Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blue and Charcoal Eye Look- "Enchantment Under the Sea"

Because VLV 14 is fast-approaching, I am going to post a series of evening/party makeup tutorials. Yesterday,  I featured a gold-toned, glitter look and today I did a bright blue and charcoal look.

During VLV, I plan to wear my 1950s emerald green, circle party dress. My dress' color is a blue-toned green therefore I created a cool-toned eyeshadow look to match.

Here are the products and MAC brushes I used:
Here is a breakdown of products:
-Nars Pro-Prime Smudge-Proof Eyeshadow Base
-MAC Paint Pot in Rollickin'
-MAC Pro Eyeshadow in Electric Eel
-MAC Eyeshadow in Print
-MAC Eyeshadow in a blend of Vanilla and Crystal Avalanche
-MAC Liquidlast Liner in Point Black
-Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Electric
-MAC Opulash Mascara in Bad, Bad, Black

Here is an upclose view of Rollickin (a sea-foam, blue-green pearl)':

I started this look by applying Nars eyeshadow primer from upper lash line to brow bone. Then, I applied MAC's Paint Pot in "Rollickin" to my lower lids using MAC's brush in 242. I then applied MAC's Electric Eel shadow to the lower lids using a MAC 213 brush. On my crease, I put on MAC's shadow in Print using a MAC 230 brush.

On my browbone, I applied a blend of MAC Vanilla and Crystal Avalanche shadows with a MAC 217 brush.  I then put on MAC Liquidlast liner to my upper lash line and applied Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Electric on my lower lash line. To complete the look, I applied MAC Opulash Mascara on both sets of lashes.
On my lips, I am wearing Make Up For Ever's "Rouge Artist Intense" Lipstick in Satin #45 (a cool-toned cherry red) and MAC Lip Pencil in Cherry.

The next eyeshadow look I plan to do is a pink/purple-toned look. I cannot wait!


  1. Great tutorial. This look is super useful for me- I have red hair so aqua is ideal for a strong eye look.

  2. Gosh I wish I had you on tap to sort me out ;o)

  3. Tara I love both your looks the last two days!! I adore mixing up bright sparky eyelooks with my vintage clothing too - all that beige and brown was boring me to death, haha. I've avoided cat eye liner with my hooded eyelids, but you've inspired me to give it a practice again last night and it's a really fun look. keep your eye looks coming!!

  4. What a gorgeous look! I love the eyeshadow.

  5. Thank you, Laura! I am having fun experimenting!

  6. Perdita,

    Wow! You are a ginger too! :) I think jewel tones look amazing on us! Aqua, navy, sapphire, emerald green, etc pair nicely!

  7. Thanks, Fiona! Btw, MAC Cosmetics online has amazing tutorials you can watch. I have watched a few and I learned much from them!

  8. Thank you, Clare and Psycho Sue!

  9. Oh! Shrinky, I LOVE your hair in your picture! The blue is absolutely striking! When did you change from the Devilish? Again, you look fabulous!

    Thanks for the comments! Moreover, MAC Cosmetics online has amazing tutorial videos and they even have a cat eye liner tutorial too. I watched it and it taught me a better way to do it!

  10. Thank you kindly, Bitty Boss!

  11. I love how your hair looks here! I've gotten so used to seeing it back, and the soft curls framing your face are just lovely :)

    Will have to watch some of those MAC tutorials. Darn it if the closest store isn't 2 hours away, I've ordered things online before, but with new makeup it's so nice to be able to see it in person.

  12. Thank you for the hair compliment, Barbara! I finally got a set of Conair Hot Sticks and used them for the first time yesterday. I need to practice with them a bit more. The back curls were a bit kinked in the back. But other than that, Hot Sticks great for doing vintage styles!

    As for MAC online, their tutorial videos are amazing! If you want to see MAC shadows in real person (kind of) check this link out:

  13. i went blue about 3 weeks ago - i love it even MORE than the red! it does something good to my skin tone. Thank you so much. I will check out MAC and see their tutorials. I tried it yesterday again and it was pretty fun for a change of pace. my eyes are a bit droopy so the cat eye helped actually. btw, if you are on facebook i'm there as inky wine ;)

  14. Shrinky,

    The blue color is so wonderful on you and it really compliments your skintone for sure! My right eye lid droops more than my left so I can relate. I always have to be careful when I apply liquid liner on my right upper lid because the droop can cause my liner to transfer!