Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good Vintage Red Lip Shades

Here is a pic I took last night featuring five swatches of red that are vintage must-haves. Left to Right the shades are:

Nars Jungle Red

Revlon's Love That Red

MAC Russian Red

MAC Lady Danger

Julie Hewett's Belle Noir

Nars can be purchased in-store and online at Sephora. Nars also has a website where you can buy direct. You can find Nars at most higher end department stores. This lipstick retails for $24.00 USD and is the most expensive of the bunch. Second place for higher price is the Julie Hewett lipstick which retails for $22.50 USD. Julie Hewett has her own website where you can shop and find local retailers that carry the line.

Unlike the other four shades, Revlon's Love That Red is not matte. As stated in a previous post, 1940s/1950s lipsticks were not matte because they were made with oils. Therefore, the lipsticks had a very emollient feel on the lips. Women achieved the matte look by blotting the lips with tissue. Like true vintage lipsticks, the Revlon formula has a very creamy and somewhat shiny texture and it has been around since 1951. This product can be found at most drug stores and grocery stores.

Of the lipsticks seen here, my favorites are the MAC. The Belle Noir comes in next for me. I love the gold, vintage like tube and the formula is great but the price is kind of high. However, I am willing to buy more of these lipsticks because the packaging is a huge winner for me. I just wish manufacturers would bring back the vintage style.

So, what lippies are your must-haves?


  1. I've only just found your blog and am about to read back through your posts because what I've seen so far is so informative and interesting I can't believe I haven't found you before!

    Being based in the UK, we don't have the same shades (or the same names for the same shades) and sometimes not even the same brands as the US. I mostly wear a berry red I got from The Body Shop, it doesn't appear to have a name. It's a deeper red than the others I will wear which are:
    Rimmel: Diva Red and Alarm
    Boots No.7: Cherry
    Revlon: Love That Red

    I'm still trying to get used to wearing red lipstick, I was afraid of fashion until a few months ago as my ideas of nice clothes differed wildly from the mainstream and I worked in a terribly fashionable industry. Thankfully my natural common sense kicked in and I decided everyone else can stuff it ;) But the habit is hard to kick and I'm finding red lipstick the hardest to get used to (despite loving it!)


  2. Hello Toria,

    Thank you for the comments! I have family in the UK. My mum is from Ireland and Dad is from Norway. Three of mum's siblings emigrated to Britain during the 60s. They all married Brits and had kids. Other than a few cousins and my dad's brother here in America, most of our family is still overseas. When I was younger, the family and I would travel to Ireland and the UK for the entire summer. It was brilliant.

    If you are in the UK, you have to try out Tom Ford's new lipstick. I hear it is lovely and totally vintage.

    If you are not comfortable with reds yet, you can choose a stain or lustre formula. These will be gloss-like and/or more transparent. You can also apply a light coat of red with a lip brush and blot. Then apply a clear gloss or balm.

    As for red lips, I am the opposite. I will sometimes try light shades like nudes or pale pinks and immediately my first instinct is to wipe it off and got back to my "red lipstick comfort zone!"


  3. Oh, I'd love to get a Tom Ford lippie, the colours look divine. Unfortunately at about £35 a pop I couldn't afford one :(

    Thanks for the tip on alternatives to full out red, I'll definitely try those!

  4. Toria,

    I have to agree that $45 USD for a lipstick very steep. Even though the shades are gorgeous, the price is a bit mental. I know it is Tom Ford which is a "luxury line" but still! Besides, if the husband found out I spent that kind of money on makeup, I think he could go spare.