Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Need Help With My Viva Wardrobe!

After purchasing my tickets for Viva Las Vegas 14, I did an inventory of my closet and I realized that I have plenty of options for day wear but when it comes to Hawaiian/Tiki wear and evening dancing attire, I fall a bit short!

I have a nice array of vintage cocktail attire but I do not have anything that classifies as "super wow factor." I saw this dress on Etsy the other day but the price is a bit "ouch" (ie $185.00 USD):
Kim Bomshell warned me that Etsy prices would be going up as Viva approaches and holy guacamole, she was right! I have seen many pretty dresses listed and their prices are steepsville! I also notice that several listings now have "VLV" in the title. Hmmm, cashing in on the rush, eh? Interesting..... I have my 36th birthday coming up so maybe the husband will get me something special for the dance floor!

I recently found Whirling Turban dresses and I am in love! I am floored with their styles and fabrics:
I also am loving their Hawaiiana wear:
Along with evening wear and tiki wear, I think I need another bathing suit. I have one vintage repro suit by Esther Williams. I had two amazing 50s suits but I left them in my cabin during a recent cruise! Rats!!! Nevertheless, I would like to buy a vintage suit in a Hawaiian or tiki print. I found a lovely Shaheen suit on Etsy but it was $125.00USD!
So, I have a question for you gals who have been to Viva, am I worrying too much about having the 'right' attire, or should I just be content to grab what I have from my closet? I want to look good but I do not want to be obsessed about it! Viva is about fun, right?

Also, due to the airline restrictions, I think I need to keep a level head about what I pack. Nevertheless, what do you gals think?


  1. It's your first time, so I wouldn't worry to much about building up a supreme wardrobe. There are a lot of really good vendors there...some overpriced, a lot of decent prices (especially If you go the first day, you might find more dresses to wear for the rest of it!!
    I would find something awesome for the car show, and something AMAZING for Saturday night. The rest of the days you will be good with what you already own I'm quite sure.
    I found that I bought a lot more vintage post Viva, and found a ton of inspiration while there. I wish I had taken more photos of some of the girls, but it is supposed to be fun...not JUST a fashion show :)

  2. I second Rueby. Don't stress so much that you break the bank before you leave. Soak it all in while you're there and enjoy the music and meeting new people! They're what makes it a great weekend!

  3. I say definitely have a vintage bathing suit for the pool party. The car show isnt a big deal for me but I find that wearing some cute shorts and a halter do well. Save the really fabulous dresses for the evening. Friday and saturday night are the big outfit nights. Hawaiian is always good and Whirling Turban is a great option. Late evening and sunday are a bit more casual.

    I'm going to do some clothing posts for Viva once I get around to it. Being that its your first trip don't stress too much. Styling can go a long way and you always look amazing! Besides, having fun is the most important thing!!

  4. I'm with Holly on this one, get a good vintage bathing suit for the pool party & have a fab dress for saturday night. Just make sure you bring some fun stuff to dance in til the wee hours of the am every night! Other than that, take it easy & be yourself. You will still be much more fabulous that alot of ladies there! Can't wait to meet you! xx

  5. Honestly I wouldn't worry too much you'll look fabulous anyway! I wear what I wear, of course I plan but I would never buy anything just for VLV that I wouldn't wear any other time, there's just no point. I've always had cocktail dresses in my closet anyway. Hawaiian is 'fashionable' on the scene which is fabulous cos it's beautiful, but it also means everyone wears it, sometimes - my opinion only! - it's nice to be different, if everyone else is in Hawaiian wear I like to be in something sparkly!! But maybe I'm just contrary!

    Honestly don't go blowing a budget, enjoy it. Having said all that if you don't buy vintage Whirling Turban are always a good bet, their clothes are beautifully made I sadly don't own any but have seen them and they are beautiful!

  6. I just realised I said all that then saw the pic of me for my blog which was taken at VLV and I'm wearin a flower in my hair and a vintage hawaiian dress he he! but I was in gold lame the next night!

