Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Getting Your Beauty Travel Kit Ready for Viva Las Vegas!

Many of us know that Viva Las Vegas 14 is coming up fast! I just found out that the event is now sold out! I am going and this will be my first event! I am very excited! In preparation, I am creating a packing list to ensure I have all the essentials that I will need. My final list will include everything from clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry, swimwear, personal care to cosmetics! I am learning so much from other gals's blogs about what to wear and what not to wear. So, I would like to do a post about how to update your beauty kit and share a few tips for the big event!

Like I said, I have never done Viva before. Despite my unfamiliarity, I would like to share my tried-and-true tips for makeup and travel.

When it comes to selecting what beauty products and tools to bring, you need to consider your style, what you plan to wear, time of day, event, and how many days you will be away from home.

1. Make sure you have a good-quality cosmetic bag with lots of room for storage. If you plan on packing your makeup essentials in your suitcase, try to use/buy a makeup bag that is made of a material (plastic, vinyl, etc) that can be wiped clean. This comes in handy in case any liquids escape their containers. Also, invest in a bag with a good seal or strong zipper. You do not want any makeup getting on your clothes!

2. If you fly and plan on carrying your makeup with you as a carry-on, you need to familiarize yourself with TSA's rules (Transportation Security Administration) liquids and gels. Here is are two links:



Nevertheless, if you prefer to carry your beauty kit, you will need a standard, clear plastic, zippered bag for all liquids and gels.
Liquids and gels include: liquid foundation, cream foundation, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, cream to powder eyeshadow, lip balm, gel-based eyeshadow primers, liquid liner, creams, eyeshadow cream, brow gels, brow wax, etc.

If you are concerned about the number of liquid/gel items, you can store them in your checked luggage. Just make sure they are in a plastic ziplock bag (sealed!) and then placed in a sealed makeup/toiletry bag. Remember, keep your vintage safe from spills and stains!

2. Tailor your beauty kit to the number of days you will be away from home. Do you need to pack every tube of lipstick and do you really need every eyeshadow? No, not really. If you have made a clothing list, plan your makeup around what you intend to wear.

In regards to lipsticks, I only wear red but I have several red shades. Therefore, for red lipsticks, a good rule of thumb is to bring a neutral red (Besame Red) that suits many outfit colors (ie navy, black green,charcoal, gray); a cool-toned red (Julie Hewett Femme Noir or MAC Ruby Woo) for pink/purple/blue/blue-green outfits; and a warm red (Besame Red Hot Red) for orange/brown/coral/yellow/orangey-red outfits.

Be sure your travel beauty kit contains foundation, powder, blush, mascara, eyeliner, brow essentials, concealer, foundation primer, SPF foundation or SPF lotion for the face (vital for the pool party and car show), makeup brushes, foundation sponges, blotting papers/sheets for touch-ups, eyelash curler, eyeshadow primer, makeup remover toilettes for correcting makeup mistakes and eyeshadow fall-out, and a nice, yet basic array of eyeshadows.

When it comes to eyeshadow, I like to bring a palette that has nude tones for the day along with a few vibrant colors for the evening. You can find several makeup brands that have palettes that have a variety of neutrals and brights. You can also make your own palette at MAC stores and online. Palettes can be purchased in 4-color and even in 15-color palettes. This way, you can tailor your makeup PERFECTLY to your Viva wardrobe!


Liquid eyeliner is wonderful for creating cat-eye looks and eye glitters like Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner are great for giving your nightwear/dancing look some 'wow' factor. These liners come in shades from hot pink, green, atomic blue, purple, gold, beige, opal to silver:

This glitter brings me to point  #3: Experiment with new makeup looks BEFORE you travel! If you have never used glitter liner, liquid liner, or false eyelashes, you should practice and perfect your eyelooks at home and not in your hotel room just as you are about to go out and burn up the dancefloor! Imagine applying your new eye product(s) and then realizing it is all wrong and/or looks bad! You now have to carefully fix or worse; wash it all off and start again! Talk about frustration and no fun!

