Thursday, April 18, 2013

Viva Las Vegas 16! Day 2

After experiencing a wild previous day, I awoke in my hotel room around 10:00 am and I was ready to get another day started!

I ordered a lovely breakfast, got showered, laid out the day's outfit (a 50s Hawaiian cotton print sarong, silver pollys, and matching jewelry).

I texted my friends staying at the Orleans after breakfast. They wanted to meet up around 2 pm before heading over to Frankie's Tiki Room near Old Las Vegas.

(This is a picture taken from last year. I did not get one outside this time. Silly me!!)

Now, Friday is the day most Viva attendees go to Frankie's. It is literally a room! The inside is very tiki cool kitsch and it's super dark! The lighting is very low but it adds to the mood so well! (your eyes eventually adjust)

After meeting up with the girls, we got a couple of taxis and headed over to Frankie's.

The place was packed so we knew we had to get in line for the bar quick! This year I got a Mai Tai and in a pale yellow ceramic mug with a pineapple motif. After getting our drinks, the girls and I stalked a nice table and when the time was right, we quickly swooped in and got cozy!
We all hung out for a couple of hours. I had one drink and part of a second but stopped short of finishing it halfway. My husband was finally coming to Vegas after spending a week in Chicago for his business trip. While the girls and I were outside waiting for our cab to arrive, Big Daddy called me and said he was at our hotel.

The girls and I cabbed it back to the Orleans and then I took the same cab back to the MGM Signature (my hotel). I met with Big Daddy, I took a bath, we both took naps, and then went out to dinner at Il Mulino in the Caesars Forum Shops.  Dinner was fetuccine alfredo, too much delicious garlic bread, and martinis.

After dinner, Big Daddy and I went back to the hotel and went to bed! It was a great, relaxing day. Tomorrow, day 3, would be the car show and Saturday night!


  1. You look fabulous! Those tiki mugs are pretty fabulous too. We stayed at the MGM Grand but weren't too impressed.

    1. Thank you! I love those tiki mugs! I always make sure to get mugs each time I go to Frankie's.

      The Signature is connected to the MGM Grand. It is nice. All the rooms are suites and there is no smoking and no casino.

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