Friday, February 11, 2011

New Atomic Goodies for the House!

I have been off radar for a little while and as a result, I have not been keeping up with my blog duties! Despite my apparent 'blog laziness,' I have been busy updating my house with new atomic housewares! As a result, my glue gun and sewing machine have been busy too!

After searching Etsy for new addition to my slowly expanding vintage housewares collection, I realized the things I wanted were either very expensive or the shipping was too high. I spotted several pairs of amazing lamps, a ton of ceramic vases and platters, and a bounty of starburst-adorned collectibles. I wanted so many things but I decided to search my local Target and Home Goods store for atomic-inspired lovelies.  My local Target left me wanting and empty-handed. But, Home Goods proved to be a wonderful place for my vintage needs. I ended up buying about 120.00 USD worth of goodies!

I would like to share with you all what I got and what I also made:
I found this starburst mirror at Home Goods for 39.99 USD! I almost missed it too! As I was checking out with my initial purchases, I spotted a couple buying the same mirror! I thought to myself, "Where was THAT hiding?! I have to have it!" I bought my stuff, got my receipt, put my bags in my car, and ran back into the store to search for this mirror. Let me tell you, I really had to look hard to find it. It was in a stack amongst different styles! I grabbed the mirror and I did not see any others. I think I got the last one.
 I found this teapot also at Home Goods. I love the aqua color! It matches the aqua already present in my kitchen! I paid 24.00 USD.
This red vase on the left is a ceramic glaze. It matches my atomic pillows and curtains wonderfully! The vase has a small crack on it but I hid it by simply turning the flawed area towards the back of my mantle. I got this for 10.00 USD.
This aqua strainer is a coated metal and it has a nice weight to it. I paid only $4.99 USD! Like my new teapot, it matches my kitchen nicely!

I found this lamp also at Home Goods! It was 29.00 USD. I love the wavy green ceramic base! The lamp shade has a very 50s look and texture!

Here is an upclose view of the lamp's detail:
I also purchased a 4-pack of white and aqua tea towels for 2.99 USD. I decorated two of them with a teal blue and yellow dot starburst fabric (the same as my kitchen curtains). I also added yellow grosgrain ribbon.

 Along with my new houseware buys, I made two more pillows for my living room using the same atomic repro print fabric I bought last summer on Etsy. I used up all of the first batch of fabric and as a result, I got some more last week. Here are the new pillows:

 I also made four placemats using the same fabric:
 I have been having fun adding more vintage style to my home! I wish I could learn to make boomerang tables and I would be set!

So, has anyone made any "retro renovations" to their abodes lately too?  I would love to know!


  1. Wow. You really have a great eye for finding the right things. These are great finds. I really like that lamp.
    -Andi x

  2. Thanks, Andi! I was lucky to find that lamp and the mirror. Apparently, Home Goods gets limited runs of items and when they are gone, they're gone. The lamp was just surprising to see on the shelf! Even the husband likes it!

  3. We have a Home Goods right up the street...must go check them out again. I bet TJ Maxx would have some cool stuff, too, as I think they are run by the same company. I have been looking high and low for a starbust clock and have found ONE locally for a HIGH HIGH price and then a few on the internet with HIGH price and shipping. I pick up a few things at estate sales to move my kitchen in an atomic direction....has a way to go...yesterday I got a cute ice-o-matic ice crusher...hubbie did not know why I needed that when our fridge crushes ice perfectly...he just does not get it, but he tries.

  4. You have some great finds there, I especially love the mirror and the lamp, the lamp looks fab!

    Good idea on the placemats! And great cushions.

    I haven't been up to much, thanks for the well wishes re bronchitis, sucks huh? I'm finally feeling slightly on the mend, don't ever want that again!

  5. Love the mirror. Have been wanting one myself but I saw a site offering a tute on how to make one yourself and Im waiting for the day I have time...maybe in 18 yrs when the kids are gone? haha The lamp is cool too. I desparately need some in my living room but can never find a pair in good enough shape that I can afford.

  6. The mirror is awesome. The graphics on the placemats speak to me in ways nothing at bed Bath and Beyond ever could! I am so new to vintage blogging ( ) that am loving blogs like yours for inspiration.

