to come at me with a brush!

      I cannot wait for my bangs to grow out. I want to do more styles and like you said, I can always do faux bangs or "bumper" bangs if the mood strikes!

  2. Wow! Those bangs long bangs look so good on you! You definitely need to grow your own bangs out to that length!

    1. Thank you for the comment! :)

      The more I let my bangs grow, the more I am excited for their new shape! I just wish my hair didn't grow so slowly!

  3. I really like those! Suits your face very nicely. I think it's a softer look that frames your face well.

    1. Thank you for your comment! :)

      My sister said almost the exact same thing! She said she loved the "softer look" over my "blunt cut" bangs. I do like bettie bangs but I am so ready for something different!

  4. Goodness, is there any hairstyle/color you cannot pull off? Even fake hair looks fabulous on you! I think longer bangs, once you grow out your own, will provide you with so many styling options; I'm excited to see what you come up with!

    1. Thank you oh so much for your sweet and kind words!! <3

      I love my fake hair pieces! I have a few in my collection that I love and wear to death! I cannot wait for my bangs to grow out!

      When I was at Viva this past March, I saw so many gals with reverse rolls, faux bangs, and side-swept looks that made me green with envy! I do like the convenience of Bettie bangs: I just style and go but I want more variety.

  5. I have been doing the same thing as you. Going back and forth with trying to decide bangs or no bangs. They were getting quite long (Below my eyes) a couple weeks back... *hehehe* I was SURE I was growing them out. BUT... A week and a half back I chopped them again. *HAHAH*
    Eventually I know I will grow them out but most likely they are here until at least 2014. (Maybe in the New Year)

    I love your side swept bangs they look lovely on you. I am excited to see your new hairstyles in the future. =D

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