Friday, November 19, 2010

Calling All Petite Vintage Girls! 1960s Cream Beaded Sweater Up For Grabs!

Hey gals! I hope all are well on this fall day! Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than a week away? Before we know it, the Holiday season will be here in full force!

Anyway, I posted earlier this week about this cute 1960s, cream beaded sweater. I got it on Etsy only for 13.11 USD. Well, I received it yesterday in the mail and when I tried it on this morning before work, wouldn't you know it? She doesn't fit! Rats!! The major areas of concern were the bust, shoulders, and sleeves. Yet, the waist/torso fit fine. I was so disappointed and felt fat! The is the first time I have bought an item that fit too small. I guess there is a first time for everything.

The listing stated that the sweater was a 36 inch bust. I am a 34 bust so I assumed it would fit. Well, after getting to my office today, I looked at the listing details again and sure enough the mystery was solved: the shoulder-to-shoulder measurement is 14 inches! I am always a 15 inch measurement! No wonder the sweater barely fit!

Since this beauty does not fit me, I am offering it to any vintage gal out there who wants it for 10 dollars, including shipping. E-mail me at if any of you are interested.

So, here are the specifics:
-The sweater is 20.5 inches long.
-It fits a 34 bust, if not a 32 better.
-The shoulder to shoulder measurement is 14 inches.
-The waist will fit a 26/27 inch waist nicely. If you are 28, that is okay but nothing larger.
-The material feels like a soft wool/cashmere blend.
-There are no smells, stains, or yellow underarms.
-It looks and feels barely worn!

I really would like this beaded lovely to have a good, loving home!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Besame Cosmetics Lipstick Update! -Classic Color Lipstick

(Photo courtesy of Besame Cosmetics)

Earlier today, I visited Besame Cosmetics website looking to buy a couple of remaining tubes of the Enchanting Lipstick in 'Red Hot Red.' As some of you may know, Besame Cosmetics discontinued the Enchanting Line. These lipsticks ($15.00 USD) boasted authentic vintage color cased in tiny, yet elegant gold tube adorned with a red floral motif. The packaging alone was pure retro glamour! So, it was to my surprise (and letdown) that the Enchanting Lipsticks are no longer listed on the site. Besame had a few colors still available online a couple of weeks ago but alas, they are now gone.  Nonetheless, Besame has just introduced a new line of lipstick called  "Classic Color Lipstick." It retails for $22.00 USD. You can view them here:

Despite the fact the Enchanting Lipstick was top-notch in texture, color, and longevity, the bullet itself was T-I-N-Y! I will never forget the first time I received my 'Red Hot Red,' 'Exotic Pink,' and 'Besame Red' tubes. I was taken aback at how little they were! I thought, "Was I sent trial sizes by mistake?" Nope.

The Enchanting Lipstick was indeed small but the what it lacked in size, it certainly made up for color intensity and quality!  This lipstick felt like pure silk on my lips and it lasted all day with very few touch-ups. I still have a smidgen of 'Red Hot Red' in the tube. I use a lipbrush to carve out what's left and when the tube is empty, I will display it on my vanity.

A while back, Besame introduced the Voluptuous Lipstick Set (35.00 USD). This set includes a full-size lipstick, matching lip liner, and a chic lip brush. I read reviews stating that even though the colors were the same as the Enchanting line, the formula as thinner and not as pigmented.

Although, the Voluptous set looks promising, I still long for the original Enchanting formula. In my opinion, no other lipstick I have tried comes even close its color palette and creamy, matte texture!

After considering several online reviews and my own experience, I decided to contact Besame directly and my call was immediately answered by a lovely, kind, and informative gentleman by the name of Fergus. He graciously answered all my questions and even offered me a chance to speak with Besame founder, Gabriela Hernandez! I wanted to talk to her so badly but I was at work and had a meeting in 5 minutes. Rats! However, Fergus told me that if I wanted to e-mail a request to talk to Gabriela, I could. Awesome!

Nevertheless, Fergus gave me a wealth of information regarding the new Classic Color lipstick! The lipsticks will debut in the first or second week of December 2010. (They are only available for pre-order right now) The Classic Color lipstick bullet will be 3.5 grams and therefore larger than the original. Fergus stated, "They will be only slightly smaller than standard lipsticks." The Classic lipstick colors will be the same as the Enchanting colors. However, I do not see Exotic Pink listed on their website. I had Exotic Pink and I loved it when I had black hair!

