Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nighttime Beauty Ritual

Here is me, in bed watching TV, after a long day at work. I have taken out the contacts, washed my face, and gotten into my vintage 40s jammies. Basically, this is me without the makeup. Pretty funny, huh?

So, now that we know how to do a 40s face, here is how to take it off. Remember what our mothers told us? NEVER go to bed with makeup on and NEVER go to bed without brushing your teeth! There were a few times back in college when I did not take the makeup off and didn't brush my teeth. Let me tell you, not only was my pillow a mess, I looked and felt like a mess too! Gross.

One of the best things we can do for our vintage look, is to take care of our skin and teeth. Not only do we take our makeup off and use good oral hygiene, we should use good quality skincare. Besides, what good is makeup when our "canvas" and smile are neglected?

Nevertheless, here are the steps in my nightly ritual:

Remove lipstick and eye makeup with Pond's Cold cream or Lancome's BiFacil. Pond's is cheaper and does not irritate eyes. It gets rid of waterproof mascara and all traces of lipstick. Remove with tissue.

Brush teeth, floss, and if desired, use mouthwash. I use Vanilla Mint Listerine!

Cleanse skin and if needed, use an alcohol free toner.

Apply night cream if needed but always try to apply eye cream. Clinique's All About Eyes is fantastic.

Wearing lipstick, especially matte lipstick all day can dry out lips. Apply lip balm. Rose Bud Salve is wonderful and Aquaphor by Eucerin is great too. I use Eucerin nightly and always wake to soft, repaired, supple lips.

If your hair is still holding its shape and/or you plan to refresh it the next day, comb out any hair product like sprays or gels. Re-roll hair or re-pin and secure with a hair scarf or bandana. (One great product a vintage girl must have in her beauty collection is Tigi's Dirty Secret or Ojon's Dry Shampoo. These are sprays that disperse a fine powder mist that absorbs oils and refreshes hair. These products help save your style, spare your hair from overwashing, and save time! And the sprays make hair smell so nice!)

Also, be sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep! I know it is hard, especially all of us seem so busy but a good night's sleep is vital for our beauty and longevity.

Take care of yourself, get some rest, and beauty will reward you for life!

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