Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Outfit Post

I have not done an "outfit post" in a while so I thought I would share my Friday workday look with you all!

It was actually cold here in the DC Metro Region last week (highs in the low 50s) so I wore lots of wool skirts and cardigans. I love cold weather and I hope this winter brings lots of snow too!

This past Friday I wore my vintage 50s red cardigan paired with a vintage 50s wool skirt. Both the cardigan and the skirt were bought off Etsy. I love the print of the skirt! It is like a modern, geometric-like plaid. I am also wearing a pair of black Spanx tights and my vintage 50s saddle shoes. I was going to wear a pair of white bobby socks but it was too cold for bare legs!

My coat is from Banana Republic and I got it 5 years ago. I love the charcoal color. I used to have a nice black wool, double-breasted coat but the black picked up every lint, cat hair, Tara hair, and fuzzy bits! I was constantly using the fabric roller! With a color like charcoal, I can look polished without looking like I rolled around in my dryer's lint trap.


  1. dont you look so the skirt..I seen a similar one the other day ,but was too small for me...cute saddle shoes...yes its best to keep warm.

  2. Thanks, La Dama! I got the skirt for only 23 dollars! It is pure wool and it's super warm! I got the saddle shoes about 11 years ago and I they were 50s deadstock! I am always amazed how comfortable they are!

  3. Cute outfit--I love that coat! It's finally cooled off here (it's dropped to the 70s this week, so we're cold ha ha) so I am looking forward to breaking out the winter wear :-)

  4. To cute! I need to start doing outfit posts...I wear my vintage to work, also.

  5. Thank you, Jitterbugdoll! I love my Banana Republic coat! Nothing beats a classic, double-breasted wool coat for winter. I have been looking for a vintage 50s swing coat lately. When I wear full skirt dresses or circle skirts, the narrow cut of my gray coat tends to smoosh things!

    70s is cold? Sounds like Boca Raton were my husband's family lives! I am going there for Thanksgiving on the 23rd and they told me it has been "on the chilly side," i.e. temperatures in the high 70s and lower 80s! LOL!

    Here in DC, winter temperatures can be in the 40s, 50s, and occasionally in the 30s. It rarely gets colder. It also does not snow enough here! I would love to have temps in the 20s and 30s with weekly blizzards!

  6. Thanks, Kim! That is great that you get to wear vintage to the workplace too! I would love to see your daily looks!