Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Viva Las Vegas 16! Day 4

On Sunday, the 31 of March, I woke up in my hotel around 10:00 am. Big Daddy and I ordered room service breakfast and then took showers to get ready for the last day of Viva.

Sunday is the "relaxing day" of Viva. It is also the main day people go to the pool to hang out, watch the swimsuit contest, and just enjoy the day. In the Orleans, there is also the Charles Phoenix slide show, the jive contest, do last minute shopping in the vendor rooms and stay up one last night at the all-night record hops.

After getting ready, Big Daddy and I got a cab and headed over to the Orleans. We made our way to the pool area and the line was long but after we got in it, it seemed to get longer. We waited in line, in the sun, for about 40+ minutes.
That's me. I am getting annoyed with the fact all of us Viva kids had to wait in line so long and also because I forgot my parasol! Thank heavens for sunblock!

After finally reaching the gate, Big Daddy and I were let in!
Big Daddy and I found a nice spot and got some drinks. I got a Mai Tai and he got a couple of beers. Now pose!

The weather was perfect. Then we saw the vintage swimsuit contest starting. All the girls looked fabulous!
One year I hope to have enough chutzpah to enter! I think it would be fun!

While Big Daddy and I were hanging out enjoying our drinks, a husband and wife from a foreign country (that I will not name) came over to us and started talking. The husband was wasted but he was nice and simply chatty. The wife, however, what a different story! She was DRUNK. I mean super crazy drunk!! She was slurring her words, talking about random things that made no sense, and was flicking her cigarette ashes on my patio skirt.

This is me and the woman was on the left. I cropped her out of the picture. My husband took it, thinking we were having a nice, civil conversation but it quickly became apparent, things were not what they seemed! After a few minutes, the woman's harmless rambling became quite terse. She started getting adversarial with me and even made a veiled anti-semitic remark when I answered her question about what my background was. I was like, "What the heck??!! Where did all this come from?!" Despite her drunken tirade, I maintained my composure and grace. I looked over at Big Daddy with my "HELP ME AND GET ME THE (expletive) OUT OF HERE NOW eyes!" Without skipping a beat, he told the couple "We have to go, we have a reservation." We made our hasty retreat to the opposite side of the pool area. After the crazy dust settled, we both looked at the each other and just laughed! What else can ya do?!

Big Daddy and I realized we were hungry so we ate at the pool. I got a tuna wrap and Big Daddy got cheeseburger.  Our food was surprisingly good!

After a few hours, we decided to head back to our hotel for a rest and to prepare for Sunday night.

I felt Sunday night's attire called for a 60s look! I wore a late 50s, polished cotton, Hawaiian-made cheongsam dress, silver pollys, 50s silver confetti lucite earrings, stretch pearl bracelets, and did my hair ala the early seasons of Mad Men.
After getting ready, we made our way over to the Orleans one more time! We listened to the music in the Bienville Room and then I did a little last-minute shopping at the Re-Mix Shoes booth. I got a pair of the Vogue wedgies in red.
I also wanted the Vogue in white but I decided to just get the red this time. I will, however, order the white pair when the weather stays warm. I know this sounds lame but I still feel weird wearing white shoes before Memorial Day! It must be "raised in the South" thing!

After getting my shoes and browsing the vendor rooms one last time, Big Daddy and I made our way back to the Bienville Room and when I went to powder my nose, I bumped into Holly B. from Temperamental Broad Blog! I was hoping to see her during Viva and finally I did! Too bad it was in the ladies' room and all for just a few moments! She looked fantastic as always! I hope we can do a meet up next year! She is just a doll and so so nice!

Around 1 am, Big Daddy was getting tired and I realized I was too. All that time in the sun at the pool party made us sleepy. We headed back to hotel and went to bed. The next few days were my 'birthday days!' My birthday was Tuesday the 2nd of April and we stayed in Vegas until Thursday the 4th.

When Viva was over, I was sad! I just could not believe how quickly it went by! Nevertheless, I cannot wait for next year and I hope to meet more of you too! 


