Saturday, March 26, 2011

Glittery Eye Look for VLV!

While doing laundry  and tidying the house (notice the basket of dirty clothes in the background? lol) on this chilly Saturday afternoon, I decided to take some time out and create a glittery eye look (good for VLV or any night out). Since VLV 14 is less than a month away, I have begun planning my clothing list and organizing my makeup kit.

Since the evening attire at Viva is centered around party dresses, glitzy jewelry/accessories, and fancy hair, your makeup should reflect your party look.

Today's look has cat wing liner, soft, beige-gold glitter, smoky shadow, and pale gold eyeliner.  Here are the products used:

To start, I applied Nars Pro-Prime Smudge-Proof Eyeshadow Base on my entire eye lid (from upper lashline to brow bone). Then using the pale blue palette knife, I blended MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque and Ben Nye Fireworks cream shadow in F1. I brushed the mix on my lower lids using a MAC 242 brush.

Using a MAC 213 brush, I put on Satin Sheets eyeshadow from Too Faced Cosmetics' "Naked Eye" kit on my lower lids. On my crease, I applied "Like a Virgin" (seen above) and my browbone, I put on "In the Buff."

Using MAC's Liquidlast Liner in Point Black, I did a cat wing liner with MAC's 208 brush. With Urban Decay's "Heavy Metal" Glitter Eye Liner in "Midnight Cowboy" on my lower lids. Since the glitter is suspended in a clear gel, it tends to dry a bit slow so I used my hairdryer on 'low' to set it properly.

On my lower lash line, I applied Make Up For Ever's Aqua Eyes Liner in 9L. To set the liner, I applied the "Satin Sheets" eyeshadow using a MAC 214 brush.

To finish, I applied MAC's Opulash Mascara in "Bad, Bad, Black."

Here is an upclose view:
And another:
I really love this glitter because it stays on and does not flake at all! It will stay on all night, even through hours of dancing! MAC's Liquidlast is also a wonderful product! The liner will not smudge, flake, or cause 'raccoon eyes!' To remove both, cold cream or an oil-based eye makeup remover works wonders!

I will be doing a few more eye looks before VLV starts. I plan to wear 1950s, emerald green party dress and I think a blue-green shadow look would be fun!

So, when it comes to nights out, what makeup looks do you like?


  1. When they open back up, you (of all people), NEED to get your hands on Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy! Glitter, loose pigments, and fall-out prone eyeshadow adhere to it like nobody's business! It's not a primer. I use it on top of my primer and paint pot/base. You'd LOVE it. It makes MAC pigments look so much more vivid.

    Read the reviews here:

  2. Erin,
    When I visited the Fyrinnae site, there was a message stating that the site was closed down. I did some research on a few sites and it seems that the store is closed for good. Sad! Some what I can tell, reviewers really loved the products! MAC Pro makes a few mixing mediums that are amazing with glitter and pigments. I have the eyeliner mixing medium and it is great!

  3. I love glittery eye makeup. I used to wear it all the time when I was in high school but it always looked very "high school", never so classy! Thank you for sharing the how-to!!

  4. Wow!! The glitter looks fantastic, and I just love the depth you've achieved with the other colors. I am such a klutz when it comes to my eye makeup! I need some serious practice in the next few weeks, or just hire you to help me at Viva, LOL!

  5. Thank you for the fun comments, Brittany! I never had access to glitter in high school! If I did, I would have had no idea how to even use it!! I had trouble getting eyebrows right! lol!

  6. Thanks, Barbara!

    The key to mastering makeup is practice and having the right tools! Investing in good brushes are so important and they make all the difference! MAC brushes are my favorite and if you visit any MAC store, the sales associates will gladly help you pick the right brushes for your needs. Also, if you call MAC's 1-800 number on their website, the MAC customer service reps will also provide amazing assistance.

  7. Wow looks great! I'm also not a great make up applier, it comes from years ago when I was in a band and just had to look good in minutes sometimes, never had the time to spend on make up, which has carried on through my life. Sad really, cos yours looks soooo good always!

  8. I'm really boring when it comes to make-up for nights out...I just add eyeliner. Haha. This looks so good, though! But I don't have enough disposable income to spend on make-up, at present =\
    -Andi x

  9. As always your make up looks flawless. I really must get some glitter shades and give it a go as the effect is awesome :))

  10. Thanks for the comments, Fiona! I have seen your band vids and pics and you ALWAYS (and still do) looked fabulous!

  11. Thanks for the comment and compliments, Andi! The Urban Decay Glitter Liners are 18.00 USD and they last a long time! I have a silver glitter shade that I bought in 2008 and not only do I have heaps left in the tube, the gel is still pliable and goes on smoothly. Basically, a little bit goes a long way and lasts forever so its worth the price!

  12. I doubt that it's shut down for good. They usually take time to catch up on orders, since it's a 2 man gig. We'll see!

  13. Clare,

    The Urban Decay Glitter liners come in a range of shades from opal white, sky blue, green, hot pink, gold, silver, beige gold, yellow bronze, black opal, green, to pale pink! Once you put it on, the glitter does not move! Therefore, there is no worry about it getting into your eyes! The overall effect is awesome and totally fun for evening!

  14. Erin,

    I hope not! The reviews on are amazing and the colors looked wonderful! I will keep my eyes peeled for any updates!

  15. You know I'm a glitter whore myself.
    I love putting on make up and playing with glitter.I adorar your hair in this foto.
    Too faced is a good brand the shadows last a long time. I need to get my hands on that liner,the current one I use smudges all the time.

  16. This is my favorite look, it's sooooo pretty! I think I really just like sparkly things though :)