Thursday, April 25, 2013

For The Love of Vintage Hair -Getting to Know Hair Pieces

In the 14 years I have been experimenting with vintage hairstyles (I did swing in the late 90s), it has only been recently that I began wearing hair pieces. In September 2009, I was diagnosed with genetic hair loss/hair thinning and started using Women's 2% Rogaine. Even though my hair has always been fine, as I approached my 30s, I noticed my hair was losing volume. So, not only was my hair fine, it was now becoming thin! Oh fun!

Despite my knee-jerk reaction to simply give up and cut my hair off, I began researching hair extensions. I found out from my stylist that not only were they super expensive, they required costly maintenance, and in many cases they could make my hair loss worse. I quickly nixed that idea!  Then one day while searching the Internet, I stumbled upon several online wig stores. I found everything from clip-in extensions, 3/4 wigs, headband wigs (a 1/2 wig with a headband attached), and even human hair clip-in extensions and volumizers.  After some decision making, I bought a synthetic clip-on ponytail and headband wig. Let me tell you, those two hair pieces became my precious accessories! I wore them both to death! When the wigs started to show their age, I knew I had to find something better made!

In 2011, I finally made the investment to buy a human hair 14 inch, clip-in volumizer.

After I received the hair piece, I made an appointment for my stylist to color and cut it so it would match my color and blend into my own hair. I still have that volumizer and I wear it when I do a long, curled style.

However, lately I have not been wearing my volumizer as often. In the last six months, I have incorporated collagen supplements and a higher mcg Biotin pill into my daily vitamins. I continue to use my Rogaine for Women (the Target brand) faithfully. I am not sure who is the "culprit," but my hair is healthier and thicker!! I can wear my own hair in a fluffy ponytail or pigtail braids and not feel like I am bald!

This is my hair now and I am not wearing any hair piece:
I will never have thick hair but I my hair is definitely packing more volume!

Anyway, even though my hair is thicker, I still have a little trouble covering those mesh bun forms (found at Sally Beauty). I often need to tease my hair and use tons of hairspray to achieve full coverage. I do not like teasing my hair a lot. It can be very damaging, especially for hair like mine. I color it and it's thin. So, I need to find other ways to do vintage buns and up-dos that don't compound my hair's condition.

With that said, let me share with you my new little hair secret! HAIR PIECES!! Yes, hair pieces save the day again! Instead of clip-in volumizers or headbands, we are talking drawstring buns, wiglets, and toppers! I recently purchased three different synthetic hair pieces from a fabulous Etsy seller!

I got the Dusty piece:
I also purchased the Gina:
And lastly, I bought the Audrey:
How do I wear them? I simply put my hair into a ponytail and wrap the ends into a bun and secure with an elastic. I spray my hair with a strong hold hairspray to smooth out my "base" and using the two hair combs attached inside the piece, I slide one comb on top of the bun and the other underneath. No bobby pins are required! The piece is so secure and lightweight so I just put on a hair flower or bow and I am out the door!

Now, most of you may know that hair pieces are nothing new. They have been around for ages. In the 18th century, wigs were a must for any lady wanting to keep with with the latest fashion! Marie Antoinette anyone? In the 1960s, wiglets and full wigs were all the rage!

My mom and mother-in-law were both in their teens and 20s in the 60s. Both of them have told me how wiglets were pretty much standard for daytime looks and evening style. Just look at Christina Hendricks' "Mad Men" character, Joan. She wears tons of hair pieces throughout various seasons. During the season two episode, "The Mountain King," Joan is seen wearing a gorgeous purple dress and what looks like two hairpieces, one being the main up-do and the other a braid wrap/accent.
Even though I HATE the Greg character (especially during this episode), I just can't stop looking at Joan! Her style and hair, particularly during the first two seasons, are just perfection! I want that dress!!

Nevertheless, I am simply over the moon I found such fantastic hair pieces!I love wearing them and I really love the ease in which I can do vintage up-do styling!


  1. It's great that you found an alternative to give you that great look. I also have thin hair but luckily it has always had great volume. Especially if I left it air dry. I've recently started taking Biotin to help my hair and skin. I'll have to look into a collagen supplement too. It's never too early to take care of yourself.

    Human hair wigs/extensions are expensive but worth it if you can afford them. They are so much easier to curl, style and are totally customizable when it come to color.

    1. The hair pieces are light and thus, do not add any strain to my hair! I LOVE that!

      I take 5,000 mcg Biotin and take 3 Youtheory Marine Collagen tablets twice a day (6 total). I swear by these two supplements. I also like Rogaine. I thought my world was over when my dermatologist told me to start taking it. It took a couple of months to start working but it works!

      Human hair wigs are great but yes, so so pricey! I like the synthetic hair pieces but for a full wig, I totally agree about making the big investment!

  2. I love Joan's hair from that era, too. And I love all the hair pieces you've shown in this post! I'm going to have to try the supplements you take, your hair looks fabulous in the fall-less photo!

  3. All of the pieces you bought look fabulous on you and your hair looks great on its own! I have some awesome photos of my mom in the late '60s when she went to see Elvis in Vegas and she has her hair up so high with the help of a hair piece, it's amazing!

  4. I am so sorry that you had to go through that with your hair early on; it is brave of you to share.

    I have definitely had some hair loss the last few years and started using extensions to make it look fuller (particularly around my face) as well as over teasing (most often with the large ballet buns and bettie bangs).

    How do you like your hair toppers? If you were to only invest in one, what would it be?


  5. I would have never known you were wearing a hair piece. They match up so well with your hair and look amazing.
    I used to have a favorite hair piece in high school and I wore the darn thing like 5 days a week until it started to look a little ratty. *HAHAHA*

  6. I love those hairpieces!

    I too have fine hair and have had great results with Biosil supplements and Biotin. Even my stylist said my hair was thicker!

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