  7. I think a few good staples can go a long way. Maybe treat yourself to a new garmet or two, like a fancy cocktail dress for Sat night, and an amazing bathingsuit for sun, then the rest of the time you can wear "older" clothing you already have. Just add new accesories to jazz it up. No matter what, you will still look leaps and bounds above the masses, just because you have classy, tailored, traditional style. But the number one rule is always have fun, its a vacation after all!

  8. Thank you, gals, so MUCH! You have given me some great insight! I really appreciate it!

    Rueby: I am definitely going to get one fabo, knock-out dress for Saturday night, I have two 50s party dress that are cute so I think I am set. I do want to get a proper vintage suit for the pool too.

    Erin: It is all about the fun, isn't it? I have tons of vintage that I wear daily but I would love to have a gorgeous dress for Viva and black tie events here in the DC area.

    Holly: I am still kicking myself for leaving my two vintage suits on that dang cruise ship! They were amazing. So, I do need another suit for the pool and I think I am going to get a dress for Saturday night. I am still debating if I need a Hawaiian dress. I have tons of clothes for the day. I know I will have to check out the car show, even if just for a little while!

    Lola: I cannot wait to meet you too! I plan on packing a few pair of rolled jeans to boogie in on the chance the man is up for some late night dancin'. I am going to bring a few pairs of cute yet comfy Re-Mix wedges for walking around during the day and for the late night.

    Fiona: Thanks for the comments! I am totally thinking something sparkly for Saturday night! I adore the Whirling Turban Dresses for sure! I hope the husband gets the hint for my upcoming birthday!

    Dollie: Thank you for the comments! I guess I am overthinking this because this is my first Viva! I have lots of clothes since I wear vintage every day but I do not have a vintage swimsuit or a attention-grabbing dress. I think I will just focus on getting a pretty suit and dress for Saturday. I am going to pack a nice array of accessories so I can spice up any look! And you are right, it is all about fun!

  9. I guess they are having a pool party Friday, Saturday AND Sunday this year? That will be different! We only went for a couple hours last year as it was WINDY as all heck. I only had a repro WKD suit, but with the wind...I honestly didn't really bother. I don't know what the weather is like normally in Vegas, but it wasn't boiling last year. Take a cardigan!

  10. That vintage bathing suit is so cute!
    I don't know much about VLV so I am no help to that. lol

  11. We missed last year but will be going again this year! All the advice you've gotten from these lovely gals is great. And I also think it partially depends on how YOU like to dress. I am simply not a cocktail dress kind of gal, so you wouldn't see me in one, well, really ever. Viva included. LOL Because I just wouldn't feel comfortable, ya know?

    Be prepared with a little of everything and don't stress too much about it. There will be people wearing just about everything, day and night! So long as you feel cute go for it! :)

  12. Rueby,

    I was reading online that Vegas can be cool in April or in the 70s. So I will check the weather before I go. If the weather is bad or windy poolside, then I will more than likely forgo the pool event on a bad day. I get cold too easily and if it's windy and/or chilly, then forget it! lol!

  13. Mezlaelf,

    Maybe you can do a Viva event one year! I would love to meet you!

  14. Tasha,

    Thank you for the great comment and insight! I agree that if one is not comfortable, than what's the point? It is about feeling good and having fun! I love cocktail wear and I often have black tie events to go to for my job. I have more subdued vintage 40s cocktails dresses and a few 50s party dresses but I would love something sparkly! I can wear it for Viva and use it on a black tie event!

  15. I agree with many posted comments I used to spend all my money on ebay then get there and wish I had more spending money. Just try to have a good dress for each evening and something more casual for the daytime. I always got a good laugh out of the girls I would see changing into 5 different dresses in one night.

  16. Living Vintage,

    Changing 5 times per night? That is crazy! What is it? Viva or the Oscars? Lol! I got one vintage suit but I am still contemplating one evening dress. I have been informed that there are some amazing wares for sale at Viva. I think I am going to hold off and save my money for the vendors. But, I would love to have one sparkly number for the dance floor!