Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vintage Reproduction Clothing

This is me in my yard in 2007 wearing a Stop Staring dress. I got it from Daddyos.com for $74.00 USD.

In the four years I have been wearing vintage daily, I have seen a lot of websites with vintage reproduction clothing. Sites like www.mybabyjo.com, www.daddyos.com, www.pinupgirlclothing.com, and www.reddressshoppe.com have because mainstays on my bookmarks. Most of the online retailers are great when it comes to selection but their prices are sometimes ridiculous. As a result, I have been frequenting places like Etsy and eBay for the real thing, which tend to be less expensive.

For example, Stop Staring Clothing has some of the most beautiful designs but paying $150.00 dollars for a repro dress made in stretchy poly is, sorry but I have to say it, stupid. Yes, the dresses are to die for but the costs are getting crazy.

Another great retailer is Trashy Diva. Candice Gwinn, the creator, is amazing and she has a good eye for amazing fabrics and perfect lines that flatter the female form. I literally want to buy EVERYTHING! Her dresses are perfection when it comes to vintage detailing and accuracy but the cotton dresses start at $110.00 and the crepe de chine can cost over $200.00! I often try to check out the sale pages but mostly everything in my size is sold out. Rats.

Not only are vintage repro dresses high-priced, many vintage retailers like Posh Girl are selling real vintage that is so overpriced it makes you wonder where their brains are! Earlier today, I saw cute 40s dress with bolero on the Posh Girl site that sold for $299.00! Really? What some of us forget is that even though these are vintage items, they are still used clothes.

When I was in high school, I could walk into a vintage store with my sister and get a whole outfit for under $30.00. That was 17 years ago but still. I bought a grass green boiled wool cardigan from the 50s for $5.00, and a plaid 50s pencil skirt for $20.00! Both items just needed a dry clean to get out the slightly musty smell but that was it! They were flawless.

I think most vintage reproduction and real vintage is targeted at women who buy the occasional piece for an event or just to have something cute and unique in their closet. I, like many vintage girls, wear vintage every day. I cannot build a daily wardrobe with pieces that cost over $100.00 each.

Because of this, I shop for real vintage and reproduction that is on sale. I noticed that www.daddyos.com has lower prices on Stop Staring. They also ship fast and their customer care staff is always so kind. I also visit Etsy a lot! Last week, I bought a "new old stock" black and white houndstooth dress with matching belt for $30.00! The tags were still on the dress!! With shipping I only paid a total of $36.00! I almost bought a 40s navy-colored deadstock dress for $55.00 but I did not get it. I bought enough last week as it is! I hope some other vintage gal is lucky enough to snag it for herself!

Despite the high costs of some places, you can find good quality vintage that won't break the bank. Even though I have several Stop Staring dresses, I refuse to pay full retail anymore. However, if I find something I like on major discount/clearance, I may get it.

Red Dress Shoppe, Heartbreaker Fashion, Etsy, eBay, www.dandelionvintage, www.neldasvintageclothing.com, www.mystiquevintage.com, and www.woodlandfarmsantiques.com are all good websites that have a wonderful selection and great prices. The first two shops are repro clothing. Heartbreaker is just lovely and Mandie Bee, one of the owners, is a doll. Sign up for the mailing list because the store often has discounts. Dandelion Vintage and Nelda's updates their sites with new stock every weekend.

I will keep you all posted for good quality, good priced vintage!


  1. im lovin' the blog love!! keep it up!!! as for the vintage repro wear, i know its ridiculous!!! i always try to buy my vintage items cheap but if it is too cute to pass up, then thats when i'll make an exception. nice post!!! have a grat day!!!! xoxo

  2. Hey Charming Gal!

    Thank you so much for your comment! I agree that if an item is too cute, I sometimes cave! lol! This is true for me when it comes to shoes! Re-Mix Vintage shoes are amazing but very expensive. I have three pairs. I am weak! They are just so well-made, so comfortable, and too vintage perfect! I hope you have a lovely day too!

  3. I agree with this post 100%! My absolute max for a vintage piece is $150. And it has to be amazing for me to pay that. I'm surely not going to pay that for some mass produced poly dress that every other girl will be wearing. Trashy Diva is amazing and I am coveting some of her pieces. Also, Heyday is really good 40s repro. But for me its vintage first! Always!

  4. Hello, Temperamental Broad!

    Thanks for the comments! I agree about the limit on dresses. I also agree that a dress has to be a knock-em-dead frock before I shell out big cash!

    Moreover, I echo the sentiment that "every other girl is wearing." For example, just visit Stop Staring's website and see how many celebs are now wearing their stuff. Like you said, real vintage is better.

    I visited Heyday. Thank you so much for the link. They have cute things! They are located in the UK. Have you ordered from them before? And if so and you are in the US, how long do orders take to arrive.

    Thanks again!


  5. Oh! That's cheaper! How can I buy it?

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