Monday, November 14, 2011

Latest Vintage Finds (Picture Heavy)

During my recent 'back and forth' trips to my hometown of Mechanicsville, Virginia, not only was I able to hang out with my best friend of 23 years, she and I got to visit the Cold Harbor Antique Mall on Rt. 360 in Mechanicsville.

Due to the many pictures in this post, I will keep my commentary to a minimum.  I was floored with the number of mid-century goods, especially lamps and furniture! If I was richer and/or had a bigger car, I would have bought so much more!

I bought this blond wood, mid-century side table for $15.00 USD!
I got these two lovely "TV cats" for $7.00 USD and $5.60 USD.

Another view:
I purchased a Starglow platter for $9.00 USD:
And I bought a pie plate for $7.00 USD:
I was so happy to have found this set of 4 cocktail glasses for $18.00 USD:

I love the still crisp detail of the design:
Look at this gorgeous flour container! It is deadstock and I only paid $12.50 USD!
I adore this green glass sculpture ($14.40 USD) and TV lamp ($38.00 USD):
Here is a detail view of the sculpture:
I bought this mid-century, Danish pewter circle candle holder for $10.00 USD:
This cute, 50s-era metal music stand was $25.00 USD:
Now, here is the "piece de resistance!" My first-ever, genuine mid-century lamp!
For so long, I have pined for an Eames era lamp but the prices on Etsy and eBay tend to be quite high and the shipping alone (understandably) is steep. Nevertheless, when I saw this lovely priced at $85.00 USD, I knew I had to bring her home!

Here is the detail of the shade:
And an up-close view of the ceramic base:
I cannot get over how wonderful the Cold Harbor Antique Mall's selection was! The prices were so reasonable and the staff was a delight! I will always be sure to make a trip there part of my visits home!


  1. Hey I have those starburst glasses!! I found 3 but one has a chunk broken out of it. I couldn't bear to toss it so it holds toothpicks on my stove :D I love knowing vintage lovers have found the same items, hehe. You've found a ton of awesome stuff but the cats and the record stand are what I will steal if I ever visit!

  2. oh man! thrifting win! so jealous :)

  3. Rueby,

    That is neato that you have the same glasses! lol! I was amazed at how crisp the detailing is! No fading or chipping! If one of my glasses chipped, I couldn't toss it either! The antique mall had two other tv cats and they were about 5 and 7 dollars each.

  4. Kate,

    I cannot wait to go back! I could have spent hours in there! I have never seen so many 50s, Eames-era lamps in one place!!

  5. Eeeeeeekkkk!! I'll have one of everything please! Totally wow finds, love the $15 table and the music stand :) Wish there had been more affordable antiques places in Florida. The ones we went too were amazing, but very $$$$!!

  6. Oh i adore your lamp. Some real gems you have there!!

  7. i LOVE antique malls, and you found a gem! With such amazingly cheap prices too! Congrats on all your gorgeous purchases!!

  8. Holy Heck you got some awsome stuff.

    The T.v. cats are so cute!
    I love the starglow dishes & the glasses.
    *OoOO* The sculpture is lovely.
    And the lamp is absolutely fabulous.

  9. Clare,

    I,too, couldn't believe that table was only 15.00 USD! I agree that the Florida antique shops were a bit pricey! However, I did manage to find a few well-priced items in Boca Raton back in May whilst visiting my in-laws. But, the place I visited by my parents' house was amazing! Great selection and great prices!

  10. Bella VonBluebell,

    I am in love with my lamp! I so want more!

  11. miss vintage love,

    Thank you for the comment! I want to go back there soon!

  12. Thank you, Ms. Coconut! I adore my TV cats! The antique mall actually had them displayed as "Halloween items." I could have spent the entire day in that place! There was just far too many goodies to search through!

  13. OMG such great prices, wow! I love the end table particularly, you lucky lady!

  14. Wow! What great bargains!
    the gatos are adorable..yo quiero esa lampara tan maravillosa.
    ojala y todo se mejore pronto con tu papi.

  15. Wow, some really nice finds! I am a sucker for two-tiered lampshades like that. And that music stand is awesome!

  16. Thanks, Fiona! I was just in shock over the price of the table! There was another similar to it in colour and style but the table was gone when I went back to inquire about it. It was $12.50 USD and apparently the owner of that booth where the 15.00 USD table was decided to load his booth up. I saw it on his truck but I did not want to pester him for it. Nevertheless, I am happy I got my table! 15 bucks can't be beat!

  17. Muchas gracias, la Dama!! Me encanto mi lampara! I love my gatas (I have a feeling ellas son hembras)!! I still cannot get over how cheap all the lovely cosas were! I am going back for sure!

  18. Tasha,

    You should have seen the lamps!! There were so many! I have never seen such an amazing variety in one place! And even better, the prices were fab!

  19. Those cocktail glasses are to die for!

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