Friday, April 12, 2013

Viva Las Vegas 16! Day 1 (Long Post)

The night before Viva, I visited my sister's house for dinner. She and I dined on a lovely grilled shrimp and risotto dish as we talked about my upcoming trip and the weeks' events. Afterwards, I went to Target for last minute provisions and then the ATM for cash. The night was chilly and while packing final items into already-stuffed suitcases, I was excited for warm weather, staying up too late, eating good food, and seeing my friends.

As I tried to go to sleep, my cat refused to settle down on the account her "dad" was out of town for a business trip. Due to my cat's antics, I only got about 3 hours of actual sleep.

The morning of my trip, I woke promptly at 5:00 am and took a shower. I got dressed in a late 50s black and white plaid dress, saddle shoes, and red Pendleton jacket. It was cold and I was beyond exhausted. As the cab pulled in front of my house to take me to airport, all I could think about was coffee and a nap. The driver was nice and took care of my luggage and then we made our way to Dulles International Airport. The blanket of pre-dawn darkness hung over the road, pregnant with DC rush hour traffic.
That image is a truck.

I made it to the airport, got my luggage, and proceeded to the United Airlines check in kiosk. But my morning was about to take a dreadful twist. I, in my infinite wisdom (or in this case, lack thereof), left my credit card/bank card in my coat pocket. Remember how I visited the ATM the night before? Well, apparently, I didn't. There I was, at the kiosk, and no card. My heart was not in my throat, it was in my butt! I wanted to scream. My pulse was racing and my already-weak body wanted to keel over. Then I remembered: my husband's cousin lived a few blocks away and he was probably still home! I texted him and thankfully, he answered right away. In my agitated state, I was able to give him instructions how to find the card that was in my one of my coat pockets, hanging in my foyer closet. He got the card and made his way to the airport. Thank heavens the airport is only 15 minutes from my house!! I waited for his red jeep to pull up outside the terminal and upon site of him, I feel redeemed, saved! I ran out, hugged him, and got my card. Whew!

I finally checked in and then I got another whammy. United charged me $100.00 dollars for my bags. Since my husband was away on business, he had to meet me in Las Vegas, therefore I had to bring his bag along with my two bags. Normally if one is travelling first class, the airline waives the bag fees but this time, the agent I was dealing with decided I was not worthy so I was charged. (A side note; on the way home from Vegas, we were not charged). I think the woman did not like me because she kept giving me the stink eye. Oh well. I boarded the plane, stowed my train case, and sat in seat 2B.
As I drank my coffee, the man sitting in 3A, came on board and proceeded to jam his monster roll bag into the overhead bin. I could hear my train case getting bopped around but I was too tired to think anything of it at the time. (More on THAT later).

I settled into the flight and tried to sleep. Nope. Not happening. Breakfast came and I had yogurt, vegetarian egg omelet, and fruit. I arrived into Las Vegas McCarran Aiport at 10:37 am. I was so ready for a nap and to party with the Viva gang!

I arrived at my hotel, the MGM Signature. I was in Tower 1, floor 17, room 609. The room was lovely and had an ok view.
After check-in, I waited for the bellman to bring my bags. I had time to kill so I unpacked my train case and tote bag. As I opened my train case, I was appalled to see this:
My pearl lucite bag was damaged! The creep in 3A with his monster bag from hell (that bag should have been checked by a flight attendant in my opinion) broke one of my handles. I wanted to scream!!! I was devastated. I gently put it away and tried not to think about it. I had another lucite and metal bag I could use. I also had other bags for the week. But still....

The bellman kindly brought my bags, I tipped him, asked him how often cabs come to the building, and after he left, I tried to nap. I dozed for a little bit and then realized I was hungry. I ordered room service lunch: a vegetarian hummus plate with pita, olives, veggies, and buffalo pesto mozzarella. It was good! After lunch, it was 1:00 pm and I realized it was time to get ready to head over the Orleans to check in, get my wristband, and go to Sweet Pea's "Hooch n Smooch!"

I proceeded to set my makeup out and get "dolled up."
After makeup, I got dressed in a 50s pink floral, polished cotton Tori Richards' Hawaiian sarong and a pair of clear and sparkle bow Pollys. I got a cab and make it to the Orleans for Viva! It was just after 2:00 pm and I got my wristband.
The Orleans was filled with Rockabilly energy and it felt so good! I went upstairs to the Bienville room for the Hooch n Smooch and there I bumped into Miss Dollie Deville and her husband Zach, Ashley from Lisa Freemont Street blog (she was wearing a KILLER Whirling Turban dress), Kim S. from San Francisco.