So, here is an idea: say you want to try a fun, dramatic false eyelash look for Saturday night at Viva. A few weeks before the event, go buy some cheap 'experiment' false eyelashes like E.L.F:
These lashes can be found at most Target stores and they cost only $1.00 USD! If you mess up or break them, you only lost a buck! With that said, buy a few sets of these lashes to experiment with. Pick a lazy weekend afternoon and practice applying the lashes. Once you 'get the hang' of applying eyelashes correctly, you can invest in a couple of pairs of higher-quality lashes like Sephora, MAC, or Make Up For Ever!

Need professional help? No, not THAT "professional help!" Makeup artist help! If you really want to 'amp up' your look for Viva, make an appointment with a makeup artist! Most makeup counters (Bobbi Brown, Nars, Chanel) and stores (MAC, Sephora) offer makeup services. You can get tips and learn techniques you can practice on your own.

MAC online even has makeup instructional videos! I have been doing makeup for years and I always learn something new whenever I view their artists' tutorials! Here is a great cat-eye liner tutorial:


4. Keep a lipstick, blotter sheets (MAC, Palladio, Clean-n-Clear), and a powder compact in your purse/bag! Do not let the sun and heat at the car show or a shiny nose from dancin' all night ruin your makeup! These items will keep your look fresh and they are all you need! Simple!

 5. If you get your brows waxed and/or tinted, it is best to have your appointment 5 days to a week before Viva. Your brow skin will be very sensitive to sun and it will need to heal before heading off to the pool and car show. Get a manicure and pedicure a day or two before travel.

6. Make a list of what you need in your beauty kit. Do this a week or so before travel in case you need to go out and buy what you do not have.

I hope I remembered everything! I am getting more and more excited as the days get closer to Viva! I hope to meet you gals who are going too!


  1. The only thing I would add to the MUSTS are foundation primer and eyeshadow primer. If you're going all day, especially in the sun, you want to look your best! Dancing is going to take a lot out of people, and primer will help you look fresher longer!

    Also, mix up your lip colors - red lips are a dime a dozen. Try a fun, bright coral or fuschia for something different!

  2. Erin,

    Nars and Too Faced Shadow Insurance are two of my musts! I prefer the Nars formula but it is more expensive and it comes in a lip gloss-type applicator that tends to waste product over time. I once cut open my Nars primer and a TON of it was on the sides and the bottom! I scraped the primer out with a palette knife and put it in a travel jar! I prefer a squeeze tube like Too Faced.

    I wish I could wear foundation primer. Most primers are made with silicones and they make me break out BAD! I use blotting sheets throughout the day to control shine.

    As for lipstick, I try to venture away from reds but I always go back. I look better in reds. I think fuchsias like MAC's Girl About Town and corals like Vegas Volt are amazing but for some reason, I do not look right, especially with magentas and pinks. When I had jet-black hair, then I really rocked out the pinks and hot fuchsia!

  3. yes i would say a good foundation and primer is a must because at the car show theyre will be tons of photographers! you never know if your picture is going to end up in a magazine.

    Makes you feel a very celebrity-ish. :)

  4. According to the TSA blog, cosmetics in a tube do not have to go in the 1qt bag! Good news for us gals who don't like to check their luggage, and who like to keep their lippy close at hand :)

  5. Gloria Alex,

    Wow! Photographers? I guess there will be many cool cars to take pics of so that makes sense! I am still not sure what to wear for the car show. I just hope the weather is good!

  6. Barbara,

    I check my luggage but I keep my makeup train case with me on the plane! I refuse to let all my expensive tools (MAC brushes) and cosmetics out of my sight! I just hope we can eventually get away from all these silly water/liquid rules!

  7. Fiona,

    I wish you were going too!!

  8. Have you tried Korres' primer? It's silicone free! Urban Decay's primer comes in a tube now, because of that exact issue you described, but I know people either love one or the other (TF or UD).

  9. Erin,

    I have not uses Korres' primer but I use their Pomegranate Lip Butter and love it! It is good for non-makeup days and healing dry lips! I like the fact that Korres is all natural too. Therefore, I am going to Sephora and see if I can get a sample of the Korres primer. Thanks for the tip! :)

    Speaking of primer, I use La Therapie's Creme Controle Mattifying cream and it does a pretty good job at keeping my oily skin matte and smooth for a few hours and then I get shiny again. I tried MAC's Skin Visage Prep and Prime SPF 50 in 2009 and LOVED IT but again, it contains silicone! It made my foundation look amazing but after two days of use, I broke out bad! I was so disappointed when I had to return it.