Friday, May 28, 2010

My Latest Etsy Find!

Here I am wearing my latest find from Etsy! The husband and I were leaving the office for the day. A storm was also about to come through even though the sun was still shining. Gotta love summer!

Anyway, this black and white houndstooth dress is one of the latest finds I bought off of Etsy in the last month. It purchased it for a total of $36.00 (this included shipping)! This is a new, old stock dress from the 50s that still had the original tags on! I clipped the tags off and saved them. One of the tags was from the store the dress was more than likely was originally bought. It cost $5.99 and then it was on sale for $3.88! I wish vintage still cost the same as back then! I got the dress in the mail on Wednesday and wore it yesterday! I simply took it out of the priority mail package and immediately hung it on a hanger. The dress was clean so I simply sprayed it with a little Febreeze to spruce it up a little. Not only did it fit like a dream, it felt crisp and brand new!

As for finding new old stock or deadstock clothing on Etsy (so much better than eBay), just type in "40s NOS," "40s Deadstock," "50s NOS," or "50s deadstock." You will be amazed how many sellers have so much unworn, vintage beauties for sale!

Happy hunting, girls!


  1. I hope you are able to find lots of NOS and deadstock goodies! Etsy is such a great place! I can spend hours browsing!