Not only will these new lipsticks be bigger, they will also be paraben-free. I learned that due to the demand from US customers, the lipsticks were made larger. Fergus stated that many people thought the tubes were like "minis or sample sizes." As I mentioned previously, I ,too, thought the same thing. But the lipstick was vintage-fabulous and color was perfection.

I cannot wait for the Classic Colors to come out! I will buy my two tubes of 'Red Hot Red' as soon as they are available! I look forward to the bigger size and putting that luscious color on my lips once again!

Poll of the Day- What Is The One Makeup Item You CANNOT Live Without?

So, I have a question for you gals! Of all the makeup you have, what is the ONE item you cannot be without?

I, for one, cannot live without vintage red lipstick! I have to have my brows tinted and mascara on at all times but if I had to pick one thing, I would be lipstick hands-down.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Etsy Deal of the Day!-50s Deadstock Dress for Only 43.40 USD!

Hey vintage gals, check this beauty I found on Etsy today! It is an unworn, 1950s, early 60s cotton plaid dress! I love the collar! It was on sale for $43.40 USD! I was trying to be good but yet again, I saw "sale" and "deadstock" and went all ga-ga! I am SO WEAK!

I think the husband needs to block Etsy, Dandelion Vintage, eBay, MAC Cosmetics, and Sephora!

Anyway, the dress was deadstock and on sale! What can I say? :)

Have you gals found any gems lately yourselves?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Need Sewing Advice! Badly! Hemming Circle Skirt

This weekend I went to my local fabric store and bought 4 and 5/8 yards of purple plaid cotton fabric and a circle skirt pattern. Now that the easy part was over, I knew it would only get more difficult!

Even though I have had a Singer sewing machine for about 6 years, I was too afraid to use it until late this summer. I started out with pillow covers, tablecloths, table runners, and basic curtains. All went okay. I had a few 'bumps in the road,' but overall, I fared well.

Now that I have grown more accustomed to using my machine, I decided to venture into clothing. I decided on a very simple circle skirt design. The skirt pattern was easy to cut out and the sides were easy to sew. Come to think of it, even the waistband was easy! But I had to stop making this skirt because I realized I may be in over my head! It was the dang hem! The hem is circular, hence the "circle" in skirt, therefore I am unable to make a normal hem.  If I do a straight hem, the edges are going to look warped.

After trying to research the "best avenues of approach," I found myself even more bewildered! Some sites suggest bias tape, rolled hems, roll foot presser feet, grosgrain ribbon, etc. I am SO confused! I have no idea how to finish this skirt.

So, if any vintage-loving seamstress out there can help me out, I would be forever in her debt! Any suggestions would be so so appreciated!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Expensive Does Not Necessarily Mean Better!-My Never-Ending Quest For The Perfect Red Lipstick

So, a while back, I posted a question asking "how much is too much when it comes to buying makeup?" Well, the other day while out at Neiman Marcus, I learned that not only is spending too much silly, it also does not guarantee good quality!

Take for example, the now-famous Tom Ford Private Blend Lipsticks. These lipsticks cost 45.oo USD and boast rich color payoff and a luxurious texture housed in a posh white and gold case. Even though I have found perfection in Make Up For Ever's Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks (19.00 USD) and MAC's Pro Longwear Lipcreme (14.50 USD), I felt compelled to try the Tom Ford shade in Cherry Lush. Cherry Lush is a bright, true vintage red with a strong pink undertone.

The sales associate working at the counter raved about the lipstick and how the intensely pigment was paired perfectly with emollient comfort that lasted for hours.  After she sanitized the tester, I excited swiped a healthy slash of color on my lips. For 45 dollars, I was expecting the 'holy grail' of lipstick. You know, the lipstick what would put all others of out commission? Well, the color was indeed glorious. The red hue reminded me of maraschino cherries, dripping wet with wanton sexy abandon. But something was off. It was the texture!  It was like butter and not in a good, Mike Myers as Linda Richman/Coffee Talk way.  I felt like it was literally putting Land-O-Lakes Whipped butter on my mouth! I am all for intense creamy color but this was ridiculous!

I politely told the sales associate that I would walk around and test it out. She said "sure!" and I snuck out of the store. As I got back in my car, I looked in my mirror and noticed that the lipstick after 10 minutes of wear, was starting to bleed. Not good. I promptly wiped the lipstick off and put my MAC Lipcreme in Prolong back on. Whew.

So, maybe in some cases expensive is better. I have found this to be true for shoes, foundation, and eyeshadow. As for cheaper being better, MAC and Make Up For Ever fit the bill wonderfully (for the most part).

