Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Basic Nude Eye Look for Daytime

In honor of the fast-approaching Viva Las Vegas 14, I would like to present a nude eye tutorial. The first three eye tutorials were bright, intensely-hued, glittery looks appropriate for evening. This one, however, is a simple look that would be great for day.  In the 40s and 50s, day makeup was basic. The eyes were left understated and the focus was on defined brows, black glossy lashes, rougey cheeks, and a strong red lip. However, in the evening, ladies often wore shades of blue, green, gray, or lavender on eyes.

Moreover, if you want to keep this look 'low-key' but want to 'kick it up a notch,' you can add a black cat wing eyeliner on the top lashline.

Here is me before makeup this morning. Eugh! I need to get some makeup on my face quickly!
To start, I applied Nars Pro-Prime Smudge-Proof Eyeshadow Base on my entire eyelid to brow bone and on my lower lid, I applied my own blend of MAC Paint Pots in Soft Ochre and Painterly:
 Then, I applied MAC shadow in Orb (a pale matte vanilla custard) using a MAC 213 brush. On my crease, I applied MAC's Omega shadow (a soft, matte cork brown) using a MAC 230 brush. I then applied MAC Vanilla shadow (a satiny pale vanilla ice cream shade with hint of shimmer) on my brow bone using a 217 brush. To finish, I curled my lashes with my She Uemura curler and coated lashes with MAC Opulash in Bad, Bad, Black.
Orb is the second shadow in the top row. Omega is the last shadow in the second row and Vanilla is the first shadow in the first row.
From left to right: MAC 213, MAC 230, and MAC 217.
Here is an upclose view. Sorry for the odd 'tawniness' under my eyes. My camera phone was casting a shadow.

My next and final tutorial will feature a silver and silver glitter look. Tomorrow will mark exactly three weeks until Viva! Hope to see you all soon!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Pink and Purple Eye Look with Opal Pink Glitter!

In continuance of my Viva Las Vegas evening/dance eye makeup series, today I present to you a third shadow look using purple, pink, and white opal pink microglitter. On my lips, I am again wearing Make Up For Ever's Rouge Artist Intense Satin Lipstick in #45 (a blue-based, cool-toned, cherry red).

Here are the brushes/tools I used:
From left to right: MAC 213, MAC 242, MAC 230, MAC 217, MAC 214, MAC 227, MAC 223, and my Shu Uemura eyelash curler.

 The above picture shows some of the products used. From top to bottom: Nars Pro-Prime Smudge-Proof Eyeshadow Base, Chanel Automatic Liquid Eyeliner in Black, MAC Opulash Mascara in Bad, Bad, Black, MAC Pro Chromagraphic Pencil in Rich Purple, MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study, MAC Pro Eyeliner Mixing Medium, and Trish McEvoy Shadow Transformer Liquid.

Here are the shadows:
From left to right: MAC Pro shadow in India Ink, MAC Crystal, MAC Pink Freeze, and MAC Crystal Avalanche.

I also used MAC's Stars n' Rockets:
 And MAC's shadow in Yogurt:
And here is MAC Pro's Reflects Transparent Pink:
 Here is a swatch detailing the Chromagraphic Pencil's color:
To start, I applied the Nars Eyeshadow primer on my entire eyelid, ie from lashes to brow bone. I dampened my MAC 213 brush with Trish McEvoy's Shadow Transformer and then dipped the brush onto Stars n Rockets shadow. I applied the shadow on my lower eyelids. The shadow transformer makes sheer shadows more intense. If you do not have a shadow transformer liquid, Visine works wonders too!

Using a MAC 230 brush, I applied MAC's India Ink (a deep, matte cool-toned purple) onto my crease and then applied a light wash of MAC shadow in Crystal on top with a MAC 217 brush. To make the crease shadow look extra smooth, I blended it with a MAC 227 brush.

On my brow bone, I applied a blend of MAC shadows in Crystal Avalanche and Yogurt. I did a thinner version of cat eye liner using the Chanel liquid liner. I did not want to create a thicker line because I wanted to properly showcase the glitter.

