Friday, November 12, 2010

Latest Etsy Purchases

Even though I am trying to cut back on my spending, I still find myself buying vintage clothing on Etsy! Darn my vintage lust! I try to be good!  But what can I say? I needed some new winter skirts and a new set of Pjs. So, here are the latest buys from late last month and early this month!

I bought these unworn, never-opened vintage 50s light-weight cotton pajamas for $22.00 USD! I love how they are still in their original packaging! I have not gotten these yet! I cannot wait for them to arrive! I need these since I am traveling to Boca Raton, Florida for Thanksgiving and the weather will be warm and most of my pajamas are flannel.

I just HAD to get this beauty! It is a vintage, early 60s eggshell-colored beaded sweater that got for $13.11 USD! I can see this going with so many things from pencil skirts, circle skirts, and pants!

This late 50s wool skirt fits like a dream! I got it for $36.00 USD and it's in pristine condition! It looks great with cardigans, turtleneck sweaters, or blouses.

Even though this skirt fits a little big, I had to have it! This vintage 1950s wool skirt has a great geometric plaid print! It is a study wool and perfect for winter! I paid $22.99 USD. It looks fabulous with white, cream, red, and black!

This red, green, and black plaid skirt from the 50s is thick and heavy! I am so warm in this! Despite its weight, it hangs nicely when worn. I wore it on Election day with a black turtleneck from Forever 21. I paid just $18.00 USD! Love!

So, what have you girls bought lately? Please share!


  1. Great skirts!!! That blue and grey one is really nice!

    I shop way too much on Etsy. It's like if it's in my Favorites I feel like it's my personal shopping list! Sometimes it really gets out of hand!

  2. I LOVE the PJs! How fabulous...

    Sadly I'm on a total buying ban :o( The recession has hit my business hard so it's food and mortgage only for me at the moment!

  3. Ooh, I love all the plaids! I just went shopping on Etsy yesterday and posted some of my finds - you were one of them!

    I didn't buy any clothes/jewelry - but bought a flapper figurine from Mitzi's Collectibles. I have this thing for the 1920's...

  4. Wow!! I never have this good of luck buying vintage online (hence the reason I have to resort to sewing all my vintage looks). Way to go, and the prices are a steal, how could you not buy them? ;)

  5. Trixie,

    Thanks for the comments! I am wearing one of my new skirts today. I agree that Etsy favorites are dangerous! My husband tells me to stop buying so he can have something to buy me for the holidays! lol! I literally could buy EVERYTHING in my favorites right now. Like you said, it's dangerous!

  6. Fiona,

    I think I need to do a self-imposed buying ban! I often feel tempted to buy when I do not need it!

  7. Susan,

    Thanks! I love the 20s too but I am "at home" in the 40s and 50s! I had a bob haircut for long time ala Louise Brooks! I love the beaded dresses and the gamine style of the 20s! I have 20s reproduction, black beaded dress overlay. It is so pretty and so heavy! I wore the dress over a long rust-colored tank lining for Halloween in 2006 and 2007.

  8. Barbara,

    I WISH I could sew better than I do! That's why I buy vintage. For example, I was making a simple circle skirt this weekend using cotton madras plaid fabric and when it came to hemming, I stopped. I have no idea what I am doing! Cutting the pattern, stitching the sides, making the waistband, and filling the waist with elastic was all easy but that circle hem is beyond me. I need to research how to hem the skirt without ruining it!

    As for the prices, I used to be very frivolous when it came to buying. Now, I am all about the 'deal.' I really cannot believe I bought the beaded sweater for 13.11 USD!!

  9. Oooh! They're all so cute. I love the '60s top. =D
    -Andi x

  10. I love those plaid skirts, especially the blue and grey one!

    I'm supposed to be on a "no buy" right now, but somehow I ended up with a new pair of 40s platforms! Of course, I justified my purchase by reasoning that the shoes will replace another pair of mine that are really too delicate to wear. I think that’s a valid excuse, don’t you? :-)

  11. Holly,

    Isn't that sweater gorgeous! And to think I got it for just over 13 bucks! I was floored!

  12. Andi,

    The sweater is the best deal I have found in a long time! I am about it get it any day now! I cannot wait to pair it with my new skirts!

  13. Jitterbugdoll,

    I hear ya! That is a good excuse to buy! lol! I have a pair of black suede Stuart Weitzman platform heels that I have had for over 4 years. They have been repaired once already and they are starting to show wear. I think I may have to justify a new shoe purchase myself! :)