Tuesday, October 18, 2011

If You Can't Make It, Fake It! (Or faking it until it grows back!)

This is me, decked out in my kimono, about to start my entire skincare routine before bed. Moreover, this is how my hair looks in its natural state. You may not be able to notice but my hair is very fine and thin. I began to shed a lot of hair back in late July. Even though I have been using Women's Rogaine for two years, the stress I endured this summer took its toll on my already thin strands.  In an effort to thwart any panic or further stress on myself, I began taking B-vitamins along with Biotin. I also went to see my dermatologist in late September who confirmed my hair loss was indeed stress-related and therefore, temporary!

So, until my hair grows back, I am going to continue my normal regime and wear a volumizing extension on a few days I wear my hair down. I love wearing my hair down but due to the shed, I feel my hair does not look its best and as a result, I have been wearing my hair in a ponytail or snood. However, with this lightweight hair piece, my hair confidence will be given a major boost!

The extension is made of human hair and comes on a 8-inch long weft with four small clips. The hair itself is 10 inches long.


Today my stylist Corry refreshed my red color and colored my new extension to match. He also trimmed it so it would better blend with my own hair and he also taught me how to properly place it in my hair.

Now, this is the back of my hair without the extension:
Here is the back with it in:
(I switched to my other bathroom. The lighting in my guest bath is too yellowy.)

Here is a front view with the hair piece in:
A view of the piece clipped in:
On the sides:
The extension itself:
And here is my cat, Misty Blue, yelling at me to brush her hair. She does this every night. She knows that when I am the bathroom at night (and in the morning), I do my grooming and she expects me to groom her as well. My cat actually recognizes my brush and understands the action of brushing.  Even if i simply I pick up my brush, Misty Blue will come running in the bathroom and demand I brush her (LOUDLY). I am telling you, this cat thinks she is a woman. A showgirl, diva, princess, queen bee, 'star of the show' woman!

Nevertheless, I am going to tough out this re-growing process. I am not going to let it get to me any more because stress makes hair fall out!  I also realize that at the end of the day, hair is hair. I count my blessings that all I have to worry about is thin hair!

But, I do acknowledge fully that I let that element of vanity get to me. When I see women with thick tresses, I do feel a pang of envy and wonder but in the end, I know I am going to be fine. I can already see new hair growing back. Up close, the new growth looks like tiny, pale blond sprouts. (New hair tends to come in pale and then develops its pigment as it grows out in most individuals).

Until my hair is filled in, I am going to rock out the fake (albeit human) hair. Like Corry once told me, "If you can't make it, fake it!"


  1. I was trying to figure out what in the hell was so different about you in this post.. *tick tick tick tick* Finally it hit me... You are not wearing red lipstick. *heheh*
    I cannot really tell your hair is thin. Of course since you manage it and see it in person and know how it is (Supposed to be) it is probably alot more obvious to you. But to me your hair looks great (with and with-out) the hair extension.
    But that extension looks like it is made quite well and blends in with your hair great. (Nobody would even know you have one in)

    P.s. you look gorgeous!

    I giggled over you Kitty story. Jeaz talk about a high maintenance feline. Next thing you know she will be on E-bay ordering herself a throne. Trouble is she is so cute I am sure you cannot say no to her. =)

  2. How much does that extension blend in? wow! It looks great and even better if it gives you some extra confidence! :)

  3. I am slightly concerned because my natural hair ( as in without alopecia or Trich issues) is finer than your 'before' shots. :/ Maybe I need to see a Dr, but it has always been like that- I'm scared they'll say 'that's the most hair you can ever have, bad luck!'. :(

    I do wear extensions myself sometimes - but mostly I just volumise or have my hair in a sharp bob.

  4. I think you look as beautiful as ever!!! A friend of mine started wearing extensions a few years back and she swears by them because of her thin fine hair. Your kitty is cute. We have a demanding queen here too but hers demands are usually about food.

  5. Oh man, cats have such amazing personalities! I would not have realized you were wearing a piece if you hadn't said so - it looks really nice and natural. I hope your stresses go away soon so your natural hair can return.

  6. That extension is amazing! You can't tell at all. I do hope your stresses ease and your hair returns to it's full glory soon

  7. Wow! That's amazing!! and your cat is too cute :)

  8. You are just so stunning and I love your cat story, wish mine liked to be brushed!

    This is an incredibly good extension- it blends so well with your hair! And I love that it just clips in. I do hope your hair grows back quickly!

    Sending calm thoughts your way!

  9. You have just beautiful hair!, I love the color and your bangs are absolute perfection.

  10. Amor,
    I think your hair looks great with or without the extension. looks so easy and I cant even tell
    did u try the aloe shampoo recipe yet?
    your cat is a true diva, next she will ask you to put on lipstick for her. que curiosa.

  11. you are beautiful and your kitty is too cute

  12. The hair piece looks like your real hair, which it is since you paid for it and so no fakery. No more than mascara or flattering clothes. Do what makes you feel confident and know that no matter what... you kitty will still demand you stop and pay attention to her.

  13. Really you can't tell. I never would have guessed , it looks so good. Amazing what they can do now a days. I like your kimono it's so bright and colorful.

  14. Hello,
    This is my first visit to your blog. I used to never worry about my hair. I was blessed or cursed with naturally orange hair(others will said red but I have always said orange) and naturally curly. I used to wash my hair at bedtime, go to bed, get up put some Frizz Ease mouse in it, put my make up on, get dressed, and out the door. But, I have had 5 back surgeries since 2006 and I have permanent nerve damage in my lower back and right leg that has led to severe chronic pain. I am on high doses of pain meds and it has effected my hair. It still is thick but I am losing hair and it is not as thick as it once was. I also have very little natural curl left. So much is gone that I am thinking of getting a perm because people keep asking me where my curls are!!!So, I feel for you and other women dealing with the hair lost issues. I hope and pray that one day I will be able to get off the pain meds and my hair will return to normal. Thanks for sharing your story!

  15. With or without the extension, your hair is always gorgeous! I have been following your blog for a few months and have been dying to ask you a question: What salon do you go to? Since I've moved to DC six months ago, I've also grown out my pixie and I'm ready to get it styled. I want an authentic 40s or 50s style but don't know where to get that. Any recommendations?