Monday, December 9, 2013

Sparkle, Tara, Sparkle!! My First Whirling Turban!

(Image courtesy of Whirling

For the longest time, I have pined for my very own Whirling Turban dress.  After spending several months browsing the website and then seeing a few of the dresses in person at this year's Viva, my obsession was firmly cemented.  I HAD to have one. A few weeks ago, I decided to 'take the plunge' and finally buy my first dress.  Yes, I said "first."  Anyone who has the honor and privilege of owning a Whirling Turban usually gets another.  Like Lays' brand potato chips, "you just can't have one."

The dress I purchased is a two-piece sarong dress with a detachable strap.  The fabric is a gorgeous blue silver metallic lurex type material that just sparkles and shines.  I have NEVER seen anything like it.  Moreover, the fabric has a lovely weight to it.  It is not too heavy or too thin.  The details are stunning and the measurements are perfect for my body shape.

As soon as the dress arrived, I immediately tried it on.  The fit was incredible.  Even though the dress was expensive, let me tell you, it is SO SO SO worth it!  Talk about an investment!  I can see myself wearing this dress for years and years to come!

I bought the dress for my company's annual holiday party.  The party took place on Saturday, the 7th of December at the Hyatt Regency in Reston, Virginia.  Big Daddy, aka el hub, wore a vintage-style black tuxedo.  I, of course, wore my Whirling Turban dress!  I paired it with vintage rhinestone jewelry, my silver Pollys, and one of my lucite bags.

Here is Big Daddy (isn't he just dreamy?!):

And here is my look:

I had a great time at the party (even though my entree, grilled salmon, was not good)!  I had a couple of vodka tonics and a glass of wine. (Party time!)  Everyone was complimenting my dress!  I felt so amazing!  When the night was over, I was sad to take the dress off and change into my pjs.  Nevertheless, we have a 10-day family cruise coming up over Christmas and I am going to wear my dress again for sure!!

So, for anyone contemplating whether or not to buy a Whirling Turban, all I can say is, do it!!  You will not regret it!  Now, if you decide to buy a dress of your own, please take some advice from me: when selecting your dress, please go on your measurements!  Do not guess!  These dresses are made to fit your body and hug your curves!  If you have any questions regarding fit, please ask!  The people at Whirling Turban are very helpful when it comes to answering questions!  They are quick to answer e-mail and very friendly to do business with.  My overall Whirling Turban experience was above and beyond any expectations! 

I am so happy with my dress, I went ahead and ordered another last night!

Now, I will have two Whirling Turban dresses for my cruise!  Because this cruise is 10 days long, there are four formal nights and you know a girl has to look her best! ;)

Again, if you are considering buying a Whirling Turban,  you must!   The quality, the detailing, the materials, and the customer service are simply wonderful!