  7. DFW girliegirl Housewife,

    Home Goods' stuff is always changing. For example, they only had two of the wavy green lamps and two starburst mirrors. I am sure once the other lamp is gone, that will be it. However, due the nature of Home Goods' stock, if you visit the store often, I am sure you will be able to find some lovely vintagey things! That is cool that you got a vintage ice crusher! They are great for tiki bars and cocktails at home with friends. My husband happily goes along with my vintage obsession but he is not a vintage person. I need to get him a few things and maybe he will 'get it' even better! lol

  8. Fiona,

    Isn't the lamp just divine? There was another one on the shelf at the shop but sadly the place where the lamp base and electrical part connect was a bit wonky so I got another one. There were only two. I feel lucky to have found that lamp for sure!

    The placemats are so easy to make. I also sprayed them with Scotch Guard to protect them from staining. My cushions came out nicely but I need to keep the man and the cat from using them as pillows! I keep telling them the cushions are decorative only! lol!

    I hope you are feeling even better today. My cough leftover from my bronchitis lasted a long time! It was annoying. I drank lots of herbal tea with honey which really helps.

  9. Atomic Mama,

    Hey! Great to hear from you again! Hope all is well! I would love to find a tutorial on how to make a starburst mirror! I would like another one upstairs in my foyer. I found several vintage ones on etsy but the shipping along was expensive. They had some pretty ones on Neiman Marcus' website but 400-500 bucks is insane. I was so happy/lucky to have found my mirror for 40 dollars!

  10. Dear HelenHartman,

    Thank you for the comment and compliment! I am in love with my new mirror! It really captures the light! The fabric I used on my placemats is a repro print. I love it! It is an upholstery fabric that really sews nicely and keeps its shape well. I will be sure to check out your blog!

  11. Really cool stuff. Great finds on the lamp and love those cushions! I am coming to the US on hioliday this year (just done a post about it!) so I will look out for one of these stores! :)

  12. Great finds. I need that teapot! It would match our kitchenware perfectly! I'm loving the lamp too. Just like Atomic Mama mentioned, there are several tutorials online on d.i.y. starburst mirrors. It's on my never-ending "to do" list. Awesome job on the pillows and placemats. Very crafty!

  13. Clare,

    Thanks! I just checked out your blog and commented on your upcoming US trip! There are several Home Goods stores in Miami! Home Goods is really a great place to find fun, vintagey stuff for good prices!

  14. Crafty Doll,

    Thanks for the comment and compliment! There is a Home Goods store near West Broad close to Short Pump Town Center. The tea pot is perfect! I love the aqua color! My lamp is just too much! Even the man likes it! I had written the store off for a while but I think I did not give it a fair shake. I just needed to check back and look more thoroughly. Sometimes the "fun stuff" can be stacked between the modern wares (like the starburst mirror). I discovered that if I take my time and browse every section carefully, i will find the good stuff!

  15. I love the knobs on the cabinets and how well it matches the colander! I am in the process of decorating my apartment and while painstakingly slow the hunt can be quite gratifying when things come together.

  16. I love it all..especially the atomic clock..of all places to find a tresure like that..the knobs and cabinet so cool.

  17. Amanda,

    I know what you mean about the slow process. I often wish I could have everything done right away but part of the fun is the slow transition and slow collecting.

    I found my kitchen knobs at Lowe's for 88 cents each! They are blue ceramic and I, too, was amazed at how well the blue kettle and colander match!

  18. La Dama,

    I had given up on modern shops but now I realize that if I am patient, look hard enough, and use mi imaginacion, I can find cosas that fit mi estilo personal! Target has really been improving, especialmente when it comes to their online site!

  19. I think I NEED that aqua tea kettle!!!!! So cute!

  20. Sue,

    Home Goods is a great store! I am impressed with what I have been able to find so far! The kettle also comes in bright avocado green and sunshine yellow. There are even matching pots and pans in the same colors (all made by the same company, "Authentic Kitchen."

  21. Thanks for the info on the Home Goods location near me. :-) My husband just told me that he wants to switch up our kitchen color theme to red instead aqua now. *sigh* I plan on painting our living room wall aqua, and he thinks it will be too much of a good thing. He might be right though! Anyway, in case you're looking for a vintage looking kitchen clock, Target has the most amazing one in a greenish-aqua color.
    I plan on getting the red one in the near future!

  22. Crafty Doll,

    Red can be a great period color too! I have a bright red Kitchen Aid Mixer and Oster toaster. I think if you go red you can add a few touches of red, yellow, and aqua too. Red is a primary color that pairs well with many brights. Thanks for the Target link! Their online goods are so much better than what they offer in stores!