In order to properly adhere the glitter to my lower lids, I mixed a tiny dot of MAC Pro Eyeliner Mixing Medium (a clear gel) with the MAC Pro glitter on the back of my hand and I put it on my lower lids using a MAC 242 brush. On my lower lids, I applied the Chromagraphic pencil in Rich Purple. To set the liner and make it look less stark, I applied a light amount of Stars n Rockets using a MAC 214 brush.  On the corners of my inner eyes, I applied a touch of MAC Pink Freeze shadow (a frosty light pink) as a highlight. To finish, I curled lashes using my curler and then coated both sets of lashes with MAC Opulash Mascara.

Here is a detail view:
And another:
Interesting note, MAC's Stars n Rockets shadow looks pink in the shadow pan but in certain flashes of light and when photographed, the shadow looks lilac or lavender in tone.

I took another picture under the natural light in my kitchen and the pink tones are more evident:

I have been enjoying the creation of this eye looks and I have really been enjoying your feedback and comments! I hope you all like this latest one!

My next look is going to be a silver look with silver glitter! Viva is almost three weeks away and I am starting to get really jazzed!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blue and Charcoal Eye Look- "Enchantment Under the Sea"

Because VLV 14 is fast-approaching, I am going to post a series of evening/party makeup tutorials. Yesterday,  I featured a gold-toned, glitter look and today I did a bright blue and charcoal look.

During VLV, I plan to wear my 1950s emerald green, circle party dress. My dress' color is a blue-toned green therefore I created a cool-toned eyeshadow look to match.

Here are the products and MAC brushes I used:
Here is a breakdown of products:
-Nars Pro-Prime Smudge-Proof Eyeshadow Base
-MAC Paint Pot in Rollickin'
-MAC Pro Eyeshadow in Electric Eel
-MAC Eyeshadow in Print
-MAC Eyeshadow in a blend of Vanilla and Crystal Avalanche
-MAC Liquidlast Liner in Point Black
-Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Electric
-MAC Opulash Mascara in Bad, Bad, Black

Here is an upclose view of Rollickin (a sea-foam, blue-green pearl)':

I started this look by applying Nars eyeshadow primer from upper lash line to brow bone. Then, I applied MAC's Paint Pot in "Rollickin" to my lower lids using MAC's brush in 242. I then applied MAC's Electric Eel shadow to the lower lids using a MAC 213 brush. On my crease, I put on MAC's shadow in Print using a MAC 230 brush.

On my browbone, I applied a blend of MAC Vanilla and Crystal Avalanche shadows with a MAC 217 brush.  I then put on MAC Liquidlast liner to my upper lash line and applied Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Electric on my lower lash line. To complete the look, I applied MAC Opulash Mascara on both sets of lashes.
On my lips, I am wearing Make Up For Ever's "Rouge Artist Intense" Lipstick in Satin #45 (a cool-toned cherry red) and MAC Lip Pencil in Cherry.

The next eyeshadow look I plan to do is a pink/purple-toned look. I cannot wait!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Glittery Eye Look for VLV!

While doing laundry  and tidying the house (notice the basket of dirty clothes in the background? lol) on this chilly Saturday afternoon, I decided to take some time out and create a glittery eye look (good for VLV or any night out). Since VLV 14 is less than a month away, I have begun planning my clothing list and organizing my makeup kit.

Since the evening attire at Viva is centered around party dresses, glitzy jewelry/accessories, and fancy hair, your makeup should reflect your party look.

Today's look has cat wing liner, soft, beige-gold glitter, smoky shadow, and pale gold eyeliner.  Here are the products used:

To start, I applied Nars Pro-Prime Smudge-Proof Eyeshadow Base on my entire eye lid (from upper lashline to brow bone). Then using the pale blue palette knife, I blended MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque and Ben Nye Fireworks cream shadow in F1. I brushed the mix on my lower lids using a MAC 242 brush.

