Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eartthquake in DC

Earlier this afternoon I was working from home and all of a sudden, my tiki bar started to shake. My stem ware was tinking and I thought it was due to a low-flying plane. (I live near Dulles airport).

Within a few seconds, the shaking became more pronounced. My tiki bar became a clamorous mass of clanking dishes and glass. For a few seconds, the shaking was intense. I realized what was going on. This was no plane buzz. It was an earthquake. I ran under a door frame and grabbed on to each side. My husband, who was also working from home, ran up from his office in the basement and told me to go outside. For some reason, I started to cry. I felt weird. Emotional. And no pun intended: shaken up.

As soon as the husband and I got outside, the quake was over. Apparently, it was a 5.9 on the Richter scale. In all of my years living in Virginia, I never thought I would ever experience an earthquake.


After the earthquake stopped, my husband waited a while and then proceeded to check our house for damage. Other than the crack in  the east-facing wall of our tiki room (seen above. Sorry for the blur), everything is fine.

Here is a black and white view of the crack:
I know this crack is new, and therefore caused by the earthquake. I have been decorating the tiki room recently and I know this crack was not there on Sunday when I hung up new prints. I hope this line on the wall is cosmetic and not a structural issue.

Nevertheless, I hope all are well. I am a bit weirded out but I am ok. It is moments like this that make me realize how little control we have in life. I somehow feel more aware of what's important and what is bupkis at the end of the day!

Friday, August 19, 2011

My "Mad Men" Hair Experiment

Last Friday morning, I decided to try a new, never-tried up-do ala "Mad Men." I was inspired by Christina Hendricks' "Joan" look. I wore an early 60s nylon dress, a pair of late 50s black patent heels, and my white and yellow bead, three strand necklace that I bought last summer for 10 bucks.

As for my hair, I watched Ashley from Lisa Freemont Pages Blog do an amazing tutorial on YouTube:


I adore her informative and fun tutorials! I love her blog too! http://lisafremontpages.blogspot.com/

After some trial and error with sectioning and bobby pin placement, I managed to do a somewhat decent style. I used a lot of Sebastian Hairspray and the hair stayed in place all day. 

I would do this style again, especially for special occasions and nights out. I cannot see myself doing it for workdays since I am often rushed in the morning. I need to practice! I would love to know how office gals got ready everyday!

When doing vintage up-dos, what are your tried-and-true-methods?

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Tale of "Where I've Been and the Well-Traveled Road"

This is my cat sleeping on my stairs on a recent hot, sunny afternoon. The "pooped out" look on her face how I feel as of late. Oh, what I would do for a vacation, let alone a day off. Heck, I will even take an afternoon!

While my cat's sluggish repose is due to her 'tedious' schedule filled with appointments with her toys, meetings with the sunbeams, and lunch dates with her food and treats, my exhausted state is due to work, family, and more work. I have not been on a proper vacation for almost two years. In addition, I have not been to the gym since late May. Yes, you read correctly: May. And it's driving me BATTY!! I need to workout but finding the time has nearly been impossible.

Along with my professional responsibilities, I have been driving back and forth to my parent's house (about an hour and a half away) almost every week since early June. My dad has had several doctor visits and due to my aunt's passing in June, my mother has needed my help. Moreover, another aunt passed away nearly two weeks ago. She was in her 70s and was suffering from dementia. Combined with the worry about my dad, my mother has had a rough go of things. I know if anyone needs a break, it's her.

Despite the fever pitch of happenings in my life, I am ok. I just worry about my dad and my mom. They are getting older and I find myself anxious and deeply concerned about with the typical issues that accompany it.

However, my parents are leaving for Europe to visit family in a few days and I know my mom will love the break and being able to visit with her sisters and brother. Moreover, my dad will enjoy playing golf with his nephews and having a round at the pub with my uncles.

As for me, I just want to get back into a workout routine, better sleep, and maybe take a mini-holiday somewhere. I also want to get back into blogging and connect with you all again.

Speaking of blogging, I have have some posts coming up including my new tiki room, a hot roller set review, new makeup finds, a hair flower barette tutorial, and a new giveaway! 

Nevertheless, I hope all are well!