In the end, I think finding the perfect shade and/or formula depends on testing or trying before buying. I tried to like the cheap Revlon reds but they do not work for me. They either slide off (Super Lustrous) or dry my lips horribly (Revlon matte). I have also tried the expensive Hourglass Femme Rouge (too wet) and Guerlain (bad taste, yucky texture and poor shade range). Based on my experience with the Tom Ford lipstick, unless the lipstick can REALLY wow me in color intensity, longevity, formula, and comfort, I do not see myself being able to justify buying it.

What do you think, girls?

Latest Etsy Purchases

Even though I am trying to cut back on my spending, I still find myself buying vintage clothing on Etsy! Darn my vintage lust! I try to be good!  But what can I say? I needed some new winter skirts and a new set of Pjs. So, here are the latest buys from late last month and early this month!

I bought these unworn, never-opened vintage 50s light-weight cotton pajamas for $22.00 USD! I love how they are still in their original packaging! I have not gotten these yet! I cannot wait for them to arrive! I need these since I am traveling to Boca Raton, Florida for Thanksgiving and the weather will be warm and most of my pajamas are flannel.

I just HAD to get this beauty! It is a vintage, early 60s eggshell-colored beaded sweater that got for $13.11 USD! I can see this going with so many things from pencil skirts, circle skirts, and pants!

This late 50s wool skirt fits like a dream! I got it for $36.00 USD and it's in pristine condition! It looks great with cardigans, turtleneck sweaters, or blouses.

Even though this skirt fits a little big, I had to have it! This vintage 1950s wool skirt has a great geometric plaid print! It is a study wool and perfect for winter! I paid $22.99 USD. It looks fabulous with white, cream, red, and black!

This red, green, and black plaid skirt from the 50s is thick and heavy! I am so warm in this! Despite its weight, it hangs nicely when worn. I wore it on Election day with a black turtleneck from Forever 21. I paid just $18.00 USD! Love!

So, what have you girls bought lately? Please share!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Weekend In Richmond!

This past weekend, I went "home" to Richmond, Virginia to celebrate my best friend's big 35th birthday! Sunny and I have been "BFFs" since we were in 8th grade! Sunny recently moved back to Richmond and I live in Northern Virginia which is about 80 minutes away. We are lucky to live close enough for a drive in the car, but I wish we lived closer!

Here is a picture from 1991 of Sunny and I with our good friend Angie! We were in 11th grade and 16 years old! Sunny and I decided to go to a school dance together! We had no dates but we wanted to go anyway! Basically, we just wanted an excuse to dress up! I am a wearing a black crepe J. Crew dress that I borrowed from my sister. Sunny is wearing a black velvet, 1950s vintage cocktail dress! I was so jealous!

Nevertheless, Sunny's birthday was actually Thursday. Due to work, we postponed our girls' night out to Saturday evening. After shopping with my sister and nephew, I drove down to Richmond and stayed at my parents' empty house (Mom and Dad were in Europe for two months until this past Monday). When I arrived at the house, Sunny was there waiting for me and after going inside the house to turn on the heat (the thermostat was still on"Cool!"), we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant, Yen Ching. Yen Ching has been a Richmond institution since the 80s! Their food has always been consistently amazing!

We started our dinner out with two Mai Tais (Sorry for the flash! The drink umbrella is actually a bright pink):

Our drinks were so good! We could have had more but we just had one! I had to drive!

Then our food order arrived! We had kung pao scallops, Hunan shrimp, and shrimp fried rice:
After stuffing ourselves, we went back to my parents' house and got cozy. We kicked off our shoes, opened a bottle of champagne, and talked about the old days! My parents did not have an ice bucket so I used my mom's copper-bottom pot!

Here is me 'trying' to look cool with my champagne flute! Dork Alert!
Here is Sunny and I after our toast (Sorry for the blur!):
After hanging out all night drinking champagne and eating red velvet cake, Sunny and I went to bed around 1 a.m. We woke up the next morning and had bagels and hot tea. I cleaned up my parents' house and Sunny turned my parents' natural gas hot water heater back on. I was too chicken to turn it back on! Machinery scares me!