The mood was lively and I hung out for a bit before heading back to the Signature for a rest, a bath, and to get ready for the night!

In the early evening, I made contact with two friends staying at the Orleans: Cassandra and Jennie. These are two great gals from the Northwest and they are stylish, super fun, and very nice! I asked if I could bring a change of clothes to their room and they were kind enough to say yes. I got a cab to the Orleans, went to the 5th floor to meet the girls, and after getting ready, Cassandra and Jennie got their wristbands, we all got our boots, and went upstairs.
Michelle, Cassandra, and me. Michelle is a friend of Cassandra and Jennie. She was so nice! Love her and Cassandra's dresses!!

We met up with the Foxy Foxes for a photo!

(Image courtesy of the Foxy Fox Hole Pinup Vintage Rockabilly Show and Tell Group)

After the photo meet up, some girls called it a night, and I realized I had no dinner! I was starving. I also wanted to change for late night. I got some Sbarro pizza and changed into more casual wear.
Me and Jennie. Jennie was just too glam in her fringe dress! Fabulous! I walked around a bit in my jeans but then I realized I, too, needed to glam it up. I changed into a 50s brown and black plaid dress with a black satin waist detail.  I wish I took a picture of me in my dress but here it is:

I also wore my new Kate Spade shoes.
Me, Jennie, and Michelle went to the Ballroom to see the Janis Martin Tribute featuring Marti Brom and Rose Flores. It was amazing!! I love Janis Martin and I love the fact she is a Virginia girl like me! The show was awesome and Marti's voice is perfection!

After the show ended, we walked around a bit and I hit a wall. It was just before 3:00 am and since I am normally on Eastern time, it felt like 6:00 am. I decided to call it a night and go back to my hotel. My feet were in pain! Remind me never to wear new patent shoes without breaking them in! When I got back to my hotel, I was practically limping.  Warning: Icky picture below:

I took a bath, bandaged my feet, and went to bed. I was tired more anything I have ever experienced. Even in my college days, I never felt like this. I was shattered but I was happy! The day started off wonky but it turned out to be a fun day!

I will post Day 2 soon!


  1. Gah! I was wearing a Mexican circle skirt and they told me about the meet-up as I went up the stairs!! Sorry I missed the chance o meet you!!!

  2. Aw, I would love to have met you too! One Viva we have to do a bunch of meet ups so we do not miss out on seeing/meeting each other!

  3. OMG I would be SO pissed if some jackass broke my Lucite purse. Some people are just too rude for anyone's good. I've had horrible, sinking feeling when you realize your ATM card is missing. It's terrible. I'm glad you git it in time.

    You look great in the blue tropical number.

    One of the things I'm going to work on is breaking in shoes for Viva. In February we went to Vegas and I broke in mt moccasins. Of course I had HUGE blisters but now they are super comfy. Nothing worse than blister at the start of your trip.

    1. Mariela,

      Yes, I was livid about my bag! I wanted to hunt down that man!

      As for my shoes, I should have broken them in but I got them a day before my trip! Lesson learned!

  4. Sorry your trip got off to a bumpy start but it sounds like you had a ton of fun the first day! You look adorable!

    I cannot stand how people bring gigantic bags that should not be allowed in the overhead bins. So selfish! I hope you can find a good replacement handle for your poor purse.

    Looking forward to your next post ;-)

    1. The trip started off wonky but ended fantastic!! I was so sad when Viva ended! It seemed to go by too fast!

      I, too, think the crew should have checked that man's bag. He made it fit but overall it was too too big.

  5. So sorry to hear about your initial vacation struggles. I am not a stranger to travel woes, myself. There's always some jerk that doesn't know what respectful travel is, it's just a shame it ruined your bag.
    At least after all of that you got to experience the joys of Viva. I can't wait to see more pics!

    Hellcat Vintage

    1. Despite things starting off bad, it did end well! I cannot wait for next year!

  6. Oh no! So sorry that your purse handle broke - I would have been so upset if that would have happened to me! People can be so inconsiderate...

    I have really enjoyed your Viva posts (I just read them backwards from the last part to the first part!) and wish I would have gotten the chance to meet you in person! Next year I hope! :)

  7. Thank you for your lovely comments!

    Yes, I wanted to scream when I saw my lucite bag. That man in 3A with his monster bag!! Evil! My father-in-law used to do model planes as a kid and he told me I could take the bag to a local hobby shop and ask them how to fix it and/or if they have any special epoxy resin in stock that would be good. I need to fix it!!

    I hope we can meet next year too! I think us blogger gals have to do a meet-up!!!

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