Using a MAC 213 brush, I put on Satin Sheets eyeshadow from Too Faced Cosmetics' "Naked Eye" kit on my lower lids. On my crease, I applied "Like a Virgin" (seen above) and my browbone, I put on "In the Buff."

Using MAC's Liquidlast Liner in Point Black, I did a cat wing liner with MAC's 208 brush. With Urban Decay's "Heavy Metal" Glitter Eye Liner in "Midnight Cowboy" on my lower lids. Since the glitter is suspended in a clear gel, it tends to dry a bit slow so I used my hairdryer on 'low' to set it properly.

On my lower lash line, I applied Make Up For Ever's Aqua Eyes Liner in 9L. To set the liner, I applied the "Satin Sheets" eyeshadow using a MAC 214 brush.

To finish, I applied MAC's Opulash Mascara in "Bad, Bad, Black."

Here is an upclose view:
And another:
I really love this glitter because it stays on and does not flake at all! It will stay on all night, even through hours of dancing! MAC's Liquidlast is also a wonderful product! The liner will not smudge, flake, or cause 'raccoon eyes!' To remove both, cold cream or an oil-based eye makeup remover works wonders!

I will be doing a few more eye looks before VLV starts. I plan to wear 1950s, emerald green party dress and I think a blue-green shadow look would be fun!

So, when it comes to nights out, what makeup looks do you like?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

VLV Trip Planning Finally Done!

Today, the man and I finally completed our Viva Las Vegas vacation details! We will be flying out of Dulles on the 20th and return on the 25th! We will also be staying at the Venetian! I have been to Vegas three times and I have stayed at the Tropicana, Caesars, and the JW Marriott in Summerlin. I have visited the Venetian during each visit but I have never stayed there as a guest! I am so excited!!!

I am looking forward to shopping at the Canal Shoppes and having a margarita paired with some amazing guacamole at Taqueria Canonita!

Part of me is a little disappointed that I am not staying at the Orleans (where Viva is being held) but that is okay. I am looking forward to all the wonders Vegas offers and the Rockabilly fun that is Viva! I also hope to meet other vintage bloggers! We really need to plan a meet up for sure!

With less than a month left before Viva, all I need to do is pack, get my party dresses dry-cleaned, get my hair done, get the brows done, and do the nails with a fresh coat of CND Shellac!

Hope to see you there!!

Goodbye, Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011)

As I was making breakfast this morning for the man and I, I turned on the news and saw that Dame Elizabeth Taylor had died. She was 79.

When I was a little girl, I saw the 1944 classic, "National Velvet" and instantly felt mesmerized by Elizabeth's passion, beauty, and feisty spirit.

I recall a lazy, rainy Sunday afternoon in my freshman year of college I spent watching "Cleopatra" (1963). The movie was a sweeping epic that involved elaborate costumes, thousands of extras, and lavish sets. The sexual tension between Elizabeth and Richard Burton was so amazing it was practically palatable!

Throughout the years as Elizabeth got older, she took on meaty/ tough roles like Martha "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" and became a favorite subject of the paparazzi.

Along with Elizabeth's personal life and cinematic work, she was also an avid spokeswoman for the fight against AIDS. Elizabeth was one of the forerunners of the movement who highlighted the need for support, understanding, and funding for AIDS research.

In the announcement of her death, newscasters stated that Elizabeth was one of the last of the "golden era of Hollywood." Elizabeth Taylor was the epitome of the glamour and glitz that was the real, original Hollywood starlet. May she live on in every woman who blazes her own trail, refuses to back down, and looks damn good doing it!

We will miss you, Dame Elizabeth! Thank you and farewell.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Sunny Saturday Afternoon and Outfit Post

On this lazy, sunny Saturday afternoon, the man, the cat (seen above lounging in a sunbeam), and I are enjoying the 61 degree temperatures. Yesterday was 79 degrees! But tomorrow is going to be 53 degrees and then rain next week. You just gotta love the 'yo-yo' weather that is spring! I am ready for warmer days but I just have to survive the ever-increasing pollen count! For example, the local count for the DC area on Wednesday was in the 'moderate
range and by yesterday afternoon, it was in the 'high' category!

