Friday, August 5, 2011

The Tale of "Where I've Been and the Well-Traveled Road"

This is my cat sleeping on my stairs on a recent hot, sunny afternoon. The "pooped out" look on her face how I feel as of late. Oh, what I would do for a vacation, let alone a day off. Heck, I will even take an afternoon!

While my cat's sluggish repose is due to her 'tedious' schedule filled with appointments with her toys, meetings with the sunbeams, and lunch dates with her food and treats, my exhausted state is due to work, family, and more work. I have not been on a proper vacation for almost two years. In addition, I have not been to the gym since late May. Yes, you read correctly: May. And it's driving me BATTY!! I need to workout but finding the time has nearly been impossible.

Along with my professional responsibilities, I have been driving back and forth to my parent's house (about an hour and a half away) almost every week since early June. My dad has had several doctor visits and due to my aunt's passing in June, my mother has needed my help. Moreover, another aunt passed away nearly two weeks ago. She was in her 70s and was suffering from dementia. Combined with the worry about my dad, my mother has had a rough go of things. I know if anyone needs a break, it's her.

Despite the fever pitch of happenings in my life, I am ok. I just worry about my dad and my mom. They are getting older and I find myself anxious and deeply concerned about with the typical issues that accompany it.

However, my parents are leaving for Europe to visit family in a few days and I know my mom will love the break and being able to visit with her sisters and brother. Moreover, my dad will enjoy playing golf with his nephews and having a round at the pub with my uncles.

As for me, I just want to get back into a workout routine, better sleep, and maybe take a mini-holiday somewhere. I also want to get back into blogging and connect with you all again.

Speaking of blogging, I have have some posts coming up including my new tiki room, a hot roller set review, new makeup finds, a hair flower barette tutorial, and a new giveaway! 

Nevertheless, I hope all are well!


  1. Hello Tara
    It's good to hear from you. I thought maybe you weren't posting as much cause you were (on a vacation) obviously that's not the case.

    Sorry to hear about your other Auntie.
    I think we all worry about our relatives in one way or another, it shows we are human. And also that you are a good daughter.

    Can't wait for your future posts. Try and take some relaxation time for yourself.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Hi Tara, wondered where you had gone, but of course a busy life gets in the way! All your concerns about parents are ones that I feel myself, and I do worry about when they get older what will happen. You are doing the best thing that you can, but do try and look after yourself too :)
    Cant wait to see your new Tiki room!

  3. Ah hon I know how it is sometimes life just happens and we need to deal with it, instead of blogging. Sorry to hear about your other aunt too.

    I hope your parents have a lovely time and I hope you manage to get back to some kind of normal routine soon!

    I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks due to being so busy & I've missed it and everyone too, it's a nice community!

  4. So sorry to hear you've been having such a hard time. My family went through a similar sort of time the first half of this year, I hope it's not too weird to say as a stranger but my heart goes out to you.

    Hopefully your folks will have a good time in Europe and you'll be able to find some time to get back into a bit of the old routine which can always help.

    The new Tiki room sounds thrilling!

  5. Tiki room! Can't wait!

    I'm sorry to hear that your family has been struggling - life can be so oppressive sometimes, and it seems like trouble likes to hit all at once. Glad your parents will be able to get away for a bit. Hope that you will be able to find more time for yourself as well :)
    Take care!

  6. Sorry to hear about all of that... aging family is always such a hard thing to deal with. My father-in-law is a bit older given the age of his children and is starting to deal with health issues. It has been really hard on my husband, since he just turned 26 and can relate more to what my mother is going through with her parents. Hope Europe treats them well!

  7. Amor,
    I wondered donde andabas?
    missed your posts, a Tiki Room wow! I cant wait to see it. I know , I worry so much abour mis padres because I am so far from them.
    You take care huni.

  8. Hello all, thanks for the lovely words and comments! I am nearly done with the Tiki room! I have just a few more vintage prints to frame and then I will be done (for now at least!) I have been busy with work and I can see the end of the busy tunnel! I cannot wait to post the Tiki pictures, my giveaway, and the makeup reviews! Thanks again for the support! It means so much to me!!