Sunny left around noon and before I went back to Northern Virginia, I drove into the city and went to Carytown to shop at an amazing vintage store, Bygones. After buying a black 60s nylon sweater, a 50s black pencil skirt, and some stockings, I drove down Monument Avenue. Monument Avenue is a Richmond landmark that was built to honor the city's Civil War Confederacy. Statues of J.E.B. Stuart and Stonewall Jackson tower majestically over the wide, brick-lined road:
When I realized the sun was going down (darn that daylight savings time ending!), I got on Interstate 95 North and drove home.

Overall, it was a great weekend! I am so glad that I got to visit with my best friend and celebrate her 35th! I hope we can do it again soon!

Outfit Post

I have not done an "outfit post" in a while so I thought I would share my Friday workday look with you all!

It was actually cold here in the DC Metro Region last week (highs in the low 50s) so I wore lots of wool skirts and cardigans. I love cold weather and I hope this winter brings lots of snow too!

This past Friday I wore my vintage 50s red cardigan paired with a vintage 50s wool skirt. Both the cardigan and the skirt were bought off Etsy. I love the print of the skirt! It is like a modern, geometric-like plaid. I am also wearing a pair of black Spanx tights and my vintage 50s saddle shoes. I was going to wear a pair of white bobby socks but it was too cold for bare legs!

My coat is from Banana Republic and I got it 5 years ago. I love the charcoal color. I used to have a nice black wool, double-breasted coat but the black picked up every lint, cat hair, Tara hair, and fuzzy bits! I was constantly using the fabric roller! With a color like charcoal, I can look polished without looking like I rolled around in my dryer's lint trap.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Colorado on the Brain

It has been a long week. I have been super busy with projects at work, my best friend's husband (who was travelling for his new job) stayed two nights at my house (without giving me hardly any warning), I hosted my brother-in-law last night for dinner, I have to go to Richmond this weekend to get groceries for my parents' house (they have been in Europe for two months), and then on Monday, I have to take a day off work and pick up my parents at the airport. I know I am whining, but I am tired. I have not had a real break since late January.

It is crazy times like these that make me long for snow-capped, steel gray peaks dotted with lush green pines. I would do anything to smell the fresh, brisk air that tingles my skin. I want to close my eyes and sense the stillness and calm of the Colorado High Country. Just for a moment, I visualize myself skiing down Lower American on Peak 9. The skies are crisp and blue. The wind kicks up puffs of champagne snow and the mountaintops appear to be steaming against the backdrop of the electric blue sky. My skis leave gentle tracks in the opalescent snow that glitters in the bright afternoon sunlight and all is well with the world.

What is it about the High Country that intoxicates my soul? It is the beauty of the landscape? It is the laid-back nature of the local populous? Or, it is the placid energy that permeates everything from the trees, the snowfall to the mood of the residents. I am not sure. 

What I do know is that when I am in Colorado, I am a different girl. I am happier, calmer, and more peaceful. I tend to forget about long, traffic-clogged commutes. I ignore my tendency to worry. I let go of my usual anxieties and I just smile. I simply love being there. It feeds my spirit and fills my heart with joy. In Colorado, I am truly complete. It is my nirvana.

Here in the DC Metro Region, I tend to get cranky, stressed out, and tired. Just the other day, my good mood was ripped away when a rude SUV driver took it upon herself to drive like a maniac in a grocery store parking lot and then have the audacity to honk and flip me off! I was slowly pulling out of a parking space and then and all of sudden, this woman turned wildly into the lot and slammed on the brakes.  Let me tell you, she SLAMMED on the brakes. For a split second, I was sure she was going to hit me. Nevertheless, the SUV brat honked and flipped me off. I was floored. I wanted to call her a b*tch but I simply shook my head and said, "Wow." SUV brat angrily scowled and drove off like a madwoman. I admit there was a part of me that wanted to find her car and key it but I took a deep breath and let it go. I mean, it is just food shopping! It is not like the panzers are coming! Moreover, if I ever vandalized someone's car, aren't I no better than them? I have never road-raged and I do not plan to start! It is not worth it! Besides, whenever someone honks at me or acts rude, I actually feel rattled. My heart pounds and I get nervous. I hate conflict. Period.

Living in the DC Metro, there always seems to be bad drivers, rudeness, stressful situations, overcrowded stores, and traffic. I know DC is not special. There are many cities that have all of these characteristics. I think my perspective stems from me living here too long. I am over this place. If someone told me that I could move to Colorado tonight, I would rush home and pack up everything, get the cat, get the man, and head west!

One day, more than likely in the next couple of years, the husband and I will move to Colorado. It is not a matter of "if" but "when." Both of us want out of the DC area badly. We just need to get our business in order, get the house ready for the market, and have a viable moving plan. He and I actually looked at several High Country homes a couple of years ago and we were greatly inspired to make our moving dreams reality.