This is a looking-upwards view of a tree in my front yard. Despite the beauty of trees in bloom, my allergies are going haywire! I finally went to the doctor on Thursday and got a shot and a prescription for methylprednisolone.
Even though I feel so much better than I did earlier this week, I am still sneezing and my eyes are still a bit itchy! However, by this coming Wednesday (ie when I finish my prescription) I should be back to normal. I am looking forward to running outdoors again! The treadmill is boring!

So, today the man and I decided to treat ourselves and order Domino's pizza and I so sorry we did! It was dismal. I do not eat pizza often so I was really disappointed. Nevertheless, we each had one piece and then threw the rest out. I then made a cup of ginger tea with honey to calm the icky feeling in my belly.
After my tea, I tidied the house and checked on my hibiscus that I left outside all day yesterday and overnight. My poor plant has been indoors all winter and I wanted to give 'her' some direct sunlight and fresh air. I think 'she' looks happy!
When I got home after work on Thursday, I opened my mailbox and saw that my new Freddies of Pinewood jeans arrived! I bought them from a seller on ebay. They were 45.00 USD and they arrived super fast! I had to order the 30 waist since the 28 were out of stock. The 26 waist would have fit but due to my 'ample posterior,' the 34 inch hips would have been waaay to small. I wish the jeans came in 26 waist and 37 hips and I would be set!

In an effort to shrink the jeans to fit, I washed them three times in hot water and then put them in the dryer. After washing and drying, my Freddies are still a bit big in the waist and seat. I wonder if I can have them taken in at my local tailor. What do you think, seamstresses?

So, here is me outside earlier this afternoon in my Freddies:
 Outfit Breakdown:
-Freddies of Pinewood Jeans
-Black and white checkered short-sleeve cotton button-down from H&M
-Black wool blend cropped 50s cardigan bought from Bygones Vintage in Richmond, Virginia.
-Red canvas belt made by me.
-1950s black and white saddle shoes.
-1950s brown and yellow American Optical Sunglasses
-Vintage red carved bakelite screw-back earrings
-Modern-made red rhinestone and oxidized metal butterfly brooch (gift from my mother-in-law)
Here is an upclose view. There is that tired, allergy-tinged face again! I am wearing my new Julie Hewett Rouge Noir lipstick. My hair is in rolls. I can finally notice that my hair starting to get longer. Instead of getting trims every 6 weeks, I have been getting them at every 12. I would my hair long enough to do more styles, especially a proper 40s up-do!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Julie Hewett Lipstick "Rouge Noir" Review!

In early February, I visited my hometown of Richmond, Virginia for a few days. During my visit, I went to Carytown on a chilly afternoon. After buying a few vintage goodies at Bygones Vintage Clothing, I spotted Le Visage Makeup Studio and decided to check it out.
As some of you may know, I am a sucker for all things makeup, especially lipstick! Le Visage is a cosmetic boutique that specializes in small, niche brands like Julie Hewett Los Angeles. Julie Hewett was the head makeup artist for the film "Pearl Harbor." During production, Julie realized the modern lipstick shades in her kit were unable to adequately recreate the vibrant lipstick colors of the 1940s.  So, Julie created her own shades and thus, the Noir Collection was born! The Noir Collection ($22.50 USD each) contains five shades of highly-pigmented red tones ranging from burgundy, crimson, pink-red, warm red, coral red to frosty nude.

While browsing in the shop, I spotted the Julie Hewett display and I instantly fell in LOVE with Femme Noir (a pink-based red) and Rouge Noir (a warm-based red).  The vivid colors and the elegant gold tubes just screamed "vintage!" I tried on each and wanted to buy both of them! However, only the Femme Noir was available and the Rouge Noir was out of stock. I bought Femme Noir and was put on the wait list for the Rouge lipstick.

