Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Besame Cosmetics Lipstick Update! -Classic Color Lipstick

(Photo courtesy of Besame Cosmetics)

Earlier today, I visited Besame Cosmetics website looking to buy a couple of remaining tubes of the Enchanting Lipstick in 'Red Hot Red.' As some of you may know, Besame Cosmetics discontinued the Enchanting Line. These lipsticks ($15.00 USD) boasted authentic vintage color cased in tiny, yet elegant gold tube adorned with a red floral motif. The packaging alone was pure retro glamour! So, it was to my surprise (and letdown) that the Enchanting Lipsticks are no longer listed on the site. Besame had a few colors still available online a couple of weeks ago but alas, they are now gone.  Nonetheless, Besame has just introduced a new line of lipstick called  "Classic Color Lipstick." It retails for $22.00 USD. You can view them here:

Despite the fact the Enchanting Lipstick was top-notch in texture, color, and longevity, the bullet itself was T-I-N-Y! I will never forget the first time I received my 'Red Hot Red,' 'Exotic Pink,' and 'Besame Red' tubes. I was taken aback at how little they were! I thought, "Was I sent trial sizes by mistake?" Nope.

The Enchanting Lipstick was indeed small but the what it lacked in size, it certainly made up for color intensity and quality!  This lipstick felt like pure silk on my lips and it lasted all day with very few touch-ups. I still have a smidgen of 'Red Hot Red' in the tube. I use a lipbrush to carve out what's left and when the tube is empty, I will display it on my vanity.

A while back, Besame introduced the Voluptuous Lipstick Set (35.00 USD). This set includes a full-size lipstick, matching lip liner, and a chic lip brush. I read reviews stating that even though the colors were the same as the Enchanting line, the formula as thinner and not as pigmented.

Although, the Voluptous set looks promising, I still long for the original Enchanting formula. In my opinion, no other lipstick I have tried comes even close its color palette and creamy, matte texture!

After considering several online reviews and my own experience, I decided to contact Besame directly and my call was immediately answered by a lovely, kind, and informative gentleman by the name of Fergus. He graciously answered all my questions and even offered me a chance to speak with Besame founder, Gabriela Hernandez! I wanted to talk to her so badly but I was at work and had a meeting in 5 minutes. Rats! However, Fergus told me that if I wanted to e-mail a request to talk to Gabriela, I could. Awesome!

Nevertheless, Fergus gave me a wealth of information regarding the new Classic Color lipstick! The lipsticks will debut in the first or second week of December 2010. (They are only available for pre-order right now) The Classic Color lipstick bullet will be 3.5 grams and therefore larger than the original. Fergus stated, "They will be only slightly smaller than standard lipsticks." The Classic lipstick colors will be the same as the Enchanting colors. However, I do not see Exotic Pink listed on their website. I had Exotic Pink and I loved it when I had black hair!

Not only will these new lipsticks be bigger, they will also be paraben-free. I learned that due to the demand from US customers, the lipsticks were made larger. Fergus stated that many people thought the tubes were like "minis or sample sizes." As I mentioned previously, I ,too, thought the same thing. But the lipstick was vintage-fabulous and color was perfection.

I cannot wait for the Classic Colors to come out! I will buy my two tubes of 'Red Hot Red' as soon as they are available! I look forward to the bigger size and putting that luscious color on my lips once again!


  1. I love Besame..Gabriela is the best..I bought all the Besame lipsticks in every color.. When they were on sale. foundation,eyeliner and mascara.. they are divine..before I left Cali.. I won Voluptuous Lip Colour Set for answering a question on her twittr I glad to know the lipsticks are going to be bigger..I love the cute bullet designs but I wear alot of red lipstick.

  2. I wish I could have caught that sale! What a deal that would have been!!

    I love how Besame is a latina-owned company too! When I was in college, I was friends with several latinas (I was a Spanish major) and all of them were so beautiful and strong! They were also loyal and kind!

    I wear a lot of red lipstick too! I like the new Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense but they cannot hold a candle to the Besame line!

  3. yes I love that too,she is from Argentina...yeah we are very humble and quick tempered,lol
    I havent tried Make Up for Ever..but I heard great things about that brand.

  4. La Dama,

    My brother-in-law's family is from Buenos Aires! His tata lived to be 91! He drank yerba mate everyday and loved malbec wine! He was full of life and very opinionated! He was tough but a real gentleman. My brother-in-law's mama, Susana, is amazing. She is an avid soccer player and skier, she's beautiful, witty, smart, and one hell of cook! Her empanadas are too good!

    Make Up For Ever has lovely eyeshadow, great lip liners, and their lipsticks (only the new formula) are awesome but again I have yet to find anything that parallels the Besame lipsticks! When they are available, I am getting Red Hot Red and Besame Red!

  5. awww bless him and her..thats cute..very stubborn bunch.
    I will have to check them out...I wore Besame for my wedding and I didnt really have to retouch too much.

  6. So incredibly excited about this. Besamé Red is my color and I desperately need another tube. There is nothing like a little gold tube of Besamé.

  7. Ginger,

    I am excited too! I am so glad they kept the original formula and made it a bigger size! Red Hot Red is pure bliss!

  8. Hey there! Yes, I got an email from Besame on this today, and saw this on the website. They also have new foundation. I tried their last foundation and it just wasn't suited for me. Maybe this one will be different. I love all of their lipsticks, and Exotic Pink is my current fav. I love their blushes, eye shadow and loose powder. I was going to post about the new lipsticks too, but you got their before I could! You said it better anyway! :)


  9. Dollie,

    Thanks for the comment! I have been curious about Besame's other products and it sounds like they are fab! I almost bought the foundation a few years ago but the color I wanted was sold out. Maybe it was a sign! lol!

    I, too, saw the new tube foundation listed on the site. It is only pre-order right now. I would like to try it. The previous formula as a jar-type and I actually prefer pump bottle or squeeze tube. I used to wear Chantecaille foundation and it too was in a jar and whenever I traveled, the foundation usually spilled out when it opened it!

    I am pleased that Besame brought the lipsticks back and in a bigger size! As soon as they are "on the market," I am going to stock up!


  10. This great news--I will be stocking up too!

    I really like Besame's powder foundation--the porcelain shade is a lovely pale cream (I use the Light shade to contour as well). The loose powder, eye shadows, and blushes are also very nice--intensely pigmented and creamy in texture.

  11. Amanda,

    I have used the powder foundation before and I was great! It was so soft in texture and it covered flaws well!

    I also love their packaging! It is so elegant and quite retro! I feel like such a lady when I use their lipsticks!

  12. The clearance sale back in the day was TDF! I ended up with multiple back-ups of the translucent powder, damn near every masterliner pencil, another palette, etc. If you've ever tried the e/s, they're awesome. The pigmentation is fabulous and Besame is probably one of the best vintage-inspired brands out there, in terms of quality. I'd love to pick up the new l/s in coral!