Until I live in Colorado, I have to focus on the positive and "keep my eye on the prize." I need to start saving money and cut back on my vintage purchases. I also need to take a deep breath and remind myself that all of this is temporary. The husband and I will be there soon enough.

(Above is an acrylic painting I did depicting North Main Street in Breckenridge, Colorado. I know it's not that great, but it hangs in my office and it reminds me that everything will be fine.)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Updated Odds and Ends in the Kitchen

I have been trying to "take it easy" with spending money and/or updating the house since the holiday season is coming up. However, I have made a few (cheap!) additions to the kitchen that I thought I would share with you all!

The above photo shows my handmade kitchen curtains and three hanging starbursts! The shiny, aqua blue starbursts are actually Christmas ornaments that I found at Michael's Crafts for $2.99 USD each! The aqua color pairs nicely with the blues in the kitchen.

While at Michael's, I bought another sheet of atomic rub-on transfers. I also bought the square white ceramic vase on the right. I simply put some transfers on it to jazz it up! I also put a transfer on my Fiestaware pitcher. I know it looks faint but it kind of blends in due to the vibrant blue glaze.

Here is a potholder I made using a remnant of Circa 50 fabric in "Space" and a yard of 5/8 inch wide teal blue velvet ribbon. I bought a yard of the fabric on Etsy a while back. I made a tablecloth out of it for my kitchen table about a month ago or so.

Here is an upclose look at the potholder:

I also ordered a fat quarter of the Circa 50 "Starbursts" fabric (matches my kitchen curtains) last week. I am going to make decorative tea towels to hang off my stove.

I think my kitchen is pretty much finished. I would like to update my guest bathroom and powder room but I think I will wait until the holidays are over.

There is so much I want to do in my house but I need to be patient! You should see my favorites list on Etsy right now! It is so hard to "be good!"

New (and Improved) Red Hair Color!

After voting yesterday, I went to see my stylist to update my hair color.  My previous color was a cooler-toned red. Like all reds, the color began to fade after a few weeks and in an effort to refresh it myself, I used a blend of Special Effects Devilish and Aveda Madder Root color shampoo. As I stated in a previous post, the end result was less than stellar. Actually, it was hideous! My hair, especially my once-blond highlights, turned a candy apple, pink based red! I did everything from dish soap, clarifying shampoo, to using VO5 Hot Oil treatments. I able to get rid of most of the pink myself and Corry covered the rest using a warm-based, golden red color.  I am really happy with the outcome!

 Here is a closer view of my hair:

 My skin is very pink-toned and the cool-based red made my skin look more ruddy. The warmer gold hue evens out my skintone nicely. So, anyone with cool tone skin (ie blue and pinks) should stick to warmer colors to balance their complexion.

Not only have I realized that I need to stick to warmer reds in the future, I also learned that I should not "take matters into my own hands" by applying incorrect color blends at home! I should have known that the once-blond sections of my hair (being the most porous) would soak up the pink tones in the Devilish red! However, if my hair was notpreviously highlighted, I would have been okay.

Moreover, I discovered that a beauty store in my local mall that still has a few Artec Color shampoos and conditioners in stock! The Artec line was discontinued a while back so I was pleased as punch I that was able to find a big bottle of both the Ginger Root shampoo and conditioner! The Ginger Root is a PERFECT match for my hair color! I use it twice a week to maintain color intensity.

I did not get my hair cut yesterday. I had been getting regular trims (every 6 weeks) to upgrade my Middy (Baby, Middy, Middy Plus, etc) and now my longest length is 6 inches, the sides are 5 inches, and the length by the ears is 4 inches. When I get my hair retouched in December, I will get a trim to maintain my Middy while it grows out. I would love to have enough length to do a ponytail on lazy days.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Go Vote!

Today is Election Day here in the US (what's left of it)! If you have not gone out and voted yet, please do so! I was able to vote after having lunch with my family and then it was off to the salon to have my hair fixed! (It looks so much better! The pink is gone!)

Anyway, the very first election I was able to vote in took place exactly 17 years ago today! I was a freshman in college and I voted absentee since I was away at school on election day. I picked up the absentee form for my local area when I went home for Fall break. I filled it out and mailed it in right away! The Virginia election was for the governor race that year. I was so excited to finally be able to participate!

So, regardless of your political leanings, go out and make your vote count!