If you want to read my Femme Noir review, click here:
So, after waiting for over a month, Le Visage Makeup Studio called me last week to notify me that Rouge Noir was finally in stock! They mailed lipstick to me (and did not charge me addition for shipping) and it arrived yesterday! Rouge Noir is a beautiful warm, vibrant red. All you need is one swipe on each lip for fully opaque, saturated color.
 I think the color is very similar to Besame Cosmetics' Classic Color Lipstick in "Red Hot Red." The tone is tomato-based and Jordana's lip pencil in "Sedona Red" matches perfectly!

Here is a swatch on the back of my right hand:
Here are side-by-side swatches of Rouge Noir and Femme Noir:
Notice how warm Rouge Noir (the left) looks compared to Femme Noir on the right?

Here I am, in my bathroom, wearing Rouge Noir. (Sorry for the tired look! My allergies are in full swing and making my life miserable! Darn you, spring!)

So, if you want a full-stop, vintage red that is bright and warm-toned, then give Julie Hewett's Rouge Noir a try!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Getting Your Beauty Travel Kit Ready for Viva Las Vegas!

Many of us know that Viva Las Vegas 14 is coming up fast! I just found out that the event is now sold out! I am going and this will be my first event! I am very excited! In preparation, I am creating a packing list to ensure I have all the essentials that I will need. My final list will include everything from clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry, swimwear, personal care to cosmetics! I am learning so much from other gals's blogs about what to wear and what not to wear. So, I would like to do a post about how to update your beauty kit and share a few tips for the big event!

Like I said, I have never done Viva before. Despite my unfamiliarity, I would like to share my tried-and-true tips for makeup and travel.

When it comes to selecting what beauty products and tools to bring, you need to consider your style, what you plan to wear, time of day, event, and how many days you will be away from home.

1. Make sure you have a good-quality cosmetic bag with lots of room for storage. If you plan on packing your makeup essentials in your suitcase, try to use/buy a makeup bag that is made of a material (plastic, vinyl, etc) that can be wiped clean. This comes in handy in case any liquids escape their containers. Also, invest in a bag with a good seal or strong zipper. You do not want any makeup getting on your clothes!

2. If you fly and plan on carrying your makeup with you as a carry-on, you need to familiarize yourself with TSA's rules (Transportation Security Administration) liquids and gels. Here is are two links:

Nevertheless, if you prefer to carry your beauty kit, you will need a standard, clear plastic, zippered bag for all liquids and gels.
Liquids and gels include: liquid foundation, cream foundation, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, cream to powder eyeshadow, lip balm, gel-based eyeshadow primers, liquid liner, creams, eyeshadow cream, brow gels, brow wax, etc.

If you are concerned about the number of liquid/gel items, you can store them in your checked luggage. Just make sure they are in a plastic ziplock bag (sealed!) and then placed in a sealed makeup/toiletry bag. Remember, keep your vintage safe from spills and stains!

2. Tailor your beauty kit to the number of days you will be away from home. Do you need to pack every tube of lipstick and do you really need every eyeshadow? No, not really. If you have made a clothing list, plan your makeup around what you intend to wear.

In regards to lipsticks, I only wear red but I have several red shades. Therefore, for red lipsticks, a good rule of thumb is to bring a neutral red (Besame Red) that suits many outfit colors (ie navy, black green,charcoal, gray); a cool-toned red (Julie Hewett Femme Noir or MAC Ruby Woo) for pink/purple/blue/blue-green outfits; and a warm red (Besame Red Hot Red) for orange/brown/coral/yellow/orangey-red outfits.

Be sure your travel beauty kit contains foundation, powder, blush, mascara, eyeliner, brow essentials, concealer, foundation primer, SPF foundation or SPF lotion for the face (vital for the pool party and car show), makeup brushes, foundation sponges, blotting papers/sheets for touch-ups, eyelash curler, eyeshadow primer, makeup remover toilettes for correcting makeup mistakes and eyeshadow fall-out, and a nice, yet basic array of eyeshadows.

