Monday, May 24, 2010

Retro Living in a Modern World

When starting this blog, I knew I wanted to do something different. Sure, there are lots of blogs out there already that focus on vintage living. I have found many that are amazing that are full of reviews, tutorials, and tips for shopping. I have read blogs detail how vintage lovers like me are able to wear vintage every day and how hard it is to find certain things. Others also talk about the vintage-themed events they went to, the curtains they made in their Atomic-Era influenced kitchen, and how they studied the costumes in the Notebook and Turner Classic Movies.

I love all of it. I also feel good knowing that I am not the only one out there who loves vintage as much as I do and who chooses to wear it daily. The advent of the Internet has allowed us to connect and to learn from each other as well. I recently learned how to make hair rats on another vintage blog. Talk about helpful! I enjoy pretending to work hard at my desk at the office while I read about the latest finds on Etsy and learn about online shops like Trashy Diva, Re-Mix Vintage Shoes, Baby Girl Boutique, and Lipstick Vogue.

Moreover, despite the fact we vintage fanatics often feel like outsiders in the modern world of boxy, soulless cars, boring clothing, and dull home furnishings, we can take advantage of the benefits the modern world is able to offer us. With the Internet, we can find vintage shops and clothing stores that our town may not have. Finding vintage here in DC can be very difficult and what you do find, aka "Annie Creamcheese," the selection is not that great and what you do find tends to be so overpriced.

Lastly, in this modern time, we can use technology to make our vintage lifestyle for the better. If it weren't for the Internet, I would basically have no vintage clothes, shoes, or accessories to speak of. I sometimes find myself wishing I was born 88 years ago but I think I can get used to this modern life.

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