Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Learning to Let Go of My Bettie Bangs

For the last 6+ years, I have had "Bettie bangs."  There was, however, a brief period in 2010 when I tried to grow my bangs out in the hopes of achieving more styling variety.  Alas, my feeble attempts to "stay strong" and resist the charms of Bettie bangs eventually fell victim to my stylist's shears.  Before I could say, "I am trying something new," the Bettie bangs emerged victorious.

Despite my love/hate/love relationship with my bangs, I have decided to grow them out this time, for real.  There will be no wavering!  My mind is made up.   I realize that it's not that I "hate" my Bettie bangs, but I am ready for a change. 

In late July, my stylist, Jesi, cut and shaped my bangs into the beginnings of a side-swept bang.  I want to be able to wear them like this (albeit a little longer):

I also would like the option of rolling my bangs back so I can do styles like this:

As of right now, I can do a reverse roll, although it's small:

In the last 6 weeks that I had my Bettie bangs re-shaped, they are still on the short side.  The side-angle look is becoming more and more evident but I realize I will not have full effect/length until probably the end of the year or later.

In the interim, I have purchased a side-swept bang clip-in from Hairdo on the days I want a side-bang look:
The clip-in is easy to use and is washable.  I shampoo, rinse, and air-dry.  The piece is made with synthetic hair so do not curl with heat or it will melt!

Here is me with the clip-in:

I am excited about the prospect of my bangs growing out!  After 6 years of the "same old, same old," I am looking forward to a new look!