  1. WOW! You look fabulous in your Hawaiian dress. You look perfect!

    I get flack for being Hispanic and burning like a fair skinned red head. I have to wear SPF 50 and stay out of the sun or else I burn like a mother. It suck because it takes me forever to tan.
    Some people in Vegas just don't know how to be chill. It's cool to chat up people but once they start being rude I split before losing my temper and letting the claws come out.

    What a great way to spend your birthday. You really need more than a couple of days to be in Vegas. In the past, we did four or so days and that was just the perfect amount of time to do what we wanted before being too tired.

    1. Thank you, Mariela! I wear high SPF too and sometimes if I am not super diligent with re-applying, my skin can still get burned, especially on my chest! I love the sun so it's frustrating.

      Most of the people at Viva were amazing. In the three years I have been going, I never had anyone get weird and combative with me before. However, I did hear from someone that one of their friends was actually spit on by a drunk, mean woman. Can we say crazy?! Viva or not, I guess some people cannot handle their booze and as a result, the claws and insanity come out. I am just glad to have gotten away from the woman!

      I agree that one needs more than a few days in Vegas to really enjoy it. I once went for two days and it was too much in too little time. I also felt like I missed out on quite a bit as well. This time around, the amount of days we had were perfect.

  2. Your patio skirt is so pretty and the lady you chose not to name maybe should have drank a little slower. *heheh*
    I must say you look TOTALLY AMAZING in that 60s look. OMG you look like a 60's barbie. Love your hair style and dress.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I love my patio skirt! I bought it last year at a vintage store down the street from my parents' house. There is also a matching top but I prefer to wear it with halter tops. I once wore the two together and because I am so short, I felt like the overall look was akin to a fortune teller! Lol! Some girls can really pull it off but me, not so much. I do, however, wear the top with black skirts.

      And thank you for the comment about my 60s look! I adore that 50s cheongsam! It was my very first Hawaiian-made dress purchase! And as for my hair, I am wearing two hair pieces! One in the front (a side-swept clip-on bang) and the big piece in the back. My hair is long but putting on hair pieces makes life so much easier since I cannot do some styles to save my life! My mother who was in her teens and 20s in the 60s, told me that it was very common for ladies to wear hair pieces. Her hair is naturally black and she says, "Oh if I only knew you would be into them, I would have kept all of mine!"

      And yes, that woman was pounding the "foo-foo drinks!" As we were leaving the pool, we spotted her in the same corner, swaying and staggering as she guzzled down another drink! Eugh.

  3. You look beautiful in everything, I am so sorry that someone tried to ruin your VLV experience, not cool!

    1. Thank you for your compliment and commenting on my post!

      This was my third Viva and I had never experienced anything rude, mean, catty, weird, awkward, or crazy until this woman. Everyone is always super nice. I am just glad to have gotten away!

  4. Love your day 4 outfits! Sorry you had a crummy run in at the pool party with some drunken crazies ;-( Glad you were able to escape them. I must remember that "we have reservations" trick!

    Love your new wedges! I couldn't help buying a green pair while we were there. I wish I could buy them all!

    1. Thank you for the comments and compliment! I love my new wedges! I want all of their shoes too! I have several pairs of Re-Mix shoes and I just adore each and every pair in my closet! I literally could have told the man at the booth, I will take one of each style and color in size 7, please! Someone please bring me a wheelbarrow! I bet the green color you got is stunning!

      As with the previous years, my Viva experiences have been wonderful. The woman at the pool was the first time I ever encountered any problem. Thankfully, the husband was quick on his feet and "Johnny on the Spot" with his "we have reservations" line! I could not have come up with that!

  5. Love the 60s look! Your hair is amazing!!!

    1. Thank you! The hair is courtesy of two hair pieces! I am going to do a hair piece post soon! I have discovered their wonderful benefits and want to share with everyone!

  6. thanks for sharing all this nice pictures ... love the asian style maxi. totally awesome!

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