Monday, April 16, 2012

VLV 15! Photos and A Day-by-Day Synopsis (Part I)

Last Monday (technically Tuesday), I returned from Viva Las Vegas 15 at midnight. Despite the fact I fell ill with a major cold immediately upon my return, this year's Viva was a blast! Not only did I get my husband (aka Big Daddy) to dance with me, I ate amazing food (ie Il Mulino, China Poblano, and Aureole), I stayed up late, I made some new friends, and finally got to meet some fellow bloggers in person!

This is a detailed post so I will break down events by day.

Without further ado, here we go!

Day 1: Wednesday (April 4th): I wake at 5:30 am to get ready for my 8:18 am non-stop flight to Las Vegas on United Airlines. Having packed the night before, all I had to do was shower and get dressed. I also needed to take out my foam rollers I set the night before. (I covered my hair in a shower cap whilst bathing).

Even though I used Lottabody on my hair, my curls looked like a "chia pet" on crack! I attempt to tame my hair but I end up putting the savage mess in a ponytail. Just before the cab to the airport arrives, I put on a 50s camp shirt, my Freddies capri jeans, Remix wedges, and a red wool Pendleton 49er jacket. I do my makeup later at the airport gate. I need a double espresso!

After a 5 hour flight, Big Daddy and I arrive in Vegas! It is 10:20 am and all I can think about is getting to our hotel (the Rio) and eating some food!

We get a cab to the Rio and check in. We are in the Ipanema Tower, on the 16th floor, and in room 1623. Check out our view: First photo is the right and second is to the left.
Here is our room:
After taking out our things and settling in, we eat an early lunch and then take a nap! Later, we wake and get ready for dinner. We eat at VooDoo Steak, Rio's nightclub and haute cuisine establishment on the 51st floor that overlooks the skyline of Vegas. After an amazing dinner, we retire to our room and go to bed.

Day 2: Thursday, the 5th: Big Daddy and I wake early (because we are on East Coast time) but fall back asleep for a while. We wake again and order in room service breakfast. I get the Egg Beater omelet with tomatoes and mushrooms and a fruit plate and Big Daddy selects the steak and eggs. Everything is delicious!

After breakfast, I iron and steam my clothes:
My shoes:
That big beige 'blob' in the middle of my shoes is one of my shoe bags.

Before lunchtime, I get ready for the day:
The picture looks so grainy! Eugh! I am wearing a 50s cropped black cardigan, black viscose top, black patent belt, a pair of silver Pollys, and a 50s circle skirt I bought on Etsy in 2010:
Here is my hair and makeup:
Here is an upclose view of my eyes:
Big Daddy and I have lunch and then make our way over to the Orleans to check in for Viva Las Vegas and to attend Sweet Pea's "Hooch n' Smooch" in the Bienville Room upstairs. At the event, I first meet Holly from Temperamental Broad blog (I had the honor of meeting her for the first time at last year's Viva),  then I met Kim Bombshell, Jessica, Dollie Deville, E., and Lisa.

At the event, there's music, dancing, and just people hanging out! Everyone looks fab in their vintage couture!

After the "Hooch and Smooch," Big Daddy and I get a drink and then make our way back to the Rio for a quick rest before heading out to dinner.

For our evening, we head to the Caesars Forum Shops to dine at Il Mulino. Before our 8:00 reservation, Big Daddy entertains himself on his Blackberry as I browse the aisles in Sephora. I buy a Nars' lipstick and some hair products from Living Proof.

Our dinner is amazing! The service, the atmosphere, the food, and cocktails are off the charts heavenly! Instead of a cab, we need a wheel barrow back to the Rio! We eat too much but it is so worth it!

Day 3: Friday, the 6th: Continuing to be influenced by East Coast time, Big Daddy and I wake up early again but manage to fall back asleep. We wake around 9:00 am and order a lovely room service breakfast.

For lunch, we head over to the Cosmopolitan hotel and casino to dine at China Poblano, a restaurant that features a fusion of Chinese and Mexican Cuisine.  We order guacamole prepared fresh table-side. Big Daddy orders Chinese fare and I select the Tuna Ceviche and a small taco stuffed with lobster. Everything is too delicious!

Afterwards, we get a cab to Frankie's Tiki Room, which is next to the University Medical Center (near downtown, ie Old Vegas).
Our cab driver has no idea where Frankie's was at all! Thank goodness for the Google search on our Blackberry phones!

Once inside, Big Daddy and I are greeted with dark lighting and small space! I cannot believe how tiny Frankie's is! There are so many Viva people there too! Basically, it's packed!! Tiki drinks and a room full of rockabillies! I am so happy! I order a Mai Tai in a ceramic souvenir mug and I sit with Barbara from Moxie Tonic blog and her friend Gina!
(I have no idea what I am doing here!) It was so amazing to meet Barbara at last!

Me and Big Daddy:
Some folks hanging out:
Jessica B!:
One of the many lights made from real blowfish!:
After hanging out for a couple of hours, Big Daddy and I make our way to the Rio for a nap! Sugary tiki drinks make me sleepy!

Later that evening, we eat dinner at the hotel and I head to the Orleans to browse the vendor rooms. Remix shoes and tons of vintage jewelry catch my eye!

Part II is next! Stay tuned for the auto show, Saturday night glam, JD McPherson, Sunday, and my journey back home to DC!


  1. More more more.... i can't wait. Looks like an amazing start :)

    1. Thanks! It was a fun time for sure!

  2. Makes me wish we'd had the opportunity to go. You look great. Love the glittery eye shadow.

    1. If you have just once chance to go in your life, go! It is so amazing!

  3. Love all your food descriptions - all sounds lush!! Looking forward to more :)

    1. The guacamole we ate in Vegas was so good! One evening I had a fabulous wild mushroom ravioli with a cream sauce! Total vegetarian and totally to die for!

  4. I'm so glad we managed to meet up!!! How fun was Frankie's?! Although terribly disappointed I couldn't track you down Saturday night - I really wanted to see your dress in person. I think I saw your head, lol, but it was so crowded there was no way of maneuvering any further towards the front!

    1. Frankie's was a blast! I was sad not to meet up with you and Gina on Saturday too! The main ballroom floor was jam-packed! I was at the front of the stage with Kim. But like you said, the people were stacked in tight!

  5. Man, I blew it and didn't make it to Frankie's once! I just should have gone with Jessica, but was afraid of missing something. I did get to take a bath and power nap while you were all sipping tropical drinks.

    1. At least you got in a good power nap and a bath! Frankie's was so packed and it was fun to hang out with Jessica, enjoy drinks, and talk about tattoos! Maybe next year we can all go again!


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