Friday, May 6, 2011

Outfit Post-Off to Work!

Me early this morning, leaving the house to go to work at the office. It has been on the chilly side lately here in the DC area (50s and low 60s) but today  the high temperature is going to be around 73 degrees. That is still a bit cool for me! I cannot wait until the average daily highs are in the 80s!

Nevertheless, just for fun, I wanted to share today's outfit with you all!

-Black and white print, cotton-blend, 1950s deadstock, button-down dress (bought last year).
-Black merino wool Gap cardigan (bought in 2005) adorned with a 1950s rhinestone brooch.
-Red suede wedges made by Natural Comfort (bought from Zappos in 2007)
-A mix of carved and spacer bakelite bangles
-Modern pearl necklace
-Vintage 50s red, pink, and orange bead clip-on earrings
-1950s Black wicker handbag
-1950s American Optical sunglasses 

I was too lazy to re-roll my hair today (I did not wash it but it was washed yesterday) so I applied a bit of Suave Dry Shampoo Spray and put it in a ponytail after my morning shower.

On my face, I am wearing Too Faced Cosmetic nude shadows from their Naked Eye Kit, MAC mascara, foundation, MAC brow pen on brows, MAC Mineralize blush in Dainty, and Besame lipstick in Carmine.

So, on this Friday spring day, what are you wearing?


  1. I totally adore every single part of that outfit, especially the red shoes!

  2. Laura,

    Thanks! I love my red shoes too. I have had them for at least 5-4 years and have repaired them a couple of times. The soles are starting to fall apart now but if I can get them fixed, I will! If not, I will need to find a similar looking pair since the company who makes them is no longer making them. I think the company went out of business too.

  3. Lovely outfit. I like the shoes especially, bright shoes work so well with a monochrome outfit.

  4. I would totally wear this outfit - love gingham!

  5. Thank you, Perdita! I love red paired with black and white! I also love pink paired with red and navy paired with red.

  6. Clare,

    I love gingham too! I find myself buying it a lot in forms of blouses, skirts, and dresses! Classic and always in style!

  7. Awesome outfit! I have been itching to get a black wicker purse <3