When it comes to eyeshadow, I like to bring a palette that has nude tones for the day along with a few vibrant colors for the evening. You can find several makeup brands that have palettes that have a variety of neutrals and brights. You can also make your own palette at MAC stores and online. Palettes can be purchased in 4-color and even in 15-color palettes. This way, you can tailor your makeup PERFECTLY to your Viva wardrobe!

Liquid eyeliner is wonderful for creating cat-eye looks and eye glitters like Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner are great for giving your nightwear/dancing look some 'wow' factor. These liners come in shades from hot pink, green, atomic blue, purple, gold, beige, opal to silver:
This glitter brings me to point  #3: Experiment with new makeup looks BEFORE you travel! If you have never used glitter liner, liquid liner, or false eyelashes, you should practice and perfect your eyelooks at home and not in your hotel room just as you are about to go out and burn up the dancefloor! Imagine applying your new eye product(s) and then realizing it is all wrong and/or looks bad! You now have to carefully fix or worse; wash it all off and start again! Talk about frustration and no fun!

So, here is an idea: say you want to try a fun, dramatic false eyelash look for Saturday night at Viva. A few weeks before the event, go buy some cheap 'experiment' false eyelashes like E.L.F:
These lashes can be found at most Target stores and they cost only $1.00 USD! If you mess up or break them, you only lost a buck! With that said, buy a few sets of these lashes to experiment with. Pick a lazy weekend afternoon and practice applying the lashes. Once you 'get the hang' of applying eyelashes correctly, you can invest in a couple of pairs of higher-quality lashes like Sephora, MAC, or Make Up For Ever!

Need professional help? No, not THAT "professional help!" Makeup artist help! If you really want to 'amp up' your look for Viva, make an appointment with a makeup artist! Most makeup counters (Bobbi Brown, Nars, Chanel) and stores (MAC, Sephora) offer makeup services. You can get tips and learn techniques you can practice on your own.

MAC online even has makeup instructional videos! I have been doing makeup for years and I always learn something new whenever I view their artists' tutorials! Here is a great cat-eye liner tutorial:

4. Keep a lipstick, blotter sheets (MAC, Palladio, Clean-n-Clear), and a powder compact in your purse/bag! Do not let the sun and heat at the car show or a shiny nose from dancin' all night ruin your makeup! These items will keep your look fresh and they are all you need! Simple!

 5. If you get your brows waxed and/or tinted, it is best to have your appointment 5 days to a week before Viva. Your brow skin will be very sensitive to sun and it will need to heal before heading off to the pool and car show. Get a manicure and pedicure a day or two before travel.

6. Make a list of what you need in your beauty kit. Do this a week or so before travel in case you need to go out and buy what you do not have.

I hope I remembered everything! I am getting more and more excited as the days get closer to Viva! I hope to meet you gals who are going too!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Visiting Las Vegas-The Neon Museum and Fremont Street

I recently posted some travel tips and information about Las Vegas and thanks to a great comment from Clare of Dolly Cool Clare Blog, I would like to add two great places to visit!

The Las Vegas Strip may be the modern-day hotspot, but old Las Vegas, ie Fremont Street, is a must see and experience! I, for one, have never been. I drove by the area in the daytime back in 2003. I was on a business trip and sadly, I did not have time. I will definitely make sure to visit when I go to Viva next month!

Another fun, vintage attraction in Las Vegas is the Neon Museum. This museum is located at the east end of the Fremont Street Experience. You need to schedule tours at least a week in advance. The museum in a non-profit organization and they accept donations (minimum is 15.00 USD).
One highlight boasted by the museum is the Neon Graveyard. This collection of 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s neon signs showcase the grand eras of Vegas' past and remind us of  the glamorous decadence that once was Las Vegas. I do enjoy the modern-day Strip but I prefer the vintage styling of old Vegas! The new Vegas with its huge, sprawling casinos and animated signs (some even look like TVs) seems flat and soulless. I adore the kitschy neon of the 40s and 50s! I especially signs like the one shown above! That shoe is perfection!

Like the main Neon Museum, you need to make an appointment/tour to tour the graveyard.